“The Master of Revenge” Episode 17 Preview

All I want at the end of this drama is for Tae Ha, Da Hae and Dokku to be alive and happy. I honestly no longer care if Moo Myeong gets his revenge. What’s his endgame anyway? To make Gil Do suffer? Pay for the murders with his life? Or by going to jail? Did they tell us and I already forgot? All I know is that it keeps dragging on and till last week, I could barely see any revenge. Now, he’s finally made him lose his job but what else does he have in store for him? Whatever it is needs to be done ASAP.

Yeo Kyung started off as the female lead but it appears that Da Hae has dethroned her. I am glad that she’s finally getting into the action although I’m not sure I care that much about her drama with the congressman. However, that dude is annoying so I definitely would like to see him taken down.

Moo Myeong has lost his sense of taste which means more of him and Da Hae working together, right? Speaking of which, the only romance I care for in this drama is between Da Hae and Tae Ha so I hope we get some more of this soon.

Oddly enough, I now root more for Dokku to get his revenge than Moo Myeong. Funny how that happened but either way, Gil Do is still the target so the end remains the same.

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  • claire says:

    Like you, Tae Ha, Da Hae and Dokku are very much where my heart goes. I hope they come out alive… Tae Ha and Da Hae are the light glowing in the darkness. Dokku…

  • Adal says:

    I never understood what the switcheroo was with the female lead. Why is there more emphasis on Da Hee when she started out as second female lead and less on Yeo Kyung who now feels like an after thought? They are also dragging on this revenge thing too long that the end game feels quite fuzzy, I confess to losing interest in it.

    I do hope that Tae ha comes out of this unscathed and alive. He’s my number one concern and truly my favorite of the whole show.

    If Kim Gil Do is to be believed, then there is someone who is even more evil than he is… cue in, the Senator. I find that I don’t hate Kim Gil Do as much as I did in the beginning. The show is doing a good job of humanizing him. I understood why he slowly poisoned father in law as revenge for killing his beloved. Hope Tae ha doesn’t grow any fondness for him though. He’s still a killer.

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