“Dear My Friends” Episode 7 Preview + Thoughts

I really enjoyed this week’s episodes.

Just as I suspected, there was a twist in the hit-and-run case and while it turned out to be a bust, it was still fruitful because it yielded some character development. Like Jeong A said, without it, she wouldn’t have realized that she was the type of person to be involved in a hit-and-run. It definitely provided a great opportunity for self-examination.

Another thing we all guessed from the preview was that Yeon Ah got hit on this way to propose to Wan. She’s traumatized and is attempting to use a married man to dull the pain which has yet to subside. What she doesn’t realize is that she can’t get past it by running away. I’m rooting for her and Yeon Ah and can’t wait to see what it will take for her to heal and take a chance with Yeon Ah again. Plus she needs to speak to her uncle about his handicap. I think it might be enlightening.

I love how Soo Young’s domestic abuse situation opened the can of worms that is her family. It makes sense that Jeong A would blame herself because other than the complicated feelings she has about her daughter, she feels like her marriage set a bad example so it makes sense that this would spur her into getting a divorce. Seok Gyun treats his wife like crap but I love that some of his layers got pulled back this week. And I love how it also showed the negative side to secretly caring for someone. His daughter hated him for years without realizing that her father had stood up for her behind her back. Those were many lost years of happiness that father and daughter could have shared.

I don’t care about the love triangle but I really need someone to save Choong Nam from herself. I’m tired of watching her get taken advantage of by those artists. It would have been bad enough if they at least spent time with her while fleecing her but they actually have to gall to party without her and make her pay the bill. Disgusting.

More secrets are revealed next week as Nan Hee learns of her daughter’s affair. I love how Seok Gyun will torture his daughter’s abuser

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