Kang Ha Neul For July Issue Of In Style

This is the guy I’m excited to watch in SBS’s upcoming “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo“. Kang Ha Neul has been steadily building his acting creds since the glorious “Misaeng“, which I still watch every now & then to remind myself how incredibly great Kdrama’s can be. He’ll be playing Wang Wook, the 8th prince and from what I’ve seen in the teaser, his intense chemistry with leading lady IU is no joke. There’s little doubt in my mind that I’ll have 2nd lead syndrome unless his character is a horrible human being. Glorious pics, glorious actor. Check it out!


Source  |  InStyle Korea

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  • Hahanzyy says:

    I hv loved him since “to be beautiful you”. Though he played a small character there, I was so impressed by his every expressions that so acutely conveyed the character’s emotions. Can’t wait for the new drama 😍

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