Teaser #2 For Upcoming SBS Drama “Doctors”

Yay, new teaser time! Click “cc” for English subs!

At first, I thought he was crushing on her when she was a high school girl and he was a grown ass man and started having flashbacks to My Little Bride (which I enjoyed but also found creepy) but it appears that he’s simply remembering that time.

In the final scene, he asks that she let him hold her for 10 seconds as he’d already waited 10 years. Alrighty.

Credit: SBS, Uploader.

*Thanks to sage02 for the heads up.


  • sage02 says:

    I’ve never had a big crush on kim rae won, that is, until now. He has aged really well like a fine wine. And even though a lot of people are skeptical but hopeful for this drama, i’m just going to trust he’s method of picking dramas as it has never failed before (speaking of PUNCH).

    BUT, as there always is, just a little doubtful of/from the writer of this series as i remember she was the one who did “HIGH SOCIETY”. I’m not a fan of the main OTP of that drama but she sure did a good one on the 2nd OTP (hyung shik and lim jiyeon) as they were super cute together.

    Anyways, looking forward and loving the chemistry between krw and psh. She really has something about “chemistry” and pairing up with her co-stars/leads.

  • juliesean says:

    Her deer in headlights expression is back! I’ve never liked her acting, but changed my mind a bit with Pinnochio. Is she gonna have the same expression in kiss scenes? Sigh….

    • SD says:

      What do you expect her to act when she is surprised, like in this situation? She literally asked are you crazy to him
      People keep picking on her at the smallest thing that it’s ridiculous.
      That’s how she acts when she is surprised so get over it.
      And if it’s forced or surprised kiss you will see the same expression she had.
      Her acting isn’t only about kissing Jesus

      • juliesean says:

        I suggest you leave me to my own opinions. I’m not forcing anyone to agree with me. It’s a free world in case you are not aware. I don’t like her acting, period. I’m not attacking her personally, but her acting. Please learn to differentiate.

        • SD says:

          This is a public place and I can express my opinion too.
          If you don’t like her acting, no one forced you to watch her.
          Please do yourself a favor and skip her works because whatever she does will bother you anyway even if it’s the right things.

  • Lili says:

    Can’t wait “Doctors”, Love KRW and PSH… they look soo… glowing through the characters. ^^

  • sage02 says:

    Trailer #3 is out for this drama.:) i think they’re going on a spree for this one since its going to be shown in weeks time. But still loving how the story goes from the trailers they’ve been releasing. Hope to see the other stories of the other characters too. And how they affect each other and the main OTP.:)

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