“Doctors” Week 2 Recap – Your Unresolved Past Will Find You

I can’t believe all the crap that was thrown at Hye Jung in episode 3 but I should be used to the female lead getting dumped on. It still shook me a bit, especially the scenes with her horrid stepmother. I’m happy she has one genuine friend in Soon Hee, I hope we see more of them.

We begin with Hong explaining which part of the brain is responsible for human’s feelings of hate, love, ect as he rides his bike to meet with school board member, Hae Young (who is also Seo Woo’s mother). She never thought he would become embroiled in a scandal. He respects her opinion but reminds her the “scandal” she speaks of is Seo Woo’s misunderstanding. She’s not having it, that girl (Hye Jung) will be expelled and he will also face serious consequences. He threatens legal action against the school and Seo Woo for defamation but Snobby Mom will not allow him or Hye Jung to remain at the school. Hong turns in his resignation.

We flashback to the fire with Seo Woo being taken away in an ambulance while both Hye Jung & Soon Hee are put in a police car. Soon Hee notices Hye Jung’s arm is burned, she should have gone to the hospital but Hye Jung tells her to run away from her. Aww, she’s trying to protect her friend. *sniff* The cops try to reach Grandma, who is sleeping, Hye Jung tells them there is no other adult they can call.

It appears Hye Jung is going to jail for arson even though Soon Hee raises a fuss. She gets dragged out by her father, screaming that she’ll come back. In Joo shows up at Hong’s place, she’s happy he quit that teaching job. While he gets food out, she back hugs him and says he should be hers, she would treat him well. UGH, go away. I hate women who throw themselves at a man like this when it’s so obvious he’s not interested that way. No, honey…just no.

He gets a call from Soon Hee who tells him Hye Jung is at the police station & Seo Woo is in the hospital. He rushes to the hospital with In Joo and finds Seo Woo quickly. She has a burn on her leg. Later, in her private room, he asks what happened. Seo Woo wants to know what Hye Jung said but Hong tells her he came to see her first. She claims Hye Jung tried to kill her. *eyeroll* She goes on to say she liked & respected him so how could he disappoint her like this? The only thing she wants to know is why it’s not her, why does he like Hye Jung instead of her? He reminds her she’s smart & pretty, tells her to heal – both her body & mind and leaves. *sigh* I knew it – she’s ridiculous but I still don’t think Hong is handling this right.

Hong then goes to see Hye Jung at the jail. He notices the rip in her jacket, asking if she’s hurt? She tries to hide it but he pulls her arm forward and puts vaseline on the burn. She watches him, flashing back to happier times when she asked him to sign an anatomy book for her. This is also when she found out he was adopted. He tells her Seo Woo is fine and admits he’s been avoiding her since the online posting. She’s been avoiding him too.

He thinks the scandal will be harder on her but she’s worried about him. She thanks him & tells him not to come visit her again, they should stay away from each other. He gives her the medicine he brought and she leaves the room. Outside the police station, In Joo is snippy, she’ll take him home. He tells her to go home but then asks about her uncle, isn’t he a lawyer? In Joo tells him she’ll find a lawyer & look after Hye Jung but Hong should stay away from her. She demands he move out of Grandma’s house because his living there makes it worse. Hong says she’s being ridiculous, she admits it’s nothing but jealousy – Hye Jung is too charming.

Hong sends Grandma the attorney’s card, telling her he is In Joo’s uncle and will help Hye Jung. (CUTE PUPPY is trying to tear up Grandma’s sweater! *squeals* ADORABLE!) She calls her son, Min Ho & asks for his help, Hye Jung is in jail & might go to prison. He doesn’t give a damn, he doesn’t want to hear it. Even when she tells him she has cancer, he hangs up on her. Wow, I’m guessing he’s gonna win the award for worst son on the planet? What a horrible person.

At the hospital, doctors are reassuring Seo Woo’s parents that her burn will be fine when Grandma knocks on the door and walks in. She’s surprised to see Doctor Jin Jr. there, he explains that he’s Seo Woo’s father. Grandma starts apologizing, her grand-daughter made a big mistake. She even bows to Seo Woo, asking if she’s okay? Seo Woo says she’s fine until Snobby Mom explodes and demands Grandma be removed from the VIP room. UGH, this woman. Grandma continues to tell Seo Woo she’s sorry but she gets dragged out. Seo Woo looks conflicted.

