Oh Hae Young Again: Fifth Week – Missing You

What a week!

Saying “I miss you” has never been so powerfully uttered the way Do Kyung did. It is more than just longing or wanting to be with Hae Young that he badly seeks. It’s that kind of feeling that wants to come out from deep within him, but he can’t allow it to overflow. Do Kyung painstakingly tries to stop his love for our Hae Young from bursting out of his chest. Self torture! It’s driving me insane.. I mean, Do Kyung. Heh.

Finally, Do Kyung is ready to love again and how amazing it is for his Hae Young to be on the receiving end. It is the sweetest thing to savour in dramaland now! Seo Hyun Jin and Eric can make incredible things happen for our good!

Everyone shared their own version of missing someone this week. Let’s all feel why sometimes distance is a good thing!

Episodes 9 & 10:

My heart beats faster whenever I hear Do Kyung’s car crash premonition. But it beats even more when the kiss shows up on his visions. While Do Kyung is brooding on that, our Hae Young starts her day with a high octane energy despite of the dejected heart she carries. The company has a night out with the employees once again. Besides the usual karaoke, they played a game according to their metabolic age. Everyone is older than their real age except Miss Ex-Oh.

Our Hae Young overhears the conversation of Miss Ex-Oh with Do Kyung over the phone. She’s pissed and this triggered a bad memory during high school. She was badly beaten up by bullies who mistook her as the Pretty Hae Young. Aww. She can’t carry anymore the emotions that is bursting to come out. Our Hae Young storms out of the ladies room blurting out the obloquy she has endured all this years. She targets to hurt Miss Ex-Oh just once before she fully let her grudge go. What a true and fierce persona! As our Hae Young approach the table, Noona took the matter on her own hands and stopped our Hae Young with a head-butt. She remained unscathed while our Hae Young is knocked out. LOL.

Do Kyung arrived looking worried. He didn’t even notice Miss Ex-Oh standing nearby as he directly went to see our Hae Young inside the car. Noona was surprised to see Do Kyung carry our Hae Young out carefully. While Do Kyung moves, our Hae Young woke up and tried to entangle herself from Do Kyung’s embrace by biting off his hand. Haha. Do Kyung struggled hard to get her inside his car.

At the convenience store, Do Kyung bought an ointment for our Hae Young’s scraped knee. With shaking hands, he hesitated as he tried to apply the ointment. His male hormones failed him completely. Heh. A flash of the kiss appeared again as he looks at our Hae Young’s lips. He shrugged it off his mind and lightly placed his jacket on our Hae Young to cover her legs. Respect is sweet.

Miss Ex-Oh called Do Kyung with the excuse that she has something to give. He had no choice but to meet her back home. She returned his ping-pong paddle. She asked him when he’s gonna come out to play because she waits for him everyday. What the fudge. She won’t stop unless he’s back with her. Good thing Do Kyung needs to take care of our Hae Young. While Do Kyung drives off, Miss Ex-Oh can’t help but shed a tear.

Our Hae Young is in a luxurious hotel room completely bewildered who brought her there.  She was getting ready to fight as she heard the sound of footsteps coming in. Haha. Then Do Kyung came to her view. Our Hae Young wants to make the most out of the room but then Do Kyung had something else in mind. Gurl, better luck next time! They spent the morning watching the sunrise after that.

Thank you for everything. I was able to endure it all because of you – Hae Young

Our Hae Young saw the ping-pong on the passenger seat that led her to think she should go back home to her parents. This conversation at sunrise made me feel like our Hae Young is saying goodbye to Do Kyung. He felt it too. That lingering stare he gave her is such a giveaway! If his eyes could speak loudly, she would definitely hear it say “Don’t go.” But Do Kyung just let out a deep sigh, allowing this moment to pass.

Tae Jin! Oh my, Tae Jin. What have you done? Sigh.

