Two New Teasers & Posters for “Doctors” Starring Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won


I was clearly in denial before because I didn’t want to believe that this grown man was truly crushing on his student but I have no choice but to face reality. Guys, this is creepy like the older brother in Reply 1997. The only way to salvage this is if he didn’t have feelings for her in the past and they developed after they met again as doctors. Come on, Writer, how hard is it to do that? It’s fine for her to crush on her teacher but the reverse is not okay. I know there’s a school of thought that he might not have realized his feelings till she left but that’s still not cool.

Bike rides aside, one thing we can be thankful for is that regardless of his feelings, they didn’t date in the past.


The second poster is totally cute and despite all I’ve said, I will try to wait to see how their past relationship is explained on the show to figure out how I truly feel about this couple.

The show premieres on SBS on June 20th.

Credit: SBS, Doctors 닥터스


  • Adnana says:

    Isn’t he free to feel whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t act on it?
    Honestly, I’m less bothered by the heroine’s age (seriously, for most of Earth’s history, girls used to marry in their teens; and most contemporary teens date and more) than I am by her maturity level. I wouldn’t be fine with her having a childlike personality, but she seems quite mature mentally–and very likely that’s the only reason why a normal grown man could be intrigued by her in the first place.
    I’m less chill about him being her teacher–because that means he’s in a position of authority over her. But as long as he doesn’t abuse that authority–he’s not a criminal, regardless of what he feels.

  • Teleri says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with a college professor crushing on his student – as long as he doesn’t ACT upon it. Really! We can’t stop our feelings, for heaven’s sake! It’s our ACTIONS that we have to take care of. And in this case, obviously, this guy did the right thing as in NOT acting on his feelings but instead acting like an adult!
    I hate to point out, but even married people can find members of the opposite sex attractive – that’s not horrible either. It is ACTING OUT as if feelings are all-important and must be indulged – that’s what’s wrong.
    So looks like this has a grown-up, adult premise. GOOD!

    • Adnana says:

      I agree with the points you made. Still, it’s worth mentioning, that he is a HIGH SCHOOL teacher possibly crushing on his student, which is a more sensitive issue than a college professor doing the same.

  • SOSO says:

    Before calling it creepy and making it like disgusting watch it first before giving an judgement , you talk as you watched the drama beside I don’t think the writer with mentality to show her drama as creepy one seriously you all call yourself Drama Bloggers but you judge the drama with out watching seriously and you should know more than me that teasers are misleading in all korean dramas ….!

  • t says:

    thank you for sharing your opinion on YOUR blog. Hoping that it is not creepy when it does come out.Thank you for sharing your concerns and wanting this to be safe for everyone to watch. hugs!

  • Yelena says:

    I have noticed a progressing current trend… male leads are currently ten years plus older than leading female. I was truly hoping that American pastime of “upgrading” to a younger model would not “rub off” on other cultures, but I seemed to be delusional about it. Adultery is no longer illegal in South Korea. Note that such bias is a byproduct of watching too many Korean dramas (250+) over last 3 years; I should be the last person complaining about age gaps since my own husband is 13 years older, and I would not stomach someone my age.

    • Adnana says:

      If the current trend involves male leads that are much older than the heroines, then it’s fair to say that the past trend involved the noona romance, which featured the exact opposite age dynamic than what you’re mentioning. There were supporters and detractors to that trend, as there are to the one you mentioned. Also, imo these are trends that are neither old nor new (if you look at the overall K-drama landscape over the last, say, ten years), but trends that just go in and out of fashion every couple of years, again and again. It just so happens that *right now* there are more older hero/young heroine dramas than there are ones featuring a noona/younger hero, but that is sure to flip again in 2 or so years, or sooner. Also, no matter when, I find that there are vastly more dramas that feature same-age leads than May/December dynamics.
      Lastly, a question: what did you mean with your mention of adultery no longer being illegal in S.Korea? I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Adultery is morally reprehensible, but I don’t agree that it’s a criminal act.

  • tessieroo says:

    I find teacher/student stuff creepy as hell too but…KIM RAE WON! *sparklyeyes* OMG, IT’S KIM RAE WON!


    I’m hoping if his character DID have feelings for her, he knew it was wrong and let it go until he meets her again, years later. To my surprise, these teasers look amazing and I’m really looking forward to this one.

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