Grandma sees the attorney, who tells her arson is serious plus someone got hurt, it won’t be resolved easily. She heads over to the jail to see Hye Jung, bringing her some food. Hye Jung doesn’t think she deserves to eat & has no appetite. She tries telling Grandma to just live her own life & forget her. Grandma can’t believe she’s saying this – she wouldn’t run away even if she’s given the chance. Awwww. Hye Jung cries as she finally eats. Grandma remembers Hye Jung cries when she’s happy, she begins sobbing outside the police station.

Hong goes to see his father, asking how his health is. His father wants to know if he settled things at the school, Hong just needs to say goodbye to the students. His Dad is excited he’s going to the US & wants him to study at Johns Hopkins & the Mayo Clinic. Hong meets In Joo outside, she’s embarrassed about the way she acted & promises to look after Hye Jung. Hong goes home and tells Grandma he’s moving out. She knows he’s put up with a lot of trouble because of Hye Jung and thanks him. The next time she visits Hye Jung, she tells her she can’t come for a few days because she’s getting surgery, she has stomach cancer. Hye Jung seems stunned, Grandma suspects she didn’t start the fire but can’t get Hye Jung to admit it. Back in her cell, Hye Jung breaks down and sobs. Hong moves out.

Soon Hee marches up to the police station and confesses to everything – she’s the one who started the fire. Her father shows up & smacks her, does she like Hye Jung better than her own family? Yes, she does, she’s not leaving Hye Jung alone in this matter. Her father says she’s an embarrassment to the family & leaves. (Another wonderful father) The cops remove Hye Jung from the cell & put Soon Hee into the cell. Hye Jung argues, she can’t do this but Soon Hee is firm. She just wants Hye Jung to remember she didn’t leave her behind. I love this girl so much.

Snobby Mom tells Seo Woo that Hye Jung is getting expelled from school, Seo Woo just wants to know what’s going on with Hong? Snobby Mom tries to talk her into going to a different school but Seo Woo leaves to get some fresh air. Hye Jung goes to see Seo Woo, the 2 girls stare at each other. In flashback, we see Hye Jung carried Seo Woo out and Seo Woo was awake at some point. So she KNOWS what happened but isn’t telling the truth? Someone hold me back.

Hye Jung tries to figure out why Seo Woo is so angry that she won’t tell the truth, Seo Woo ends up even angrier to find out Soon Hee is now taking the blame for starting the fire. Even when Hye Jung gets on her knees to beg, Seo Woo says it won’t make any difference and storms back to her room. I’m thinking she’s a vindictive beotch but it’s clear she’s conflicted. Hye Jung goes home and snuggles up to Grandma, adorable puppy snuggles up to both.

Soon Hee is released from jail, her father hired an attorney and I’m gonna guess Seo Woo changed her story? Soon Hee thanks her father, who just keeps saying how ashamed of her he is. Hong stands in front of his class, telling them he’s sorry and that where ever he is, he will remember them. He bows and leaves.

Hye Jung sits at Grandma’s bedside at the hospital, they cutely argue over her causing trouble. Hye Jung crawls into bed and hugs Grandma tightly. Right before she’s taken into surgery, she tells Hye Jung the doctor is Seo Woo’s father. During surgery, Doctor Jin Jr. gets a phone call from his father and takes it. IN THE MIDDLE OF SURGERY? He cuts a blood vessel and blood starts pouring out. Hye Jung notices a nurse running out of the operating room and looks worried.

Doctor Jin Jr. walks out and tells Hye Jung things didn’t go well, she should prepare for a funeral. Lovely bedside manner, doc. He doesn’t want to talk to Hye Jung, she’s too emotional – he’ll talk to the adults when they arrive and walks away. Hye Jung sobs hysterically. At dinner that evening, the snobby family have steak & wine, celebrating Doctor Jin Jr. being given a position at the hospital. Ugh, more rich, snobby people to hate. Lovely.

Hye Jung reads the letter Grandma left, Grandma left her savings and tells her to study with that money. Hye Jung cries, holding onto the funeral picture. Her step-mother walks up, saying this is all Hye Jung’s fault, she killed her Grandmother. OH MY GOD, is this woman kidding? And she’s smiling too! Hye Jung growls that they got money from the hospital, didn’t they? EVIL step-mother says it was for the funeral expenses, why would Hye Jung care? Hye Jung snaps, something went wrong with that surgery. EVIL step-mother tells her Grandma was old so it was harder on her body to have surgery. They scream at each other, Hye Jung begs her father to say something. He takes her hand but she jerks away and walks out.

