“Doctors” First Impressions Episode 1

It’s been a long time coming but there is finally a drama I’m very interested in! SBS’s “Doctors”, starring Kim Rae Won & Park Shin Hye began this week and I’m intrigued. I’ll admit that’s mostly because I love Kim Rae Won’s acting. There’s been a lot of discussion about teacher/student romance (ICK, no matter what) so I’ll also admit to being creeped out and wary but I chose to give it a chance.  Only time will tell if things go too far into the “Ick” factor for me to continue but I’m hoping I was misled by some of the teasers and stills. I was also right in thinking (after viewing the teasers) that Grandma would be one of my favorite characters.

It begins at a hospital trauma center, with doctors and nurses running about, taking care of patients. Suddenly the doors slide open to present a group of gangsters who are helping their boss inside and yelling for a doctor. These are typical gangsters who yell and threaten so this was nothing new. What was new was when doctor Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) steps up to protect a fellow employee and suddenly ends up taking on all the gangsters, kicking their butts. She orders them from the room so she can work on their “boss”, (cameo by Lee Ki Woo) who had initially refused to let a woman treat him. Stupid, you might be dying – why on earth would you care if the female doctor saved your life?

The scene fades and we’re suddenly back in time to when Hye Jung was in high-school. She’s inside the teachers offices, waiting for someone with ear buds in her ears, listening to rap music. When the teacher appears, she orders Hye Jung to remove the ear buds but Hye Jung ignores her. This teacher smacks her a few times, she falls from her chair onto the floor. She tells Hye Jung she wanted to expel her from school but her father, who works so hard for his trash daughter, begged them not to. Ummm, do teachers get away with beating on their students and calling them trash? I seriously doubt it. When the teacher tries to hit her one last time, Hye Jung stops her by saying she’s no longer a student at this school. The teacher says she knows Hye Jung will end up in prison within a year.

On her way out of the building, Hye Jung sees her father and walks right past him. Ohhh, bad feelings between these two. He asks how long she’s going to make him cover for her? She retorts that he only comes to the school to beg in order to make himself look like a good father, does that make him feel good? Once in his truck, after a childish fight over opening the window, she again places the ear buds in her ears, ignoring him. He pulls the truck over and proceeds to smack her across the face & head, yelling about how hard she’s making things for everyone. She screams at him, why doesn’t he just kill her like he did her mother? He wonders why she doesn’t even cry? Staring at him coldly, she replies that her heart is dead.

He drives out to a small town and stops beside a restaurant. Hye Jung recognizes it, this is her Grandma’s place. Jumping out, she yells at her father as he throws her suitcases onto the ground – what on earth is she supposed to do in this tiny town? He says things are now finished between the two of them, Hye Jung replies that things were over between them the moment he brought that woman into their house. So it looks & sounds like he’s chosen his new wife over his daughter, which makes me both angry and breaks my heart. He throws money at her, telling her not to come looking for him again. Watching the truck drive away, Hye Jung cries. She knew he would abandon her someday, she just didn’t know today would be that day.

Grandma (Kim Young Ae) steps outside and tells her to come in, calling her son a bastard for not even coming in to say hello to his own mother. (LOL) Grandma feeds her, asking about school the next day. Hye Jung waves her off, don’t even mention school to her. Grandma starts to say if she gets into trouble here like she did in Seoul before Hye Jung cuts her off – she’ll toss her out? Pffftttt, she’s heard it before & she’s used to being thrown out like trash. Grandma gives her more rice & tells her that no matter what she does, she won’t kick her out. Awwww. Grandma also tells her not to talk all tough in front of others, people will look down on her. Hye Jung smirks, she already has all sorts of characteristics which make people look down on her. Grandma admits they have the same style, they both think it’s better to be open about who you are. She hopes Hye Jung meets a good teacher, Hye Jung snorts that she’s never met one – not in all her 10 years at school – so she doesn’t think they exist.

