Oh Hae Young Again: Sixth Week – Love hurts

Love can sometimes drive a person into oblivion. It is a scary place to be in. Hae Young and Do Kyung are both pushed to their breaking point that led them to sacrifice their own hearts.

As we welcome the harsh truth this week, we can only hope that change comes after it. It’s not a matter of WHEN, it’s more on HOW. Let’s continue to journey with all of our beloved characters.

Episodes 11 & 12:

As they drive back to Seoul — aka reality, Do Kyung lovingly put out his hand to protect Hae Young from the morning sun while she sleeps. They arrive home safely and starts the day filled with overwhelming happiness. That hug! They are obviously so in love..

The Park’s have their usual coffee plus bread & jam for breakfast. Jin Sang and Noona’s french convo is becoming a norm too. While Hoon narrates and shows off an embarrassing nail art done by his girlfriend, he warned Do Kyung to be ready coz he really plans to fight with him before he leaves the house. Heh. With this kind of family, waking up is not a bore.

On the other hand, Tae Jin is all set to woo our Hae Young. He visited the Oh’s, pleading in front of the parents asking for forgiveness. Mama Oh won’t easily give-in while Dad is more caring. Tae Jin sent a message to our Hae Young as he continuously beg for her forgiveness. This guy, it is so easy for him to do these things without second thoughts. Our Hae Young feels his efforts so she invited him out that night, to end things properly. Then again, plans changed when Do Kyung called her and demands to meet him first.

I won’t push you away anymore out of guilt. I just want to love you. No matter what I tell you, please don’t abandon me. Please hold on to me tightly. – Do Kyung

After spending an amazing afternoon and night with his Hae Young, Do Kyung came to his senses and decided to love her without guilt. I commend you for that. If only you can speak what is on your mind. If I were Hae Young, I will be lenient when I hear this, because I know how sincere you are. But damn.. Deep sigh. I love your determination but please learn to say something or I will also give up on you.

Before I get too frustrated, let’s back track a bit. Tae Jin made his own choice to wait for our Hae Young outside her office, although she already cancelled to meet him. As Hae Young happily went out looking for Do Kyung, Tae Jin saw her across the pedestrian lane. Tae Jin noticed the look on our Hae Young as he followed through her gaze. He saw Do Kyung smiling expectantly while waiting for her on the other side. A sudden flashback of recent events made him realise who this guy is. Without further thoughts, Tae Jin aimed at Do Kyung punching him on the face.

Hae Young ran quickly to stop the fight and sweetly caressed Do Kyung’s busted lips. Aww. That aside, I sympathised with Tae Jin more in this moment. I can’t blame Tae Jin for the sudden outburst of madness.

Honestly, I cried feeling how hurt he was. His teary eyes pierced me. I suppose any man in his shoes would feel the same way too. Of course, there are missing facts that have yet to be revealed to him, but despite of that he is only human to feel outraged. Do Kyung was on a mute mode again, he just allowed himself to be beaten up since he has no right to fight back at this point.

Hae Young was at the subway lost in her own thoughts. She entered the train on a trance, ignoring Do Kyung’s phone calls. Her pain is indescribable, she is blaming Miss Ex-Oh for this unfortunate event. The scene in the pub was totally uncalled for, but Hae Young was badly hurt. I can’t bring myself to say how awful she reacted even if Miss Ex-Oh deserves to be hit too. Hae Young is venting out the anguish she felt for a long time without thinking about anything else. It was a night long spent crying along side Hee Ran, until our Hae Young is totally drained.

We all need a breather after an emotional night. The guys are just.. sweet! They followed Do Kyung, walking behind him all night before finally bringing Do Kyung with them to the beach. They had fun being adorably silly boys, throwing Do Kyung into the water in an effort to make him feel better. I guess during this time what matters most are not words but presence. The boys did a great job! They stayed silently walking behind his back. #SquadGoals. What do guys prefer in this kind of situation, anyhow?

Do Kyung went out to do his recording near a mountain stream. Amidst the scenery, he was contemplating on what to do with Hae Young until he decided to send her a message. It was simply, “I’m sorry.” and Hae Young wasn’t satisfied with that. Do Kyung met with her to apologise more. At this point is saying “sorry” enough?

Do you know what hurts? You wanted to break up her wedding until recently because you loved her. You threw a rock at her, but it ended up hitting me. While I was in pain from the rock, you were thinking about her. I was confessing my love for you without knowing all that. When you knew that I had feelings for you, you should have told me everything. You should have told me everything so I could completely walk away from you. Why did you have to lead me on this far? – Hae Young

How can one respond to this?

