Oh Hae Young Again: Seventh Week – Happy together

Calling all those who are addicted to love! I think you have found a heroine. Oh Hae Young is an epitome of what crazy in love means. She is undoubtedly a lunatic! LOL. But I can’t blame her coz Park Do Kyung is finally hers. Now, who wouldn’t want to trade places with her?!

Highlights will be the focal point of this weeks recap. Believe me guys, all the lovey-dovey scenes I saw got me on a high. However, I can’t translate all that into writing, I might as well turn into a cheeseball. Heh. Moreover, we will be on a sugar rush, too much of a good thing is not healthy! This is not a complaint. I’m so drunk in love myself for this show. But I would rather focus on the story. IMO, there are layers worthy to think about more.

Show is still a triple threat — Actors, Writer, Director are awestanding! They deserve love. Let’s continue spreading it!

Episodes 13 & 14:

More than just between Noona and dongsaeng: They deserve to be the first highlight. I’ve been skipping them, I can not not write about them any longer.

Noona is fierce & chic while Jin Sang is a goofball. They are individually quirky and yet they match! I’m happy that this week we can tell that there is more to Jin Sang than his pile of contraceptives. Getting to know him through Noona’s eyes made a difference. I guess the young Jin Sang experienced a heartbreak that made him a playboy at such a young age. Could it be that Noona is his first love? Why would he come with Do Kyung to wait for Noona at the bus stop? Do Kyung might not only be the reason why he’s always at their home. I could be wrong. I can’t deny the power of bromance.

Jin Sang had a dream and he happily narrated it to his Mum first. Sweet Mama’s boy. More than that, I was touched when Jin Sang told Noona that she does not have to worry about her pregnancy because she has Do Kyung and himself to raise the child with. Aww. This guy!! He’s even using Do Kyung! Haha. When the reveal finally was out, Jin Sang’s reaction is priceless! I think it’s about time the boy turns to a man. I don’t know how Noona will play a part here. But one thing is for sure, Jin Sang will have a hard time.

The Oh’s: They are one of the best parents I’ve ever encountered.

Oh Hae Young is their one and only child, and a woman at that. No wonder Mama Oh is deranged to see how Hae Young is living her life — with or without Do Kyung. Is Mama Oh overprotective and berserk? I can’t blame her, especially now that her only daughter is crazily addicted, and uncontrollably in love. Haha. I’m praying for Mama Oh’s endurance!

After that fun run of Do Kyung with Dad, I totally agree with what Mama Oh said. Except for one – Do Kyung ruined a perfectly fine couple with a bright future. Ironically, that is the thing that Do Kyung did right! Fate intervened thru Do Kyung. I think Mama Oh will thank him someday.

When The Oh’s were at the police station, I felt like Mama Oh gave up when I heard her say “Take her.” It feels like a surrender! LOL. She has reached her limit, it’s all up to Do Kyung now. Mama Oh saw as Do Kyung shields his Hae Young from her. I liked that! Do Kyung took it upon himself to step-up and be a man for Hae Young. He sincerely apologised and showed the parentals he can take the responsibility & own up to his mistakes. My man is growing!

I know that time is needed for Mum to accept Do Kyung, the way that Dad already had. The couple needs to prove that this time will be different. I really hope Do Kyung will court Mama Oh, to soften her heart for him again.

Battle of the Exes — Tae Jin and Other Hae Young: Tae Jin and Miss Ex-Oh made a mistake. The consequence of breaking a heart costs a thousand fold.

Let’s try to understand Tae Jin first. As I’ve mentioned before, he really did an awful way of breaking Hae Young’s heart thru his absurd “last-minute” (day prior) wedding cancellation break-up quote. I agree with Hee Ran, Tae Jin thought Hae Young would wait for him and to relieve her with the “added” burden, he opted to hurt her heart instead. What a stupid choice for a man who, let’s just say, loves Hae Young. Instead of burdening her with the truth, he decided to break her heart with a lie. That made the difference! Tae Jin doesn’t know the woman he is marrying. Fate is kind.

Now, I’m still holding on that Tae Jin will not do something foolish again. After he listened to our Hae Young’s radio program, he apologised for the misunderstanding. Everything is actually a misunderstanding. Tae Jin should clear his head coz he doesn’t need to avenge. If there is someone who deserves his beating, I think it is his partner. He should be the one in jail.