Enter Teacher Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won), riding his bike up to the high school & greeting the students. He must teach at an all girls school? He slows down beside one particular student, calling her Jin Seo Woo (Lee Sung Kyung) and orders her to follow him, she runs after him. After parking his bike, he gives her a plastic anatomy figure, telling her to put it in the science room. When she asks why he makes her do this type of stuff, he replies “just because”. Complaining to another girl, she wonders why she puts up with it. She knows Teacher Hong is aware that her father is the director of a hospital but when the other girl implies Teacher Hong also likes it when Seo Woo’s mom comes to the school because she brings drinks & food, Seo Woo shuts her down. Sounds like they both have a crush on Teacher Hong.

He enters his classroom, scolding the girls for acting like their home room is a gym. He’s told them before that formalities matter, not caring what others think is the same as giving up on society. Approaching one of the girls in the back, he announces she has makeup on. She denies it until he takes a wet-wipe and swipes it over her face. Yep, there is makeup on the wipe. He tells her not to lie unless she can cover it up. He reminds them mid-terms are coming up but then also says they’re only juniors so they shouldn’t spend all their time studying.

Hye Jung wakes up late (OMO, PUPPY!) *squeals* and tells Grandma since it’s her first day, it doesn’t matter. Grandma wants to go with her but Hye Jung refuses. She just wants money to buy her uniform. Uh, huh. Grandma calls her a wench but then immediately feels bad about it when Hye Jung complains. She gives her money and off she goes. But it’s already the end of the school day so I’m guessing she didn’t go register for school? LOL.

Seo Woo’s mom picks her up and comments that Teacher Hong lives alone, why is he always in such a hurry to leave? Seo Woo says he likes music, he goes shopping for CD’s a lot. Mom wonders how Seo Woo knows this, does she like him? (UGH – not cool) Seo Woo denies it while Mom rambles on about working so hard to get her into his class, he’s a graduate of Seoul Medical School. They almost get into an accident while arguing about the way mom treats dad. Hmmmm.

Hye Jung hangs out in a music store, looking through the CD’s, Teacher Hong is there too. When Hye Jung goes to leave, the store manager demands to see the contents of her bag, convinced she shoplifted something. After dumping her bag and finding nothing, he reaches for her back pocket but she stops him, where does he think he’s touching? He calls her a student, which Hye Jung denies and they argue until Teacher Hong intervenes. He tells the store manager he doesn’t think she stole anything while Hye Jung continues to deny she’s a student. Picking up her bag, she leaves while the manager calls her a thief. And he’s right, the first thing Hye Jung does is go into a bathroom, remove the stolen CD from inside her jacket and put it into her bag.

She heads out but Teacher Hong is waiting. He asks if she feels good, she stole something, she lied and she shamed the person who believed in her. The reason he didn’t expose her is because she’s a student, she denies it yet again. Hong announces her pretending to be an adult is awkward, her lies are awkward and it’s written all over her face that she’s lying. She wonders why he’s sticking his nose into this, to which he replies “just because”. Hye Jung snarks, is he in love with her or does he have some type of Lolita fantasy? Because that phrase is used between men & women who are lovers, when they behave irrationally. Crossing his arms, he explains he uses that phrase to people who wouldn’t understand what he was saying even if he explained it. Ahahahaha! In other words, he uses it with people he thinks are ignorant. He hates going to the police station or to court but he guesses he’ll have to go today.

Hye Jung demands to know if he has any proof she stole anything? Sighing, he reaches for her bag to dump it out but she fights back. Suddenly, her leg goes flying up as she kicks his back and he falls to the ground. Looking up at her, he seems scared and backs up. As he gets to his feet, he says he’s embarrassed but she’s charming! He thinks they should date. When she looks at him like he’s insane, he says she’s not a high-school student so there’s no reason they can’t date, right? He walks towards her, saying he’s never been treated so roughly by anyone before, it’s very attractive. Ahhh, I see what he’s doing, LOL. Grabbing Hye Jung’s hand, he says they should go have coffee. Hye Jung sputters that he’s crazy, pulls his hand behind his back and asks if he wants to wear handcuffs, blurting out she’s a high-school student. *snicker* It worked.

