English-Subbed “Uncontrollably Fond” Fourth Teaser

This teaser reveals more about the plot and it appears that Suzy is playing the typical rom-com female lead. I must confess to not having seen her in anything since Dream High (and her Dream High cameo in My Love From The Stars) so I’ll reserve my judgement about her acting (and any improvements) till I see this drama… if I see it.  I still haven’t decided. I guess it depends on how busy I am come July 6th.

We also get to see more of the other characters and Kim Woo Bin isn’t playing a character we haven’t seen before. I’m more interested in seeing what Im Joo Hwan’s character will be like here, given his very scary turn in Oh My Ghost. It almost feels like a travesty for him to go from playing a character like Sung Jae to humdrum second leads.

Credit: DramaFever


  • tessieroo says:

    Her drunk scene, though. O___O I just can’t.

  • An-naum says:

    6th July? Of course bz… Muslims will celebrating Eid Mubarak by the way.

  • LIn says:

    Oh lawds. I wanted to give her the benefit of doubt. I mean I watched her in everything and…she can’t act but I thought “hey maybe she improved.” Everything but especially that drunk scene killed my optimism. It pains me that these two are leads while the talented Ims are seconds, the backgrounds their main story…WAE DRAMA GOD WAE *wags an angry fist*

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