On the other hand, Miss Runaway bride left Do Kyung without a word upon hearing that he pity her. I also prefer love more than anything. However her mistake was abandoning Do Kyung and posting on social media a photo with another man in Paris that further sealed Do Kyung’s suffering. What does she trying to imply there? And since Do Kyung has issues due to his father’s death, Miss Runaway bride made Do Kyung feel worse. And I don’t know why show added another layer that I disliked about her. She wants to be remembered as Do Kyung’s most painful love. What is up with this woman?

Do Kyung cleanly broke up with her, and he’s not going anywhere but with his Hae Young. I was hoping Miss Ex-Oh would eventually move on instead of making herself miserable each day. I don’t want to feel sorry for her. What’s the use of the outer happiness when her heart does not feel the same? I really hope she’ll look within herself and start from there. No matter how her childhood transpired, we can still choose to be happy. Do Kyung even gave her the freedom to do just that.

The coveted bromance: I’ve come to appreciate and accept that K-drama needs bromance.

Do Kyung and Jin Sang grew up together. If there is someone who knows Do Kyung like the back of his hand, Jin Sang is first in line. Besides the Doctor, Do Kyung confides in Jin Sang. They are the extreme opposite of each other. But they are the sweetest men who takes care of the woman in their lives the best way possible.

Jin Sang and Do Kyung has a solid brotherhood. Even that is so, Do Kyung can fight with Jin Sang and laugh at his own mistake. I think the brotherhood will just be as strong when they officially become a family! Jin Sang doesn’t have to move out anymore. It’s a win!

One more thing. Jin Sang, and his condom confetti made me laugh. His bachelor days are OVER. LOL.

Do Kyung’s visions and struggles:

I won’t ever again go back and forth – Do Kyung

I’ve read comments that noticed show is going round in circles. Bad effects of extension. Sigh. But I think this is also because we kept seeing Do Kyung’s vision of his death. Unless this happens or totally be altered, we will feel like we’re running in circles. Another would be Do Kyung’s love for his Hae Young, that went back and forth amidst the fact that he said he wouldn’t. Show prolonged the agony. But since there was an outpour of hugs, I can forgive. I’m not difficult to please.

When Do Kyung waited from afternoon until night outside our Hae Young’s gate, I felt his body suffer. Dinner didn’t even cross his mind, he was focused on Hae Young alone. His longing to be with her felt like the most difficult struggle he has faced. He reached his body limit and went to the hospital to get some cure. Sure enough, his medicine was there! Hae Young was on the bed next to him. He was physically and mentally ill coz his heart was in pain. This made his words so piercingly true. I’m glad he was able to release it all. This was a pivotal moment for him and our Hae Young. I’m glad Do Kyung won this struggle!

Life is a scenario about your heart. Don’t try too hard to change the situation. From one moment to another, just quietly relax and look into your heart. To see what your heart wants to do.

Death is imminent. Nobody is spared. It is not something we can stop nor change. I think rather than thinking of that destination, it’s all about Do Kyung’s journey. And I’m intrigued how his actions changed his premonitions.This is why, life is a choice. You become the decision you make. There are certain things that we cannot control. But we can definitely control how we react. Do Kyung managed to change what he saw in his visions by looking deeply into his heart. I think his visions are merely signs. At the end of the day, Do Kyung can still make his own choice and face it bravely. The rest is up to fate. And I hope Hae Young will be by his side holding his hand or giving him the tightest hug of comfort.

Our Hae Young’s love addiction: This woman needs to go on rehab, soon. LOL. The Do Kyung drug side effects is taking over her system.

That aside, every week we get to know more about our Hae Young. She is forthright, it is her character to not play games with love. She leaps with faith and allows herself to fall deeper in love, when most of us are afraid to even take one step in. Our Hae Young gives her all, that’s why she hurts just as much.

Here’s a catch, even with Hae Young’s fast forward approach she knows when to stop. She stopped on the street to wait for Tae Jin after he broke up with her. She did it again after she said her farewell. But Tae Jin did not get up and remained frozen on his seat, as always. No change there. I think when she stops, it’s her gesture to give the other person a chance.