He didn’t expect that things will turn out the way it did. I know that Do Kyung played a part why his business failed that led him to think of the break-up. But the real fault here is how Tae Jin handled the situation thrown at him. No matter who destroyed his business and sent him to jail, Tae Jin is responsible with his actions during his break-up with Hae Young. It was his decision, nobody should be held accountable on that but him. On the upside, I’m glad that Tae Jin finally told our Hae Young the truth. He is determined to have her back. And he will keep on trying until it happens.

Later at night, Do Kyung waits for our Hae Young to come home. She just told you that she’d be moving back with the parentals, right? But this fact didn’t deter Do Kyung as he spends time waiting for our Hae Young to arrive. He stayed inside her room and tried not to fall asleep while he ponders on listening to our Hae Young’s should-have-been-deleted recordings. Heh. That smile when he heard her say, “Yeobo”.. *melts* I personally want Do Kyung to miss our Hae Young, badly. He needs to understand the emptiness of his life without her. Her absence is making this work.


That was my first reaction during the live stream. But then after they played for a few sets, I calmed down and got a different vibe along the way. Ahhhh. Perhaps, this is goodbye. Looking at them at this point, they really love/d each other. I say that wholeheartedly because only true love forgives. No matter how hard it was for Do Kyung to get there, he still came to give her a proper closure. He knows that she is waiting, with full of hope that she will have him again. But he does not feel the same anymore. It will be unfair to keep her at bay.

It was a beautiful farewell. Do Kyung said his last piece and then went out without turning his back. It was a relief to see him do this. Though for Miss Ex-Oh, her journey to move forward starts here. If I were her, I’d cry too. Because Do Kyung is her version of “the one that got away”. Gurl, you’ll find someone better someday.

Do Kyung was feeling elated that his burden has finally been lifted off his shoulders. He hurriedly went to our Hae Young and called her to come home with him. Dude, nothing comes that easily! And as if I was heard, Tae Jin came out of Hae Young’s house crashing Do Kyung’s heart. Upon seeing that, Do Kyung drives off in a rage. His foolish, jealous, impulsive heart is taking over him again. Then we heard a car speeding on and crashed at the back of his car. That was a loud! When Do Kyung got out to check, there was nothing on the road besides him. Shoot. I feel something bad about this.

After another consultation with his Doctor, Do Kyung was distraught as he walks home. Our Hae Young saw him to say that she’s going to collect some of her things back to her parents house. Do Kyung finally speaks to ask if she is dating Tae Jin again. To that she answered with a flat yes. And this triggered a very fiery fight that lead to this..

This kiss!

It reflected Do Kyung so much since he is a man of action and passion! Nothing else can define love in motion than this. Well, there is still another one.. but there is something that we ought not to see on TV. Okay fine, maybe a little.. LOL.

But that is beside the point. My point is, Hae Young was like speaking to him indirectly saying “Tell me what you really feel! Let it out, RIGHT NOW!” She was purposely taunting him to speak every time she hits him. When he pinned her to the wall, Hae Young was actually daring him to make a move with her fierce eyes! Do Kyung responded with that passionate kiss! It was so intense, I was over the moon.

We have to pause and remind ourselves to breathe.

This is the way Do Kyung loves Hae Young. Unstoppable. Unthinkable. This kiss! It’s perpetual bliss. And what a pivotal moment indeed. Full credits to Faith Hill and THIS KISS. LOL. How else can this scene be described?? It’s criminal. It was full of pent-up emotions. I was thinking of how much Do Kyung is anticipating for this moment to arrive! He knew it will happen and I expected it will be something good. He gave all of him and both delivered more than I could possibly imagine. The way Do Kyung held her tightly holding her closer with his hands just made this scene extra special! Then they finished it of and sealed it with a tight hug.

There was a sudden urge to let go after that intense moment. His mind is telling Do Kyung to stop, though his heart tells him otherwise. It was a confusing state to be in for sure. But this has to end here. It is the right thing for him to do. Although it left our Hae Young completely nonplussed.

Once you acknowledge that things are transient, you don’t waste your energy on useless things. – Dad

Do Kyung has to clear his head. I love this scene in the playground! It was poignant, this made me miss my Dad too. And what a great way of showing us Do Kyung’s background. I already know that Do Kyung loves his Dad with the way he answered our Hae Young during that night while he was recording. As a sound Producer, surely he pursued this career to remain connected with Dad. So sweet!

