Oh Hae Young Again: Eight Week – Holding On

It feels good to have someone to hold your hand when you are afraid. Do Kyung can trust his Hae Young, who is always by his side. He’s not alone on the battlefield!

We are on the last stretch of a wonderful journey. Like my title for this week, I’m also holding on! I don’t want to let go of this drama just yet. If I can, I want to linger on to feel every line spoken and every warm embrace of the Next Door couple.

Oh Hae Young Again already have a special spot in my K-drama watching  life. No matter what happens in the ending, this will be “the one” to beat in my K-drama heart of hearts.

Episodes 15 & 16:

Just my imagination, running away with me: Poor Jin Sang!

This guy is setting expectations, too high for him to achieve! We can really see how Jin Sang contemplated with regards to Noona and his child. He explored every angle and it totally drives him crazy. Nobody wants to be in his position. The more I see him, the more I understand why he can’t seem to arrive at a conclusion easily. Like what he said, he is already cornered because of the baby. And now, he’d have to think harder if he’ll take the next level. The former was not planned already, is he going to allow himself to be involved in a lifetime commitment? It is hard to force oneself into marriage. I was thinking, it feels like he is sentencing himself into prison. Lawyer, defend yourself! LOL

That aside, for Jin Sang, Noona is unlike any other woman he has ever met. His respect for her as the sister of his best friend can’t be brushed off. Jin Sang treats Do Kyung’s family like it is his own. How could he possibly think of marriage? Poor guy, the responsibility is too hard for him to carry.

Tell me when you are ready. If you lack the confidence, then give up. – Soo Kyung

I’m proud of Noona. She understands the dilemma. Moreover, instead of being selfish, or thinking only about her baby, she managed to consider Jin Sang. She even gave him options! What a woman. Well, Noona is of age to think wisely than most. She has known Jin Sang since he was young. Surely, she wants to get married. But on top of that she wants to get married for the right reason not just because Jin Sang is obligated to take the responsibility. It is one thing to own up to your mistakes, and it is another to commit in making things right. As a lawyer, Jin Sang is inclined to be rational. Then again, his heart is concerned for Nonna and his baby. What is the best thing to do?

When Jin Sang cried after Noona packed his things and led him out of the house, I felt sorry for him. Noona does not want to burden him with responsibilities that he does not want to carry. And as a man, Jin Sang feels sorry that he is not ready. Surely, he’ll be given time to think more about this. It takes a man to love a woman like Noona. Now, I don’t think Jin Sang is that kind of man, yet. When is he going to be ready? We still have time to find out.

Miss Ex-Oh no more: I can finally call her Oh Hae Young. She deserves it now.

Thank you for your love. – Oh Hae Young

Aww. Not all relationship will end like this. Part of moving on is remembering the past and realising what it taught you. Do Kyung already ended it first, and now it is the other Oh Hae Young’s turn. It felt great to see her close a chapter of her life with a grateful heart. I am proud of this woman now! I want her to be filled with remorse, but she showed me more than that. It takes courage to be able to accept that life is not always the way we want it.

I love the sequence of her walking down that green path. She looks down and then ended looking up with radiance, ready to move on and enjoy her own life. Her arc was cleanly written. Not just her love for Do Kyung, but more importantly her relationship with our Hae Young. The first step is acceptance and sometimes it is the hardest thing to do. Finally, in her own accord she did it! We can never be perfectly ready, but we can gather enough courage to start.

Now, I can remember her with a smile too.

Fixing a broken heart: Tae Jin, what to do with you?

Everyone has hit their lowest point, Tae Jin is not spared! We need to see him arrive here too.

He is still blaming other people, including the poor bartender. How pitiful it is to see him drunk every time on-screen? Show should stop giving him hard liquor. When he was with Chairman Jang, he looked more pathetic, unknowably allowing himself to be a puppet. His vulnerability is being used by people around him to manipulate him easily. His partner is an example why Tae Jin’s life is miserable. He trusts other people without even knowing their background just to get what he wants. Tae Jin is selfish. He is focused on status, rather than his heart. I have no doubt, he proposed to Hae Young not purely because of love but to elevate him more as a responsible man, elevating is status symbol.

But I still see a light in him. He just needs to learn and see beyond the surface. Right now he is focused on the tip of the iceberg, when there is so much more underneath it. He has an innocent heart that strongly feels unexcited while he is ruining a man’s life. No matter how he beats Do Kyung to a pulp, it doesn’t prove he got the upper hand. Actually, he is becoming less of a man than who he really is.