You know, our Hae Young also stopped many times for Do Kyung. First was the day she confessed about her wedding dump. She gave Do Kyung a chance to say something but “Sorry” was the only word in his vocabulary. Then after the train ride, she told him that she’s a fool and she’ll stop liking him. Now Do Kyung added “Be careful” in his dictionary. Another was when she cried after Do Kyung said he’s the bad guy so they need to end things. She stood there crying, waiting for Do Kyung to retract his words. Then lately, after they argued with the landlord, she stopped at a corner contemplating on what Do Kyung just said and hoping he’d follow. There were changes here! It’s great to spot the difference! Good job, Do Kyung.

It’s nice to stop once in a while. It’s like the red traffic light on the road that I learned to appreciate when driving. I tend to get tired, and when this is so, it’s a relief to see the red light on! I can chill and enjoy a song more even for a few seconds. That being said, I hope Hae Young will stop again this time. Not for others, but for herself.

Our Hae Young is so in love, nothing else exist except Do Kyung. And we know, especially those who experienced this kind of love, that love with no boundaries is potentially dangerous. I can’t stop Hae Young from loving Do Kyung, the way that she is giving him everything. I would do the same in her place! Or even worse. LOL. Kidding aside, I hope she really takes time to stop, and like take a good look at her worried parents or her career. There is more to life than just rice on her dish. Here she goes again! If you know what I mean. But this doesn’t mean a break-up! Don’t even dare go to that place again, show!

Our Hae Young is one of the best character who exemplify what it means to be steadfast, strong and optimistic. She has a clear understanding of her feelings. But once she focused on ONE thing, her world seems to fail in comparison to that one thing she values. Since she vowed to give 100% on love this time around, I have no doubt she’d conquer anything to keep Do Kyung and love all of him. I just hope she finds the right balance in loving Do Kyung and loving herself too.

Do Kyung and Hae Young’s love quest: They are so in love!

They are back together, that is what’s important. It does not matter who suffered worse, or who needs to suffer more. Both of them have suffered enough. Episodes 11 to 13 was torture! I’m so glad it already ended because I felt exhausted too. No wonder Do Kyung and Hae Young got sick. Their body also gave up because their heart is yearning to love and yet they can’t.

Hae Young made it clear to him that she had let him go. The only thing he could do is to finally come to terms with what he truly feels. Hae Young has been waiting for him to tell her what he has kept hidden in his stubborn heart. That confession of still wanting to ruin her wedding if time permits again, so that he could meet her to move next to him.. Damn! It was heartfelt, I would run to him too. I love how Do Kyung said that, I felt the weight of his pain and the longing he has for Hae Young! This guy got sick because she refused to be hugged. Aww. And we know how much Do Kyung love hugs!

Separation has its rewards! We witnessed the sweetest reunion, ever. The best part is, Do Kyung gave Hae Young the will to come back to him. We know how badly he wanted her in his life, but he never forced his Hae Young. Finally! A guy allowed Hae Young to make her own decision regarding the matter on hand. This made the reunion oh so sweet for me. It was her decision to run and be with him again.

Favourite Scenes:

Reunion hugs and kisses

I know that sound is integral in this show.. but that complete silence accompanied by the sound of wind and the beating of their hearts when they hugged.. that’s music to my ear!

She can really see pass through him. Just by looking into his eyes, she knows how sorry he is and how much he loves her. Those eyes! They are glistening with immense happiness! How is that even possible on screen!?! Chemistry makes it happen! Eric and Seo Hyun Jin makes love the only option worth living for. The evidence of a couple guilty of love is all over their body.

When the hug, and the kiss becomes more than just a gesture or for the sake of fan service, when there is an added meaning given to it, I love it more. I feel it more. I’ve seen many sweet romantic scenes, I can tell the difference. I can say for the first time, this drama has shown me more than usual. The fact that Do Kyung always brings his Hae Young closer to him, the way he sweeps her into his arms, there’s a sweet intimacy that surrounds them. I think that makes every hug exceptional.

