“Dear My Friends” Episode 15 Preview

It’s pretty rare for me to still be fully invested in a drama by its penultimate episode because the usual dragginess would have led to a loss of interest but it’s quite different for this drama. Perhaps it’s because it’s not a romance that would cause the characters to act out of character or become noble idiots to stretch the story or that the multiple threads keep it interesting.

It’s crazy how I’ve gone from being unable to care less about Sung Jae and his romance with Hee Ja to actively rooting for them. He turned out to be quite a lovely man, didn’t he?

Seok Gyun has reflected on his mistakes and learned to take care of himself but I can’t say I root for a reunion with Jeong A – even though I know it’s coming.

Nan Hee has cancer and her life has been turned upside down. How awful it must be to go from feeling confident about one’s health to learning that you’re terminally ill. We often don’t realize how precious life is till we’re at the brink of losing it.

And other than the horrible fact that her mother is sick, it could also derail Wan’s plans with Yeon Ha. While he would understand, I can’t see how he will wait for her again so let’s all hope Nan Hee’s operation goes well and Wan can leave her and live her own life.

Wow, what an angsty preview! But given this drama’s tone, I believe it’s the storm before the rainbow.

Hee Ja keeps getting worse and I think she needs a live-in nurse. She needs someone around to ensure that she takes her medicine after all, it stands to reason that someone with memory issues can’t be trusted to always take their medication.

It’s surgery time for Nan Hee and like any normal person, she’s scared out of her wits. Who wouldn’t be if something so risky only has a 20% chance of working? But I believe she will pull through.

I am going to miss this show.

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  • Shaney says:

    To me, this whole show has so many relatable moments. Lee Kwang Soo has me in tears watching those mother/son moments.

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