“Doctors” Episode 5 Preview

I suddenly have a million things to watch so I haven’t caught up on this week’s episodes. Regardless, the reviews have been favorable so I hope I enjoy them as much as others did.

It sure looks dramatic.

Credit to the uploader


  • tessieroo says:

    For a year I’ve been screaming there were no dramas I wanted to watch and now suddenly, there are like 5 of them. O__O I hear you.

  • myra do says:

    We’re following all KIM RAE WON’s project primarily because he delivers well to any role assigned to him more so the leading lady is one who we really admire since child, PARK SHIN HYE! Good actor, great story, so so romantic! Another amazing love story to watch for! Recommended!

  • roses says:

    Doctors is interesting drama ! ep 1-4 is very awsome ! Can’t wait ep to ep !! Best recommend!

  • Lili says:

    Yes, me too.
    I feel sad why I start watch Doctors even before its finished yet.

    Now I’m addicted and can’t wait every Monday-Tuesday coming.
    So in love with PSH as HJ here, and who’s can resist KRW charm. ^^

    • 조ㅑ ㄱ릿틴 says:

      Me too! I usually wait until the entire drama is over before even starting, but I missed PSH and there was nothing else that interested me based on the trailers alone… I’m suffering waiting for Mons & Tues!

      • Alynbern says:

        Same here. Love to see PSH again in this new drama series. If I can only change all the week days into Mondays and Tuesdays just to track the full story. That’s how addict I am

  • Ct ada says:

    Cant wait for 5th episode, why there is no preview just short one make me wonder

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