He got her to acknowledge she’s a student, now he needs her to acknowledge she stole a CD as he points to it on the ground. She admit she stole it. He asks if she wants to go to the police station or is she willing to go back to the store and apologize? She points in the direction of the store but then kicks the CD towards Hong, telling him to take it and get lost as she runs off. Again, he seems stunned by her behavior as he watches her climb aboard a bus.

Grandma sets the table with food, hitting her chest and saying she should go to a doctor. Uh, oh – they better not make anything happen to Grandma. Glancing out the door, she wonders where Teacher Hong is, he should be coming soon. Teacher Hong is stopped on his way home by 2nd year resident In Joo, (Yoo Da In) who informs him that his father is having surgery today but didn’t want him to know. He puts his bike in the back of her jeep so they can go but she wants to go eat at Grandma’s first. He refuses, Grandma thinks they’re in a relationship because she’s always hanging around. She thinks they are in a relationship, she told him she wanted to get married. He can’t believe she’s both confessing & proposing alone.

Hye Jung is looking at clothes when her phone rings, she ignores it. 4 of the students from Teacher Hong’s class rush up, also gushing over the clothes but then run off. A bus pulls into this small town and 8 young girls get off. They’re looking for Hye Jung but she’s not picking up their calls. The lead girl figures there can’t be too many places in this hick town to hang out so they should be able to find her soon. In a bathroom, the 4 girls from Teacher Hong’s class are changing clothes and putting on makeup. One of them comes out of a stall but the others bully her, did she really think they would let the principal’s daughter tag along with them to a club? They only want her wallet and proceed to search her until they find it. This is when Hye Jung enters the bathroom.

One of the girls orders her to leave, Hye Jung just silently glares at them. A fight ensues with Hye Jung again kicking all their asses, finding the wallet and telling them to get lost. The principal’s daughter looks at Hye Jung with stars in her eyes (LOL) and follows her out. Saying her name is Yu-Ra, she tries to give Hye Jung all her money but the way she’s gushing over Hye Jung gives her the willies so she throws the money on the ground and walks away, telling Yu-Ra not to follow her. LMAO, I have a feeling these two might end up good friends.

In Joo drops Hong off at the hospital but he only makes it to the front door, he can’t quite bring himself to go inside. He flashes back on his first day at work in the hospital, congratulating his father for having a son who will follow in his footsteps as a doctor. In Joo parks the car, and drags him inside – she knew he would do this. His father is having some type of brain scan and asks the doctors to bring the scans to his room later. There is some type of political infighting going on over who is going to be director of the hospital and Seo Woo’s father is involved. Director Jin (is he Seo Woo’s Grandfather?) thinks it will be easy to put his son, Seo Woo’s father, in charge since Director Hong has no children. Hong was adopted so there are no blood ties. Ummm, what the what? *shakes head* Hong visits his father and scolds him for having surgery done alone.

At the nightclub, all of the girls Hye Jung has fought with show up. (LMAO) One of the girls asks a guy where Soo Chul is, the guy tells her he’s with his new girlfriend. Hye Jung is upstairs, being hit on by Soo Chul (Ji Soo). He goes in for a kiss, she head butts him and storms off. One of the girls from out-of-town bumps into one of the girls from Hong’s class and they exchange words. Suddenly they see Hye Jung and all hell breaks loose, with both sides fighting against Hye Jung. Seriously? I’ve never seen a girl-on-girl brawl at a club in my entire life! They would be hauled out by bouncers the minute either side got too heated or if they were yelling loudly! But okay, let’s go with it. Hye Jung again kicks all their asses until cops show up, Soo Chul grabs her arm and drags her out. They make their escape on his motorcycle.

Hong gets a phone call that his students were arrested, they’re at the police station. He shows up to collect them and takes them out to eat, scolding them for getting caught. He hates violence, why did they get caught fighting? He knows they wouldn’t listen to him if he told them not to go to nightclubs so he just tells them not to get caught next time. He hands one of the girls a note, he found her mom for her and leaves. He walks up to Grandma’s place, she’s waiting for her granddaughter to come home. Just then, Soo Chul pulls up on his motorcycle with Hye Jung on the back. Grandma is shocked to see this & wonders why Hye Jung is dressed the way she is. Hong recognizes Hye Jung immediately but it takes Hye Jung a few minutes before she remembers him. Grandma introduces Teacher Hong, who lives next door. Ahahaha, but of course.