Our Hae Young has her own battle to face. She was fighting the urge to make the first move on calling Do Kyung. LOL. This woman is really crazy in love. When her phone rings, she was expectant to answer it! Then again, the call was from Tae Jin. Her reaction is very telling, I won’t elaborate on that. It was clear to me that she won’t see Tae Jin. So it wasn’t a surprise to hear her cancel to meet him. My Tae Jin heart aches for him, but our Hae Young already made a choice.

Do Kyung did not arrive on his Doctor’s appointment. The Doctor made an effort to personally talk to him as his Hyung this time. The bottom line for me when I heard this conversation is the fact that we will all die and we won’t know when. On Do Kyung’s part, it is dreadful to think of it especially because he will be leaving his Hae Young. Instead of anticipating the car crash, it gives me hope when the Doctor said “There could be a different conclusion!”. I’m not going to over think from here. It’s enough that Do Kyung is pondering about this. I will let the story unfold itself.

I love this scene when Park Hoon had an argument with Do Kyung regarding his dream that showed me how much Do Kyung loves his brother. At the same time this made me realise that Hoon has his own life to live and own dreams to fulfil. He can’t latch on his brother and be protected forever. Hoon finally bursted out his anger the moment Do Kyung threw his script on the floor. But thanks to Hoon, this made Do Kyung reflect on his own life and not to feel embarrassed any longer.

Do Kyung’s childhood memory with Dad and what he did after his painful death made me cry endlessly. I have shed tears watching this show, but this flashback is incomparable. Poor boy, he had to drag Dad to safety until he had no strength to move him anymore. Dad loved his son so much that Do Kyung loved him as much too. But their time with each other is short-lived. That in itself is a fair warning how fleeting life is. With that reminder, it boosted Do Kyung to love his Hae Young, right now, before it is too late.

After much thought, he finally made the long-awaited call to his Hae Young. He struggled to say what he truly feels making the impact resonate strongly. He misses her, and his Hae Young reciprocated the same feeling! They are always on the same page when it matters. Upon hearing the magic word she’s been longing for, Hae Young went out to meet him immediately.

This moment right here.. we live to write for this! His face lightened up the moment he saw her. Gosh, Do Kyung! Your face.. it’s glowing with happiness. And that hug.. Do Kyung can live longer, worrying less for now.

I won’t have a change of heart. – Do Kyung

Their walk on the beach!! She really makes him happy and vice versa.

I just want to see Do Kyung laugh. Is it too selfish? Heh. His Hae Young asked him when was the moment he realised that he likes her. And that night is obviously special, isn’t it?! Then they just walked along the shore line, laughing all the way. If all of us could listen as much as we talk, we can look like Do Kyung when he is with Hae Young. Bliss! Listening to her makes a lot of difference. It feels good that amidst their problem, they can enjoy each other this way.

You know the next thing that happened after this. Well, he is very observant. His Hae Young happily cooks and serves for him. Any man would love that! The way Do Kyung looks at her.. damn those eyes are so tempting!! No wonder it led to this.. and more!

Guys, I am already in outer space after watching this. And I don’t have to describe it. Action speaks louder. Take a gander and repeat this scene privately.

Moving on. I want to highlight what Do Kyung mentioned in this scene. When he said that he really liked it when Mum placed a piece of meat on his plate. Aww. Surely it was his first time to be treated that way. We can eat in all the best restaurant on earth prepared by the most seasoned Chef. And yet if you haven’t tasted what your Mum’s cooking, you’ll miss out on this taste the most. This is why eating with family is important. I’m glad that with his Hae Young, he’ll be enjoying this more often now.

It is not surprising that our Hae Young wants to experience more with Do Kyung than what he had planned. From the luxurious hotel room, to the road with motels lined up.. His Hae Young is truly a woman with desire for more. LOL. Do Kyung tries to appease her by saying that the next time they go out, he will bring her some place beautiful. What a true gentleman. There is a proper time for everything. Surely, our Hae Young is not the only one waiting for this to happen. For now, at least she still gets to sleep with him on the ride back to their home.

