“Beautiful Gong Shim” Episode 11 Preview

Why is there suddenly a Halloween episode in the middle of June? 😀

I’ve got a quick question: Why does she sleep in her wig? LOL. In the episode she woke up in bed with Dan Tae, she very rightly wasn’t wearing it but these days, she does. I know the producers want to maintain consistency with her look but that’s all I could think of last week. haha.

As they say, when the cat is away, the mice will pay. Mom and Dad are out for the night and sis is probably manipulating someone somewhere else which means Gong Shim gets to get scared of ghosts and jump into Dan Tae’s arms! Will this lead to a kiss?

Based on this sneak peek, we are back to full rom-com mood next week after some heavy emotional scenes about Dan Tae. As much as I enjoyed his story development, I have to say I kind of missed Gong Shim last week.

Credit: SBS

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