“Dear My Friends” Episode 9 Preview + Thoughts

This week’s episodes were great despite not getting much on the Yeon Ha-Wan front.

We got some development from the ladies with Jeong A’s mother dying and her decision to free herself of her marriage. Her daughter left and her husband came through for her by getting a settlement from her husband. There was some movement in the love triangle with it becoming open and Choong Nam fully embracing her role as an obstacle. These were great but the week belonged to Wan and her mom.

As these things happen, Nan Hee confirmed the affair just as it was ending so all her drama and shenanigans were a minute too late. It’s like getting grounded for smoking a year after you quit. What I loved most was the twist. With Mom yelling at her daughter for going astray, Wan reminded her of the three fingers pointing right back at her. While it’s a bit ridiculous to blame her mother for the breakup, I like that she revealed Yeon Ha’s condition and reminded her of her previous advice. And that while her mom was upset with her for doing things she opposes like smoking and dating married men, she reminded her that she’d once tried to kill her. I can’t wait for the fallout!

It looks like Hee Ja will go on the trip. I’m glad. Choong Nam liked the idea of being courted but I don’t think she really wanted Sung Jae that much especially after she imagined what life with him would be like so I figure she’lk give them her blessing once her bruised ego heals. I do hope there’ll be more to her story than eventually cutting off her moochers.

Speaking of romance, I wonder how much development we’ll get on the Nan Hee/Convenience Store Musician tip. I think it could be fun.

Credit: tvN

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