Nam Joo Hyuk Reborn For June InStyle Korea

Nam Joo Hyuk, everyone’s favorite, cutie-pie boyfriend from “Cheese In The Trap” shows off a more serious, masculine side in this pictorial. He’s going to be busy playing one of the many, many princes in the upcoming “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” and I, for one, am looking forward to this youngsters growth as an actor. I wonder what he’ll look like with a mane of glory? Enjoy!



Source  |  InStyle Korea


  • fangirl98 says:

    WOW! He’s legal, right?? If not, I’ll add him to the ICMYM (inappropriate crush on much younger man) category. 😍 LOL!

  • tessieroo says:

    LMAO, he’s 22 – which yes, makes him too young for me so he goes into my file of ICMYM guys. *kekeke*

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