“38 Task Force” Episode 5 Preview and Thoughts on Week 2

Two characters annoyed me this week: Sung Hee and Sung Il. Sung Hee because she needs to learn to mind her business and Sung Il for being too innocent.

I suppose I shouldn’t blame Sung Il because he’s not a conman but it’s just weird watching such a burly man bungle up his tasks, especially as we’re told he’s got a ferocious side. I know that part of the fun is that looks can be deceiving but it’s annoying to see him get in his (and everybody’s) way.

Sung Hee… ARGH! Now, I know she’s technically right but she needs to learn to buzz off. Calling the police on their fraud was not going to protect Sung Il no matter how many times she told them he was a victim too. If those cops had been real, he’d have been in big trouble. I loved that the team had everything under control, though.

The only good thing is that in her zeal to get Sung Il to stop, she will discover how powerless she really is and finally understand why her boss needed to take drastic measures.

While those two annoyed me, one irritated the hell out of me: Jae Sung the cop. What the hell is up with him? He acts like he’s on the good side of the law but every inch of him screams “EVIL!” I pretty much decided that he was a corrupt cop who’d set Jung Do’s father up the moment he mentioned that the other man had been corrupt. The hitting, slapping, treating him like shit… what’s that supposed to portray? I feel like the audience is supposed to interpret it as tough love but it’s over the top and over the line so I think he’s a bad guy.

I wondered if there’d be romance in this drama and this week’s episodes confirmed that there will be because we learned that Sung Hee and Jung Do are exes and that he’d dumped her by telling her he’d only dated her to swindle her. But we know that’s just an excuse as he never scammed her and has kept their photos. So clearly, he was pulling a noble idiot and sacrificing their love for a reason we’ll learn down the road.

My only problem with this show is that they still haven’t completed the first con. I know it’s all about twists and turns but the appeal of a show like this is watching them succeed at a variety of cons. The cons should be episodic while all the character development spans that entire show. So I hope we can finally move on from this dude next week.

Despite the dramatic cliffhanger, Jung Do makes the meeting and the con continues! And Evil Cop will get in the team’s way and if the preview is taken at face value, will have them arrested. We’ll see how it really plays out next week.

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  • Table122000 says:

    I agree with a lot of your points. I love shows like White Collar and Leverage, so I was really excited to watch this one, which seemed to be similar. However, the pace is slower here than in those shows. I also wish that the set up was a bit different to where Jung Do was working with the tax team as part of a plea bargain to avoid jail time. (Of course he’d also have other motives) and then he brings in his team on the side. I think it would make for a smoother show and they can have lots of different “cons” because you’re working at the tax dept, so once you take care of one person, then on to the next. But, maybe this set up was too much like “Bad Guys” so the writer didn’t want to repeat himself. As it is, how can Sung Il take off so much time from work to have training and meetings with Jung Do and Co and not be questioned by his boss who’s out to get him? Or is he doing everything on his lunch hour? Did Sung Il get placed on administrative leave in Ep. 4? I know the boss was talking to him about vacation time, but I wasn’t sure if he was telling him that he’d been placed on administrative leave pending his disciplinary hearing. If he is on admin. leave, that would get around the job problem and leave him free to be a full time member of the scammer team. I think this first con is probably going to last pretty long, maybe the whole show. Previews for next week made it look like the con was just getting started. And once that con is finished, how do they keep things going? I mean Sung Il just wanted his help for this one guy so why would he stay with Jung Do after that? After this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jae Sung was the dirty cop and framed Jung Do’s dad.
    I really wanted to love this show, but I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed at the slower pace and darker tone. Everyone’s corrupt-the tax dept, the cops, the tax payers. Sung Il’s being framed for bribery. I was hoping for a more light hearted tone with lots of “capers.” Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week.

  • Oozy says:

    To me it was ok with the slow pace and its necessary because it will make us to understand more better of the storyline and the characters….the fast pace sometimes it will make story in a hurry or rushing

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