Oh Hae Young Again: Fourth Week – Crossroads

Hey all, Leila is busy so I’ll be doing this week’s recap.

I hope this won’t be too jarring for those following her recaps because while I also love this drama, my opinion is quite different from hers. You see, Do Kyung is on my shit list.


The first thing Oh Hae Young does when she wakes up is to rush over to her parents’ to cook. Why? Because she wants to make Do Kyung a spread to thank him for the lamp… and because she’s fallen for him. Her feelings came on really quickly, considering the trauma she’s recovering from but on the other hand, it makes sense because she’s particularly vulnerable. Of course, she’d latch on to the cute neighbor who’s nice to her.  And who forces her into compromising positions when he pushes her into dark alleys to avoid his drunk sister. Yeah, how could she possibly resist?

Do Kyung’s silly friend, Jin Sang, sees them together and warns him to back the hell off especially now that Tae Jin will be leaving jail. I agree. He needs to stop playing with fire! He’s falling for her after destroying her life. He absolutely has no right to play whatever game he’s playing given his role in her misery but the heart wants what it wants.

We finally learn why Pretty Oh Hae Young jilted Do Kyung at the altar. His evil, greedy mom sent her a recording of him admitting to being with her out of pity. I have to tell you that I was of the same mind as Do Kyung that the only acceptable excuse was a terminal illness but I stand corrected. I only wonder why she’s back. Why does she want them to give it another shot when from what she knows, nothing has changed? It’s funny that last week, I blamed her for not telling him about his mother but I’m now with her. In her shoes, I would also have dumped his ass without discussing it with him because it’s too humiliating.

Meanwhile, Jin Sang does what he can to stop Do Kyung from himself by sending someone to seduce Hae Young. How cute of him but he does realize he’s also at fault for fingering Tae Jin, right? But I’m not too mad at him because we got a Yeon Woo Jin cameo! I wonder how many more Marriage, Not Dating alums will show up.

But while Oh Hae Young enjoys the attention, she doesn’t fall for him because she’s firmly interested in another man. Once she realizes that she’d been set up, she confronts Jin Sang who tells her that Do Kyung is only dating her because he’s not over Pretty Hae Young. Hmm. I wonder how much of her interest in him is about not losing to her?

When she gets back home and sees him in his car, she tells him not to see Pretty because seeing him with the woman she hates will make her hate him too. He points out her childishness and she replies that she’ll hate anyone he’s seeing because she likes him. Girrrrrl, I know you’re determined to not let getting dumped rob you from finding a love but it’s okay to hold back. Especially when you’re in very murky waters like this. If I were her, I would run for the hills and let him and the woman I hate figure themselves out.

And he agrees with me because he asks her if she thinks he’s weird enough to date his ex’s namesake.

She then asks that why  – with her problematic name – was he nice to her? Since he can’t tell her that it’s because he destroyed her life, he claims that it was because he felt bad for her. It hurts but she’s relieved because it could have been worse – it could have been because she reminded him of Pretty Oh Hae Young. Le sigh. Hae Young-ah, you need to see someone about your issues.

She consoles herself that him feeling bad for her is okay because he’s at least feeling something. Le sigh again.

He gets mad because she’s not getting it: HE DOES NOT LIKE HER! How typical, using meanness to push her away. She’s hurt but takes it in stride, vowing to make him cry someday. You’d better!

She goes home and psyches herself that she’s not embarrassed. Hellz to the hell no. She will not allow herself to get embarrassed about love, something one should proudly throw themselves into. But even she doesn’t believe her lies and she sobs in the bathroom. Which apparently is the exact time her parents show up with food and a plan to meet the man they already consider their future son-in-law.

As expected, the dinner is uncomfortable as Hae Young’s mom plays future mother-in-law but when she can’t take it any more, Hae Young blurts out that Do Kyung doesn’t like her so they need to quit it already which leads to all hell breaking loose and her parents and Do Kyung leaving.