The third kiss is definitely a charm! Now, it is Hae Young’s turn to make him feel wanted! The first two kisses were amazing on its own. But the third one is something else. Even if it was simple, it didn’t fail to send shiver down my spine in a good way. That kiss convinced me that Do Kyung and Hae Young is definitely a couple for keeps. And in my K-drama book, they are on top already.

Terms of endearment

I’m never a fan of hearing “Oppa” as a term of endearment, especially since I know it also mean brother. Then again, Oh Hae Young completely shattered the meaning of “Oppa” for me now. LOL. I was surprised I didn’t cringe when I heard it! I think more than the words, the repartee of feelings expressed through their tone made me smile like a loony. Shoot. this show drives me crazy.

I know there is an underlying meaning in those scenes as we hear them exchange Oppa-Hae Young ah, both in sober and non-sober state. Haha. But it sounded sweeter than anything else it could possibly mean. IMO, it is one of the sweetest conversation I ever heard. I guess, looking into their eyes is pure bliss in itself. I’m starting to question Eric and Seo Hyun Jin now.. their eyes are a giveaway! Damn, this is what you call acting?! It is just acting. I’m trying to convince myself. *fails*

Personal Thoughts:

I was drowning in sweetness watching the most tender kiss in Episode 13 and endless hugs in Episode 14. It felt like I was watching a pre-nuptial shoot and waiting for the caption “Save the date.” Damn, the acting feels so real! I only have praises for Eric and Seo Hyun Jin coz that is difficult to accomplish. And I may add, the sexual tension is jumping out of my screen. I love that they are not afraid to show how sensual some scenes turned out to be. Kudos!

Though I must confess, I had a headache after watching! The sweetness was too much for me to handle, I think my tolerance hit the limit! Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint. Just that, after watching it I realised, what will I write?? I guess that made the headache worse! Haha. I decided to step back and look at the important scenes for this week. For my sanity. Haha.

There are a lot of running thoughts in my head that makes me think of what the writer wants us to see. But I’ll keep it all in my own notes for now. I really wish that the writer will be able to execute her story, the way she imagined it and the way she wants it to be understood. Rather than over thinking of what I would love to see happen. I trust the writer and Song PD, they are on track!

Do Kyung’s visions of his death feels like the dreaded Episode 18 where we will live our Monday and Tuesday without Do Kyung and our Hae Young. We know it’s bound to happen! I can only imagine how different those days will be. That’s why every moment is significant, while it is showing I don’t want to waste any minute of it! I will stop all my preconceived notions and pray for the best!

For now, I’m going back thinking of happy thoughts until Monday comes. See you all again!




  • Ann says:

    Your recaps of this show are amazing. I am enjoying this show and your comments make it even better!

  • neomie says:

    my fave kdrama either because of Eric ^^
    i like the way you put every details on the reviews and i do hope it will be a happy ending *fingercross*

  • mamamera10 says:

    Hi Leila, tq for your recap.. I’ve been a silent lurker at this site and I always enjoy you recaps on OHYA.. today I decided to comment just to tell you that I too love the third kiss and the hugs the most so far… ya the two kisses before are awesome too but this one for me is at a different level… it just love at it purest.. and Eric & SHJ made it soo believable that to some extent it became blur whether that were the actors acting or their real selves.. (a shipper here obviously) hehehe.. whatever it is let’s enjoy the awesomeness while it lasts… 😀

  • Maya says:

    I love your recap! I agree with you on so many parts of this show. Their chemistry is just amazing and i too keep asking my self, is that possible to act so crazy in love like those two?
    Am about to jump to this #richyun ship any day now…

    I’ve never warmed up to Eric before but boy i’m so in trouble now for keep staring at those eyes *swooonnn*

  • Mara says:

    Spectacular recap! Don’t worry if DK has the accident ’cause I assure you HY will save his life by organ donation or whatever means necessary. Have faith that his “dying” will only fortify their love and be a prelude to their happy ever after, OK? 😉

  • Majara says:

    Same with you, I think I question Eric-Hyun Jin whether they act or really something going on. I watched several their previous works but this drama is daebak for their chemistry compare to their previous dramas. They become my top OTP now. Everytime they kiss or hug, I got the feels. Feelings that I didn’t get when I watch other couple dramas. I think I start delulu whether this two really develop real feelings on the set.

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