Gong Yoo Covers Marie Claire For July 2016

Only one word comes to mind. Yummy.

Source  |  Korea Star Daily


  • Beez says:

    I feel like this is what Song Joon ki will look like when he’s all growed up. 🙂

    Maybe I could phrase it better – when he loses that youthful “flower” look. Although SJK has never looked fake and “trying-to-hard” the way some of the flower boys do.

    Maybe I should’ve just echoed the Gong Yoo sentiment – YUMMM-MEEE!

    • houstontwin says:

      Gong Yoo always had a manly look. Even back in Coffee Prince, he was never a “flower” boy.

      • Beez says:

        Agreed. I was just observing that Song Joon ki resembles Gong Yoo (to me) and I think he’ll look like him even more as he matures and gets that 35 year old thickness that most men get.

        And I was also trying to say that SJK does not have the typical somewhat effeminate look that a lot of the flower boys have even back in his SunKwanKyun Scandal (sure I butchered that) days.

  • martha says:

    Mercy he is so handsome! (*_*) he even looks wonderful in a turtleneck. Yummy indeed

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