We then get a flashback to the conversation Pretty Oh Hae Young heard. It took place during a fight between Do Kyung and his mother where she tried to convince him not to marry her. She’d pointed out that as someone who knew nothing about love (because apparently, the witch had never shown it to him), he shouldn’t be marrying a woman who also knew nothing about it, given her difficult childhood. He defends his decision by explaining that he’s not a cruel animal who’d dump a woman who was clearly still suffering from abandonment issues and when his mother points out it is not love, he agrees that it’s pity. Well, goddamn. I’d expected his perspective to be more sympathetic and while his comments about how her eyes quiver might imply that he loved her, it’s still pretty terrible.

Then it’s time for the two sets of ex-lovers to meet. While Pretty Oh Hae Young and Do Kyung’s meeting is planned, Tae Jin just happens to drive past a brooding Hae Young at the bus stop. He knew she’d be there, right?

Tae Jin. Tae Jin. Tae Jin. We need more Tae Jin. It’s Week Four and I need to know more about him. So far, these two loved each other and were torn apart by Do Kyung’s vengeful ways. We need to see more of him to decide how mad we are at Do Kyung!

While Do Kyung continues to be a tool and comes up with some extremely lame explanation that he pities those he loves (WTF and didn’t he just tell Our Hae Young that pitying didn’t equate to liking her?), Hae Young and Tae Jin have an awkward conversation where she nervously blurts out a dinner invitation to him. It’s one of those cases where nerves cause you to utter the first thing on your mind. But it’s a welcome development for Tae Jin who wants to reconnect.

Pretty Hae Young comes up with a brilliant plan to help them get over each other by spending time together to create new memories. What a load of bull. She’s clearly trying to get back with him. She wants them to play ping-pong again and we get a cute flashback of how he worked hard to beat her at the game to propose. I really enjoy their flashbacks.

The first thing Do Kyung does after meeting with his ex and recollecting their happy times is think of our Hae Young. Which is exactly what you’d expect from a man who’d adamant that he doesn’t like her.  After confirming that she’s dressed like in his vision of her walking into traffic, he rushes to find her.

Meanwhile, meeting her ex puts Hae Young in a fragile state, leading her straight into traffic.

Long story short, Mr. I-Don’t-Like-Hae-Young desperately rescues a woman who’d managed to cross the street safely.

They end up going out for drinks where she pours her heart out to him as per usual. She laments about meeting her ex on a day she wasn’t looking her best and laughs at the irony of having a dinner date with a man who’d expressed disgust at how she eats.

Meanwhile, Soo Kyung continues to live in her private hell. In today’s drunken walk, she runs into Jin Sang with whom they are clearly setting a romance. She laments about her love life in French and to her surprise, he speaks it back to her. It turns out that he’s understood everything she spouted but feigned ignorance to protect her. He advises her to go and meet with the married man she fell in love with before he leaves town. Girl, you mean that all this time, it’s been about a married man!?!? I’m glad that she’s now aware that someone else knows about the pain she’s going through because while it’s embarrassing, I think it can also provide some comfort and she can start to heal.

Tae Jin’s mom meets with Hae Young’s to see if there’s a chance their kids could reconnect. Hae Young’s mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea but her father tells her to at least broach the topic with their daughter so that she can know that the other side is still interested. And with that, Hae Young finally reveals the truth to them. This devastates her parents as they think back to how they’d treated her over this issue. I’d feel more for them if they hadn’t been unnecessarily cruel in the first place.

Meanwhile, Mr.  I-Don’t-Like-Hae-Young reminds us that he’s a huge jerk. My main reason for disliking Do Kyung is that he’s impulsive and selfish.

Tae Jin drives over to Hae Young’s because he’s at the stalking phase of his “Get Her Back” plan. Do Kyung spots him and follows him. Then he rams his car into his. WTF!?!?

He steps out of the car and aggressively knocks on Tae Jin’s window. Tae Jin recognizes him and asks him what the hell his problem is with him. He nonchalantly confesses that he’d mistakenly ruined his business but had intentionally hit his car.  Then he tells him to sue him if he wants. Like, again, WHAT THE SERIOUS FUCK?