Roads have U-turn. I hope Tae Jin will finally see one and make his decision to go on the right path. It is never too late.

Dating not Marriage: Reversal!

Don’t you have to take time and see if he’s the right one for you? – Hee Ran

Mama Oh said that not all who dated ends up getting married. True. I also like what Hee Ran said that our Hae Young should take her time to know if Do Kyung is the one to marry. At this moment I want to scream and say, “Hae Young-ah, please slow down!”. This woman is on a rush, she seem unstoppable. Good thing Mama Oh is there to throw sense out of her. And Hee Ran is a useful friend. She always show our Hae Young a different perspective every time they talk.

Honestly, it was a good decision that Do Kyung did not attend the wedding. It is sad to note that sometimes, relatives are not the people we expect them to behave. We are talking about The Oh clan here where everyone is expected to say something – the good and the worse. There is no half-baked comment here. Imagine if Do Kyung attended! I am not going to question love for his Hae Young, because that is not the point. Unlike Mama Oh’s perception with regards to protecting Hae Young’s pride. I respect Mama Oh, and I know that the elders have their own mindset when it comes to marriage and relationships. Marriage is a serious matter.

From the start we already know that Mama Oh is an exact copy of Hae Young. Heh. And Dad Oh is like Do Kyung, in more ways than one. That said, our Hae Young is more confident in her love now. I’m glad Mama Oh chose to love and support her daughter’s decision. Love triumphs!

Realationship goals: This love right here! Rain or shine, they are together.

The show decided to show us what it means to make a relationship work. It is not always a happy note. This time, we see a journey of two different individual who decided to love each other wholeheartedly. Not just to be in a relationship together, but they are there to work it out. I like that we are given a glimpse on how they spend their day, together and apart. Hae Young has her mood swings, she can be sulky too! Haha. Do Kyung already knows her worse side, he understands where she is coming from. Add to that, Hae Young easily admits her mistake. How could he not love her more?

The 100 you are referring to seem different than mine. – Hae Young

Can you really measure love? No. Because if we do, we will always be counting, we will always monitor. Is it up or down? High or low? Are you giving more or less? Hae Young just made her point clear. That’s why Do Kyung is exerting more effort in showing her that he is also on a 100% scale. And how sweet it is for Hae Young to feel it! I can’t help but be happy for her, no matter how simple Do Kyung’s gesture is or no matter how corny his words are. Since these are coming from Do Kyung, the guy I didn’t expect anything from, it makes a lot of difference as if I’m experiencing and hearing it for the first time.

And I guess, any woman will feel the same way as Hae Young too. The flowers can smell the sweetest because it was sprinkled with so much love.

Favourite Scenes:

Love notes!

After 13 years, the other Oh Hae Young returned a love letter addressed to our Hae Young. It was touching to see that the other Oh Hae Young kept it and decided to return it to the owner. Our Hae Young was happy to read the content with her Do Kyung. Apart from the sweet words, it was Do Kyung’s reaction that made this a winner scene.

So Do Kyung can also be jealous!?! So cute. BTW, this was also done on the same day that he cooked for his Hae Young for the first time. This guy surely knows the best way to a woman’s heart.

The bestie! 

When Jin Sang called Do Kyung! I feel like Jin Sang is the other girlfriend! Haha. I love the tone of voice they had while speaking on the phone. It was sweet. When I read the subtitle, I didn’t expect that Do Kyung responded differently! Haha. The tone of his voice felt so soft, as if comforting baby Jin Sang. Then again, lover boy doesn’t want to be interrupted whenever his girlfriend is around. Poor Jin Sang, he was turned down easily. LOL

I also love their confrontation at Do Kyung’s office. When Jin Sang told Do Kyung that he should also be punished. Then again, he emphasised that Do Kyung threw the dart. Haha. What am I going to do with these two? They are just adorable despite of how ridiculous their situation turned out to be.

Do Kyung and his minions: Their master has left them! Aww. look at their faces..

Do Kyung’s crew is more than just his staff, helping him run his business. Through the years they have been working together, they understand their boss well enough. More than that, they really respect him despite of his bad temper. I will never forget how they made Do Kyung feel that they have his back covered. That Do Kyung could turn around and see that he is not alone. Despite of Do Kyung’s situation, he has amazing people that surrounds him.

Our Hae Young stood up for her man: This confrontation is one of the best scene in this show!