From the start, Do Kyung does not want to add more pain that’s why he extended kindness to our Hae Young. Then love led him to the point where he has completely fallen for her.. his heart is already unstoppable. What’s frustrating is Do Kyung does not know how to handle the consequences of his action leaving him speechless. The struggle felt real because he does not know what to do anymore.

Hae Young thought about the events that transpired and found her own conclusion. Seeing her so angry and hurt, Do Kyung is at a loss for words. He is not the type of guy who responds with what he feels.

As I try to digest this conversation, the truth was again taken away from Hae Young that brought her immense heartache. The guys just keeps on hiding facts and they don’t explain everything to her directly. Our Hae Young is caught in the middle ending up getting hurt more. When in fact, the guys hid the truth to protect her. How ironic. 

When Hae Young cried after Do Kyung left, all she wanted to hear is that he loves her. Saying sorry is not going to cut it amidst everything that happened. Though is the affirmation of his love the right answer too? I know Do Kyung loves her, but in his perspective even with this, problems won’t be solved. That being said, I did not like that he preferred to walk away, and he even hesitated to return to her. The moment he did that, Do Kyung lost the chance to explain and maybe correct things. But he prefers not to talk about it. Always. When will he ever change?

I don’t know! You don’t say it. How am I supposed to know? You can’t even give me a straight answer to such a simple question. Why so cautious? Why do you live your life that way? – Jin Sang

Preach! Now I love Jin Sang. These are the questions I need to see Do Kyung answer directly. While Do Kyung figure that out, Miss Ex-Oh came after hearing the story via Chairman Jang and Tae Jin. Aigoo, this woman needs a friend. Can someone please give her one.

I’m trying to be nice with Miss Ex-Oh, but this scene totally pissed me off. I’ve felt the same disgust as Do Kyung looks at her. I can’t believe that after knowing the truth, Miss Ex-Oh said she loves Do Kyung even more, and that she’s grateful he ruined people because of his love for her. What the fudge! Love should not be tarnished this way. She doesn’t deserve his love. I’m glad she showed him why.

Superficially Miss Ex-Oh thinks that Do Kyung loves her so much that’s why he was able to plot a revenge. But for me, it only showed how much she has hurt him! He was so hurt, he managed to think of something he shouldn’t have done. Miss Ex-Oh, is that the kind of man you want him to be? She is totally self-absorbed. Her ignorance makes matter worse. She needs to be aware of the impact she has caused to other people’s life. I’m glad Noona went up to her to pull her out of her throne. I hope she takes Noona’s words seriously.

Drunk Hae Young is nothing new but drowning in alcohol early in the morning is. While she was busy with that, Do Kyung’s crew started a silly joke time, but they were ignored. Heh. I think only our Hae Young can make him laugh again. Oh well..

What’s with the radio drunk call? Some might question this but it happens for real, you know.

Hae Young is not the first person who has called a radio station to air out their feelings and problems. Sure it’s pretty out of the norm for others, but some radio programs thrive on stories like this. People started mocking our Hae Young for what she did coz they know nothing. It seem easy to gossip and make fun of others but I don’t get the fun out of that. What triggered our Hae Young to have the courage to call the radio station is her desperation. She is drunk and badly in pain when she heard that they can offer advice to their listeners, a light bulb moment occurred to her. With the help of the liquid courage, words seems to overflow and her emotions went along with it.

I just can’t control my heart.. – Hae Young


Mum and Hae Young made me cry. Even if Dad was silently sat beside them, he also showed support. I just hope Mum will stop hitting our Hae Young. It is unnecessary, even Hae Young is already numb. Maybe then our Hae Young will start opening up to her more, without fear of getting hit.

The radio program recording became viral. I think only Do Kyung wasn’t able to hear it. Or did he? Later that night, Noona went home and saw Do Kyung outside with Jin Sang. She hugged Do Kyung briefly and told him to “Cheer Up!”. That was simply comforting and sweet.

‘I love you’ is always the right thing to say.. – Jin Sang

You have to mean what you say. IMO, you can’t just blurt it out, for the sake of saying something. Do Kyung has his own point regarding this. But I love how sweet Jin Sang tried to explain it. He is truly a ladies man. Then again, he should stop playing with women every night and learn to love as well. I hope that Noona’s pregnancy and Jin Sang becoming a future Dad will change him to be a responsible man. It is about time.