He announces to Grandma that they’ve met, he caught Hye Jung stealing. Grandma defends Hye Jung (who lies about it) and scolds Hong for talking back to her. She’s his elder, what kind of example is he showing by mouthing off to someone older? *hee* Once inside, Grandma & Hye Jung fight over her not wanting to go to school. Hye Jung takes it too far when she snaps that she’s planning to sell booze & her body, just like Grandma used to, which earns her a slap across the face. She also fights with Hong, kicking a bucket across the floor. Later in bed, Grandma (thinking Hye Jung is asleep) apologizes for hitting her. She did it because she’s ignorant, she hits & yells when she’s angry and begs Hye Jung not to act the same, she wants her to go to school and be better than that. Hye Jung rolls over and silent tears roll down her face.

Grandma wakes Hye Jung up the next morning by splashing cold water on her head (LMAO) and insists if she’s not going to school, she’s going to help out in the restaurant. She drags Hye Jung all over the market with her, making her carry all the heavy food ingredients until Hye Jung gives in and agrees to go to school. As she runs off, Grandma lets out delightful laughter. I LOVE HER! At school, Hye Jung is assigned to Hong’s class although he argues against it, he already has quite a few trouble-makers in his class he’s having to keep an eye on. In class, Hong tells the 3 girls who got caught at a nightclub to wait for him in the science room, they’re to be punished. They argue that Hye Jung was there too, she should also be punished so he orders Hye Jung out as well. His punishment for them is to spend 1 week in the science room alone, writing letters of apology. Hye Jung would rather just get hit once and get it over with, Hong thinks she’s baiting him since he admitted he doesn’t like violence. He orders the other 3 out of the room, grabs a stick and tells Hye Jung to assume the position. Is he really going to smack her? No way, right?


The opening scene at the hospital made me laugh but only because I know hospitals have strong security, or at least they do where I’m from. So that whole scene never would have happened. I also found myself yawning when the doctors were discussing who will replace Director Hong, I seriously hope we’re not bogged down in political infighting cuz that would be boring as hell. And so far, we not only know Director Hong is sick but there are hints Grandma is too. *sigh* Then we have to add that Hong himself has some type of hospital phobia for some reason? So it sounds like there is going to be a fight over the hospital which leaves me ready to chuck the whole mess out the window. The only thing keeping me interested is Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won.

I’m not seeing anything that would creep me out, although I do think Hong is a tad bit idealistic. He’s warm, friendly and genuinely seems to care for his students – wanting the best for them and wanting them to strive to be good human beings. The problem is he’s too involved, what male teacher do you know who gives makeup advice? I also still find it very strange that a teacher is called when his students get arrested instead of a parent but I’ve seen this in dramas before so I’m not too bothered. Hong is also young and very handsome so I can totally see where some of these young girls would begin harboring crushes. As long as he keeps it on a teaching level, I’m good but I’ll continue to be wary.

Don’t even get me started on the girl-on-girl violence in this drama, it’s one of my major pet peeves. I hate it when dramas imply that girls don’t or can’t get along, it’s beyond ridiculous. I am loving Park Shin Hye’s character though, I love that she doesn’t take any crap from anyone but I hope the violence & girl-fighting stops soon. I also found it a bit ridiculous that Teacher Hong just happens to live next door. So while I love the chemistry between our leads, there really isn’t anything new or exciting going on here – so far. We’ll see where episode 2 takes us. And apologies that I got totally distracted by the most adorable puppy on the planet. *hee*


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  • minihaha says:

    Thanks for the recap. I’m liking our kick ass no nonsense heroine. so far the drama is good, you can empathize with a troubled teen, that has trust issues along with not respecting any adult in authority as non have given her reason to respect them. why is Ji Soo always playing the adorable yet badass tough guy/boy next door sweetheart. he is really god in these roles, but want him to branch out a bit. Grandma is the best, loving, caring totally awesome.

  • Joni says:

    Need help ..where can see each episode in Hong Kong with Eng sub..???

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