She storms into the hospital and confronts Doctor Jin Jr, is he the doctor who killed her Grandma? Two of his flunky doctors try to drag her out as she screams she won’t let it go. Doctor Jin Jr tells them to release her & then calmly asks what she’s going to do about it? He already spoke to her parents & compensated them, he did his best. If Hye Jung can find evidence that he didn’t do his best then he’ll get his punishment. Yes, lets prove this guy isn’t fit to be a doctor

Hong runs into the hospital just as Hye Jung walks out. Really, writer? Hye Jung notices Hong is trying to call her and flashes back on her conversation with In Joo. In Joo told her Hong cared about her, as his student, of course and since she’s his problem solver, she will help Hye Jung. In Joo gave her a pamphlet for a private school but Hye Jung wants to take the GED test. In Joo comes right out with it – Hye Jung likes Hong, right? Saying people are more comfortable dating someone at their own level, Hye Jung & Hong are in different places but In Joo & Hong are at the same place. UGH, she’s implying she and Hong are dating – which we all know is crap. Whatever.

He eventually catches up with her. Calling her a brat, he wonders why she didn’t contact him – why did he have to hear about Grandma from someone else? Hye Jung smoothly asks why she has to tell him about her Grandma, he insists she does without giving an explanation. He asks what she’s going to do, she asks why it matters. Of course it matters to him, she’s his student but she asks if he gets this personally involved in all his students lives? Ohhh, burn! He apologizes, it’s not the right time to talk. Hye Jung says goodbye and turns, he asks if it’s really okay for him to leave? Her face scrunches up but she says yes, she doesn’t want to see him again. Quoting In Joo, she tells him to go to the place he belongs & so will she.

He turns, as if to leave but turns back and runs after her. Soo Chul pulls up on his motorcycle & hands Hye Jung a helmet, does she want to get some air? They pull away just as Hong reaches them. LOL, I gotta admit I really said “na-na na-na boo boo” out loud. *heh* Yes, I am that childish. Hong says to himself if you become crazy while in love, it means your brain is working. He chose not to become crazy and he’s paying a price. HUL…did you really just admit you’re in love with a STUDENT? *backs slowly away from the scene*

13 years pass and we’re back to Hye Jung kicking gangster ass. Wait, so if she was 18, that means she’s now 31? Can Park Shin Hye pull off being 31? I think so but I’m a fangirl so…yea.

Seo Woo is putting on lipstick and talking to herself in a bathroom, practicing telling “Oppa” she likes him. She needs some special way to move him because he’s cold as ice. This scene was hilarious, at one point, she thinks she sounds like a stalker. (LOL) Saying “Jeong Yoon Do, you’re mine” she balls her hands into fists to do a fighting cheer but hits the sink – which crashes to the floor. Major props to Lee Syung Kung, I’m loving her here.

Returning to the table, she’s upset that “Oppa” didn’t wait for her to begin eating, he’s done. *snickersnort* Jeong Yoon Do (Yoon Gyun Sang) asks if she’s trying to act like a girl with him? She should do that with her boyfriend when she gets one. If she’s not going to eat, he needs to get back to the hospital but she says she has something to say. A woman who works in the restaurant walks up, places a piece of the broken sink on their table and calls Seo Woo “Ahjumma”. ROFL! Even more funny, the reason she called Seo Woo that is because she thought they were a married couple. Seo Woo takes this to mean they look good together but the woman bites back: it’s not that they look good together, it’s that “Oppa” is so cold towards her she figured they were married because no man would act that way towards his girlfriend. OMG, AHAHAHAHA!

Seo Woo offers to pay for the sink, the woman is shocked she’s not even apologizing before discussing money? Yoon Do quietly tries to get up & leave but Seo Woo cutely scolds him: isn’t he going to act like a man and help her? He tells her she needs to clean up her own mess and starts to walk out. The woman suddenly collapses onto the floor, Yoon Do rushes back to her side. Checking the woman over, he yells at Seo Woo to call 911.

They ride the ambulance to the hospital, another doctor rushes out & Yoon Do asks if the operating room is ready. The guy tells him yes but it’s room #1. Yoon Do asks why it’s not room #2? Because the new doctor is using it for an emergency surgery. Yoon Do wants to know why he wasn’t informed about the surgery since he’s on call today and he’s responsible for all surgeries. He snaps at the doctor but then rushes inside. He passes right by the operating room where Hye Jung is working on the gangster boss.

Hye Jung walks through a department store, in her head she says things change when you become successful but it’s only sweet if you have someone to share it with. She lost all desire to have her own family when Grandma died so instead of a home, she chose a car. She quizzes residents Kyung Joon (Kim Gang Hyun) and Kang Soo (Kim Min Suk) about gangster bosses brain scans and tells Kyung Joon to get the OR room ready. He whines over who he’s more afraid of: Hye Jung or Yoon Do. Back in the ambulance, Yoon Do teases Seo Woo, she should be ashamed to hold a scalpel after her reaction earlier. She whines that she was traumatized by a bully in school who tried to kill her. OMG, she’s still telling this lie? She’s pretty sure that girl has been in and out of prison. I’d love these two as a couple but not until Seo Woo comes clean.