Tae Jin understandably gets upset and punches him. You go, boy! Do Kyung tells him that he can do what he likes. He’ll even let him punch him 100 times as long as he lets him hit him once. Like, da heck? Tae Jin starts to pummel him and I’m cheering him on. I don’t even think he beat him enough. The cops separate them and Do Kyung finally reveals why he’d gone after him. He demands to know how he could say that! Say what? He’s upset at how harsh he’d been with Hae Young.

This is why I can’t stand this mofo. What’s with the sanctimonious bullshit? Does he really think he has a leg to stand on? What gives him the right to admonish him for the things he said when he’s the freaking root cause of everything? The main reason Oh Hae Young’s heart is broken is you, Do Kyung, not Tae Jin. Yes, he said some harsh words to her to make it perfectly clear that their relationship was over but that’s all because YOU ruined his business and freaking got him sent to jail! You should be kissing his feet and begging for forgiveness and not getting upset on Hae Young’s behalf. If you want to punch someone, punch your damn self. You’re the cause of everything.  And then you hurt her even more by lying about your feelings. So back the hell off and leave this man alone.

Now, Tae Jin is also at fault because while he did the noble idiot thing to protect her, he should have been honest with her and told her everything that was going on with him. He didn’t want to burden her but that’s what you do when you plan to spend your life with someone. So now that he’s out, he too, needs to stay the hell away from her! But I only half-heartedly say this because I think that if he still loves her then he should be honest with her about everything he’s been through, beg for her forgiveness and let her decide if she still loves him.

Anyway, Hae Young and her parents have some family time at the norebang. While she’s out with them, Do Kyung calls and asks her to come home. She tells him she will if he admits to missing her. Argh, this chick. He doesn’t but with his super hearing, is able to identify where she is.

He rushes over and well, while he pisses me off, I am not blind to their chemistry and the romance between them. They don’t talk as they go home and he doesn’t even speak when she asks him about his bruised face. It’s kind of perfect. Once they get home, she reveals that she’d finally been honest with her parents and can’t hurt them any further by sticking to him. She knows she’s a fool for having these feelings so she’s going to end them. His only response is for her to be careful of cars. Gosh, tortured male leads are so annoying.

And boy is he tortured because he now gets sudden pangs of pain. He’s having visions of getting seriously hurt. I wonder what this is about. Then he has another vision and this time, it’s about him fighting with and then forcing a kiss on our Hae Young. Oh my goodness, we are getting a kiss next week!


Speaking of torture, this show needs to stop torturing me! It’s crazy because I’ve disliked Do Kyung ever since it was revealed that he’d mistakenly ruined Tae Jin’s life. I feel he’s been way too nonchalant about that and should have been more proactive about righting that wrong.

Then it turned out that while his mother is an evil bitch who ruined his wedding, he played a very active part in it! And he couldn’t even give her a reasonable explanation afterwards. I find him incredibly selfish because he lets his emotions take over and is unable to stop himself from doing things like picking a fight with Tae Jin whom – as far as he and the audience know – is an innocent victim of his revenge. How dare he?

I feel he absolutely shouldn’t benefit from ruining Hae Young’s life by gaining her love which makes their eventual coupling WRONG!

But on the other hand – and this is where the torture comes in – this story makes me want to ship them. Like, I say I don’t ship them but know that if I’m honest with myself, deep down, I kind of do. Haha. Their chemistry, actions, the dialogue, the looks in their eyes… gosh, why am I so weak? That’s why I need them to reveal more of Tae Jin so I jump ship. Show us how he’s wonderful and totally right for Hae Young. But will that happen? Surely, they need to justify having her end up with Do Kyung. Will he turn out to be evil or something? I feel there needs to be a twist with him to make it perfectly okay for us to root for the show’s OTP.

So right now, Do Kyung is a huge mess. He feels guilty for what he’s done and is now battling the feelings he knows he’s not allowed to have. Which leads to all the recklessness that makes me dislike him. So bro, work harder with your shrink to fix yourself ASAP! It’s crazy because while I can’t stand him, I sometimes love him. I love that he barges into her apartment to take care of her like he did when he got her medicine. I love that she makes him go crazy and he sometimes can’t help himself, worrying about her based on whatever visions he’s getting.  I love that he wants to hurt anyone who hurts her! As I said, torture.