Let’s go. Let’s go all the way. – Do Kyung

Even with Do Kyung’s last words, he is at the same level with his Hae Young. Now, both of them have the will to go and give 100% in love the best way they know how. With that, we have to brace ourselves because this road will be a long and rocky one.

Personal thoughts:

All problems are set aside for now because life is short. Happiness is also fleeting.

Both of them are just gonna do what they want to do — love each other. I’m not blinded by the fact that Do Kyung played a role why Tae Jin decided to break-up with our Hae Young. This is a stumbling block that reminds us of the dreadful events ahead. The men has their own issues to resolve. It is sad to say that our Hae Young is caught in the middle of this mess again. This is where her love for Do Kyung will be tested. We can’t run a race without hurdles. I am hoping our Hae Young can show us how her love will make a difference this time.

Seo Hyun Jin makes being single looks so sad isn’t it?! Hae Young’s desperation to find a man to settle down with never felt in direly true. I guess, any woman at this stage of their life can relate to what she is going through. But I’m glad she is not settling with just any man. Gurl, you have the most passionate man to fulfil your desires.

I’ve always loved The Parks, minus Mum. Now that we know their family background as half-siblings, I think I love them even more! They can definitely live on a separate house as adults but then they chose to live together. They love each other, period. The fact that they are helping Do Kyung secure his father’s house, or hate his ex-fiancee.. this familial unconditional love is a winner!! Even Park Hoon has high regard with his brother and Noona despite of what he feels for them.

And speaking of Noona. Soo Kyung is in deep troubled waters with Jin Sang! LOL. Their budding romance is better enjoyed on-screen. I love their drunken style dance. I really love that I get to enjoy them and ease my mind even for just a bit.

Tae Jin is back, and his force is definitely strong! He wants her back in his life now, and it saddens him that she doesn’t want him any more.

Clearly, there is regret that he decided to let go of Hae Young. At that time, he had no other option but a break-up. It was noble enough that he didn’t want her to be part of the mess he is in. At first, I was really touched by his gesture of considering Hae Young and her family. It’s a red flag that the son-in-law is a prisoner. That aside, the fault I see is hiding the truth in the first place and deciding on his own. Add to that, it turned me off with the words he used that made the impact on Hae Young’s shattered heart. There was nothing else out there he could think of? What’s up taking advice from a random person? Doesn’t he have a friend? Double sigh.

For the love of Lee Jae Yoon, I hope he’s not gonna turn evil or I will totally flip out.

I’m not oblivious on the fact that Do Kyung made a mistake too. He didn’t realise the domino effect of his decision when all he wanted was to see Tae Jin’s downfall.  He also has his own responsibility to carry on this matter. I can feel that Do Kyung and Tae Jin regrets their decision. And honestly, it already scares me just thinking about our Hae Young’s reaction when everything is out in the open. Do Kyung needs to clarify this issue. Surely, he knows our Hae Young well enough to know how to approach her properly. I’m just hanging on the positive side of things. The kiss and make-up will be so good after this. *happy thoughts*

The kiss scenes. One is enough to survive another week of waiting. But PD Song is generous that he decided to give us two. PD Song orchestrates the kiss scene the way two people in love would gladly do it. The Anatomy of the K-drama kiss version 2016 is starting to look so enticing!

The chemistry is intensified — whether they are doing the smallest of gestures or the most romantic scene. They just bring a different kind of feeling that is beyond the limits of what we’ve seen so far. I’m not just talking about the kiss, people. Eric and Seo Hyun Jin is love! I’m at a loss for words now because I don’t think I can use palpable chemistry nor off the charts chemistry with them. Their chemistry is out of this world — it is infinite. Not every OTP have the capacity to send me over to the moon and throw me into the galaxy! It is a struggle to get back here on earth alive and write for you! LOL.

Life is short, but don’t be in a hurry! Savour every moment and make it count. See you next week!



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