Don’t say you’re having your revenge on him because he took away the woman you loved. You never loved me. – Hae Young

Boom! Strong words!

This simply confirmed what I’ve felt since the day Tae Jin decided to call off the wedding. His words were piercing then, on top of it being a lame excuse. And now, it is Hae Young’s turn to tell him her side of the story. He needs to know how painful it was to live after what he did to her. When Hae Young questioned Tae Jin about love, he was perplexed. As a man hearing it, his ego was badly stepped on. But then, he needs to hear all of this from Hae Young! Because of what he did, he gave another man the opportunity to take good care of Hae Young when he should have done it himself. After all that has been said, Tae Jin needs to look deeper apart from what he already sees. Or else, he’d always make the wrong decision.

You can stand under my umbrella: Two become ONE.

Do Kyung is still the same, but we see a better version of him more. Isn’t it sweet that he brought two umbrella? He was thinking that since the rain was pouring hard, he won’t allow his Hae Young to be soaking wet. Haha. But of course, Hae Young has a mind of her own. She has one purpose, and one purpose only. She wants to snuggle closer to her Do Kyung. Sweet.

Saranghae. – Do Kyung

Those eyes, never fails to show how Do Kyung truly feels.

The difference is evident! It’s not just hearing Saranghae, but seeing it through a man in love. It’s not just actions, but feeling the deeper meaning of love through it. Do Kyung, showed his love for Hae Young strongly. From the moment he looked into Hae Young’s eyes, until he finally said it.. his Hae Young felt 100% of his love directed for her! Aww. That’s why she didn’t even ask him to repeat it.

Personal thoughts:

I was really hoping that Do Kyung will “man-up”. I’m so GLAD he did!! And what amazed me most is how he did the smallest things and yet to Hae Young it became the biggest! The happiness multiplied through her. He made sure everything has his personal touch. He delivered the flower by himself; he went grocery shopping and hand-picked every ingredient; he cooked a meal; he made time to bring an umbrella.. You know most men wants to be served, but Do Kyung is different. He was the one who served Hae Young! It’s true that it is the simplest thing in life we forget. Do Kyung made sure that for his Hae Young, he’ll be the man to do all that and more.

When you elevate simple things, it becomes more than just giving a woman flowers or opening a door for her. There was no occasion or whatsoever. Do Kyung simply thought of his Hae Young when he saw the flowers. Hearing that became sweeter. Grand gestures are nothing if it is without heart. But simple things can mean everything as if it was grand. This makes seeing their relationship a joy to witness! As much as I would like to see all of this in K-dramas, sadly only few can do it right. I’m glad Eric and Seo Hyun Jin naturally shows how romantic most scenes are. Their chemistry just feels so right!

Do Kyung’s visions still haunts him. This is driving me crazy too. But there is a difference now, he is gathering the courage to face it. He chose to love his Hae Young, doing everything he can for her.

Do Kyung has his own way of showing his love. Hae Young might miscalculate his love, but for someone like him, I think he’s not even in the 100% mark. He actually surpassed it already. All the things he did for Hae Young this week is way out of his league. Hae Young feels his effort and rejoices in those little things he does for her. That bouquet of flowers meant more than usual. And I can’t help but celebrate with our Hae Young too!

Watching Oh Hae Young Again made me realise that we can have a role to change someone’s life. Everyone here creates an impact on the lives of the people they are with. We have the capacity to affect other people’s decision that can transform any situation differently than what we expect it. What a powerful message! Moreover, this show is telling us that we can definitely start ANEW. Every day is a chance to start. That is why what you do NOW is crucial. We have a choice to make things right so that the future will thank us and we have something good to look back on.

For the first time after 9 weeks, I will hate Monday again! Tomorrow is going to be the last Monday I will happily look forward to. But since this show already taught me to think of “happy thoughts”, I think Monday will never be as bad again.

See you next week!!


  • dira says:

    what a sweetest review 🙂

  • mrsna says:

    I always waiting for your recap.
    I’m not glad now after I read it, because I cry. You pour it out very well, exceptionally good.

    I cant wait for two episode finale tomorrow and the day after, but in the same time I feel soo empty because of impending goodbye to our OTP. I mean seeing them fell in love, admitted what they felt, and until now they really commit to be each other, waaw they grow so much from day one until now, especially PDK. It really felt like seeing real life people who fight for their love. Eventho in real life, it is not always about love, but through this drama we learn what love can do to change someone’s life.

    Again, thanks for your beautiful recap. It makes me more in love with this drama 🙂

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