And just when they tell us that she’s going to work to get over him, he learns that he will be kissing her soon. Typical.

Leila will be back next week!  Till then….


  • Marrie says:

    I don’t understand your ‘so much dislike’ towards Park Do Kyung while he’s actually the most pitiful character in this series. Even Oh Hae Young has ‘rich’ life than him. Park Do Kyung is an introvert who doesn’t know how to speak but from the actions, we all know that he’s madly in love with Oh Hae Young. He tried his best to not approach her by rejecting her in his home from the beginning since he knows how ‘danger’ Oh Hae Young. He rejected Oh Hae Young since he knows he ‘must’ stay away from her after what he has done to her fiancee. Because when the truth come out, he must know it will hurt Oh hae Young so much. No one blame pretty Oh Hae Young about the change of Do kyung’s personality (he was kinda cheerful and happy with pretty OHY before the wedding mess). He needs to take care the greedy mom, drunken sister and playful dongsaeng. And not to mention he has worst best friend who gave the silly revenge advice to him. He and Oh Hae Young is the same. Both are crazy in love. But no one notice how ‘bad’ Oh Hae Young attitude towards Park Do Kyung. Oh Hae Young hates pretty Oh Hae Young and asked Do Kyung to hate her too. She wish Do Kyung cry over her after she got reject. She threw stone to his place just because pretty OHY was there and that confession recording. She asked Do Kyung to not record anything (while actually he started this habit long time before and part of his job). So, I think both of them now in unstable mentality because of love. Do Kyung became wild while Hae Young became god of curse. She even indirectly hope Do Kyung died (since she said she wish all people who doesn’t love her died). So…

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I do notice how Hae Young is which I why I mentioned that she needs to see someone about her issues. But so far, having a bad attitude hasn’t led her to destroy anyone’s life. And yes, she threw a stone at his window but she also apologized and tried to make amends.

      I get that Do Kyung has issues but that doesn’t give him the right to be a supervillain to other people. That’s where I draw the line. I would be crying with him if he was merely self destructive but his actions are also affecting the lives of others – even strangers – and so far, he hasn’t done much to pay for his sins.

  • shl says:

    I’m with you on this one. I understand that Do-kyung is all kinds of messed up, but I couldn’t believe my ears when he screamed at Tae-jin for saying such a nasty thing to Hae-young. Doesn’t he understand it’s *his* fault Tae-jin pushed her away in that way? And to deliberately ram his car and talk about ruining his business with such nonchalance. . . well, I know we’re supposed to root for Do-kyung and Hae-young ending up together, but the only way that’s going to be palatable for me is if Tae-jin is revealed to be evil incarnate, even if I do enjoy their chemistry.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Exactly. As they say, for every finger he pointed at Tae Jin, there were three pointing back at him.

      I wonder if the lack of Tae Jin is deliberate. Either they give him little focus to keep the audience from sympathizing with him or there’s some huge twist coming up. I wonder which it is.

  • Sarah Williams says:

    Just to give you another view point of try reading dramabeans recaps of this for the latest eps (7&8). They discuss the troubling behaviour of Do-Kyung, but they look at it a little more detailed and from a slightly different angle. Basically both Hae Young and Do Kyung need time for themselves before starting anything together because they’re both mentally overwhelmed and out of it and a relationship at this stage would not be healthy for anyone. They both need time, healing and, really, therapy haha

  • claire says:

    Clockwatcher, your reaction to Do Kyung is the same as my husband and daughter’s. He is the super schmuck of the story, the bad guy. The jerk.

    I fell for the bait, hook, line and sinker, and truly enjoy the building relationship (I was going to write ‘passion’) between the other Hae Young and Do Kyung. After all, they are the two dumped lovers. Why did pretty Hae Young not tell DK about his mother’s game? As to Tae Jin, why did he not tell the truth about his bankruptcy to his future wife? These are not relationships to last in the first place.

    What I like about the other Hae Young is her complete honesty and transparency when she is with Do Kyung. I can relate to her way of being.
    Remember that Do Kyung tells his analyst early on, I want to help her get better, but I am afraid I’ll start to like her in the process.