I will briefly mention Tae Jin. I have a feeling he will be one of the key elements needed to put things back to its proper place. He heard the radio program, and his reaction to it gives me hope. Now that he knows what happened to our Hae Young, I hope he does something good out of it. I do hope he won’t listen to Chairman Jang’s revenge scheme and find out about his cheating evil lawyer soon. I can only be optimistic at this point.

This scene! I’m crying buckets now..

The way he held her hand, made me feel like he also doesn’t want to let her go. But he thinks that he must. Our Hae Young tried to convince him otherwise, but it didn’t work. I love that she tried to hold on, unlike what she did with Tae Jin. She is giving everything she has, selflessly. And that’s what made this scene worthy of my tears.

But what really kept the tears from flowing was when Dad started to collect our Hae Young’s belongings out of Do Kyung’s house. This meant the end for me. So when Do Kyung sits alone in that dark and empty room.. I felt his agony come crashing in him again.

Without even understanding a word, I was already crying with Hae Young and Do Kyung. It feels like their pain is my own. When I watched it with subs and heard Hae Young pouring out more hurtful words, the pain becomes more unbearable. Her former words did come true. Do Kyung is crying all because of his love for her.

Do Kyung was lying on a field, having visions again. This was his breaking point. It dawned at him that he doesn’t want to die with regret. Although death is a negative thing, it reminds us to number our days. Do Kyung’s death has been a constant premonition. I felt frustrated that it took him long enough to realise that it is worthy to love Hae Young even if he might die soon. But I know this strengthen his love that’s gonna make pursuing Hae Young a lot sweeter.

AJA! Go and redeem your love!

Personal thoughts:

I just recently read that “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” So true!

This week, I wrote this recap feeling each character in every situation given to them. Kudos to the writer and PDnim because they did a great job handling every situation. Hands down to the actors who successfully managed to bring me there with their characters, and feel the way that they do.

It is essential for me to know where they are coming from and why they react on certain levels, that to some, might be relatable or distracting to witness. But everything is possible when one is in love, or when one is deeply in pain. We can do unimaginable things, without realising the consequences of our action. In a certain situation we could act on impulse like Hae Young or completely shut down like Do Kyung thinking no words can suffice at the moment. Who is to say, one is right and the other wrong? The way I see it, it’s always both ways.

What I love about Hae Young is that she is shameless, but not dumb. She knows how embarrassing she has been but she has the tenacity to commit to it. Her guts to walk on public with heavy make-up on and gaudy clothes, having the courage to call a radio station and honestly say what she feels is not random. That makes her remarkable and that is who she is. Even if Hae Young is mad, she bravely meets with Do Kyung, giving him a chance to explain, always giving him a chance to change his decision. But stupid Do Kyung, he doesn’t take the chances given to him. Why? Because he can’t commit to her fully. Love is not the question here. I think it’s a matter of timing.

Do Kyung is so meticulously cautious. I hate that he doesn’t say anything! He does that because the answer is obvious to him. That’s where the problem comes from, he doesn’t say anything. Our Hae Young needs affirmation. There are certain feelings that we have to say or else the other person will be left not knowing it until time passed you can’t do anything anymore. Sigh.

What I really come to love despite of all the tears I’ve shed this week, is the characters who still loves our Hae Young and Do Kyung. While they are hurting, these special people in their lives were willing to fight for them, and to continue loving them unconditionally. One will learn who are the people for keeps when facing an ordeal. People who stick with you throughout this time are the best!

“It’s because of him/her”. Let’s stop this. We have to be responsible with our own action. Every character should not blame anyone but themselves. I think show will give them enough time to reflect on that coz I really want to see it happen. And what a beautiful change it would be!

I’ve learned some time ago (Coffee House) that we can’t change situations, but feelings can still change. There is a huge difference when you say what you feel compared to someone who just assumes your feelings, that only creates confusion or misunderstanding.

At this point, we don’t need a Prince Charming. We need a man. Do Kyung, MAN UP and fulfil what you say.

See you next week!



  • Nelly says:

    Este drama esta muy bueno, cada capitulo te deja expectante del próximo y todos los personajes atrapan al televidente, es una lastima que ya este por terminar, solo espero que tenga un final que valga la pena y no la embarre el libretista al fina.

  • 113avocado says:

    Thanks for this review, it’s spot on. This is the best written and executed drama I’ve watched. I hope for it to stay good to the end.

  • CHERRYBOMB says:

    I just realize that eric and seo hyun jin are both from SMent… LOL

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