    Of course, the story is twisted. It has to be, it’s a k-drama, right? But it has so many delightful touches. Soo Kyung dragging the baseball bat. Her nightly delirium in French (and that soft French song in the background). Rational Jin-Sang… The cameo (s?). All these people make sense in their own reality.

    I am hoping for some rip-roaring passion (that’s the French in me) between the other Hae Young and Do Kyung and some sort of happy ending between the two. In fact, I would like everybody to feel OK in the end, except possibly DK’s mother…

    I hope to continue laughing (was I sick to laugh when Ko Kyung ran into Tae Jin?). I hope there won’t be too many tears (my own), and too many scary moments (which I will skip dragging the curser).

    Right now, this is my favorite k-drama. With Gong-Shin a close second 🙂

    I did enjoy your review 🙂

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Oh, I love this drama too and Do Kyung certainly doesn’t turn me off from watching it – he just infuriates me and this week’s stunt takes the cake! I just hope he doesn’t do something even worse next week.

      And I agree that both exes should have spoken to their fiances (especially Tae Jin) but we are all K-drama lovers and noble idiocy is a staple and rarely a reason to root against an OTP so I certainly won’t hold it against Tae Jin.

  • tessieroo says:

    Ridiculous, nonsensical dialogue from all the characters in this drama which makes it hard to watch. I think both Do Kyung and Hae Young need to get themselves together before even thinking about another relationship! Do Kyung needs to deal with Tae-Jin (honesty works), his mother, his meddling BFF & pretty Hae Young first. Hae Young needs to deal with her feelings for Tae-Jin (again, honesty – HE should be honest) & her hatred for pretty Hae Young. I love her parents though, they are awesome. 🙂

    I say pick out & register herself a new name and move away from jerk Do Kyung. Viola, problem solved and move on. LOL!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Hahaha. I don’t think she needs to register a new name but own it and work out her feelings about PHY. That’s her biggest issue and just imagine her reaction when she learns that Do Kyung destroyed her fiance because of PHY?!?

  • Poypoy says:

    It’s Tae Jin whom I hate the most, well ex Oh Hae Young too, because they pushed their partners away just because they don’t want them to get hurt. That is not a real relationship! If you truly love someone you have to trust them. Be honest with your problems and share the burden. If they love you too, they’ll support you no matter what. That’s what true relationships should be. To think that they are about to get married? I am happy they did not end up together.

  • shinko says:

    I’m with you on Do Kyung! The show wants us to ship them, and honestly, I shock myself when I find that I kind of do…BUT on the other hand…How can I ship our OHY and DK, when he isn’t even being honest to her. His level of deception easily trumps (icky word) anything Tae Jin concealed. Tae Jin concealed the real reason he was breaking off the wedding to protect OHY and her family. He didn’t want to be hauled out to jail during the ceremony. At least Tae Jin came out and told her the truth when he came out. I cant find a good excuse for Do Kyung NOT telling OHY his role in wrecking her wedding. It was his petty spite, helped along with a bunch of alcohol that ultimately led him to send an innocent man to prison. Even when he was sober, he was mocking Tae Jin to his face. If his actions had a little effect, it would be easy for me to overlook and wholeheartedly ship the couple, but it wasn’t. He didn’t do something minor, he sent an innocent man to prison(even if it was the right guy, still not cool) and, in doing so ruined OHY’s life. He didn’t try hard enough to right his wrong. He kinda got his buddy involved to see if he could get him out, but not at the cost of admitting how he set up Tae Jin. I really WISH the writers had Do Kyung do more to make up for his mistake. He reluctantly helped her when he had premonitions. So he’s taking some responsibility for her, but not the hardest, most painful kind where he admits his wrongs. Now he finally loves her. oh yay. In the end, I think show is going to try to redeem him/justify the ship by playing up how OHY had vowed that in her next relationship she would not to give up on her love like she did with Tae Jin. sigh… I really like this show, but imo, could have been better.

    • Couch Kimchi Couch Kimchi says:

      Shinko Dearest,

      We apologize for leaving your post in bondage for so long. We don’t even know why it was held for moderation in the first place but thanks so much for your comment!

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