Hye Jung quickly operates on gangster boss, Kyung Joon is amazed at how fast she is. When Yoon Do calls, he rushes out to get yelled at. Kyung Joon then discusses the new doctor with Seo Woo, has she seen her? He warns there’s going to be blood since Yoon Do & Hye Jung do not get along. Seo Woo enters an on-call room and finds Young Kook (Baek Sung Hyun) working on his stitching ability. He teases her not to confess to Yoon Do, he’s not the type to be pulled into a relationship. LMAO He also mentions she and the new doctor will be competing for a position which raises Seo Woo’s snobby side. That girl came from some no-name school, how can she even compare? Young Kook drops the bomb that the Chief is the one who scouted the new doctor. *kekeke* Why does that make me so happy?

Hye Jung informs the gangsters their bosses surgery went fine. Yoon Do tells Kyung Joon to inform Hye Jung he wants to see her after her surgery, Kyung Joon tells him she’s already done. Yoon Do calls her a psychopath because she does everything herself, not trusting the residents. Kang Soo is sent to tell Hye Jung that Yoon Do wants her to wait. She puts her arm around his shoulder, cutely tells him she hates waiting & pats his head. She sends Yoon Do a text that she’ll wait for him at a cafe in front of the hospital, which just pisses him off more.

Hye Jung meets up with Soon He at Cafe Sooni Hawaii and they share a drink. Does Soon Hee own this place? Hye Jung gets a text from Yoon Do to return to his office immediately. I’m so happy to see Soon Hee that I replayed their scene 4 times. LMAO, I love them. They discuss Seo Woo since her father is a director at the hospital. Uh, oh. Kang Soo looks up Hye Jung (you cutie-pie, you) and we learn she’s a neurosurgeon. He reads through all the different surgeries she’s done, this means she’ll cross paths with Yoon Do a lot. And he decides she’s totally his style. I wanna pinch his cheeks, LOL The residents all squabble over duties & who is paying for food.

Hye Jung steps into Yoon Do’s office where he proceeds to chew her out for not following his orders. He also thinks she did emergency surgery just to show off and intends to bring it up at the next conference. She’s fine with that and is also sure that he’ll have to apologize once he sees the patients chart. He’s an ass but why am I suddenly thinking about Grey’s Anatomy? LOL While they’re still arguing, Seo Woo walks in and recognizes Hye Jung. She follows her out to the hallway, demanding to know why she’s here. She can’t believe Hye Jung is a doctor and brings up her gangster past. She also wants to know if Hye Jung is still in touch with Hong and by the way, he married In Joo. Pffftttt, who would believe a word out of this girls mouth?

Hong is sitting in 1st class and recognizes symptoms in the female passenger sitting across from him. She blows him off thinking he’s trying to flirt but then has a seizure on her way to the back. He stabilizes her but requests emergency transport to Guk Il Hospital, the patient will be in critical danger if more than 4 1/2 hours pass. Hye Jung checks on gangster boss, he feels like crap. (LOL) He gets snippy at all her questions, she explains she’s checking his ability to speak & memory to make sure everything is working okay. He thanks her & they have a cute back/forth over her pretending not to hear it so that he would say it again. LOL, cute.

Kang Soo informs Hye Jung that a patient is being brought in by helicopter, the doctor asked them to get a OR room ready. Young Kook heads to the roof with Hye Jung to wait. The helicopter arrives and off steps Hong, Hye Jung freezes & just stares. He finally sees her and walks towards her. She asks about the patient & then asks if he’s been living well? He asks if she got married? No. Does she have a boyfriend? No. He smiles and says okay then. LOL, he’s smooth.

Once Hong looks at the patients CT scans, he decides to do a risky procedure because if he doesn’t, the woman will die. Hye Jung joins him in the scrub room and questions if he’s sure it’s right to do this procedure? Hong stops her, does she know he looked for her each time he came back to Korea? She asks about In Joo, didn’t he get married? He wonders out loud: he got married? when? Ahahaha!

Young Kook gets busted trying to get Seo Woo’s attention, he gets chewed out by Dr. Kim Tae Ho. When Tae Ho learns Hong is in the hospital and doing a risky procedure, he smiles and lets them all go watch. There is a long tense moment during the surgery while they all wait for blood to show up in a tube & they all cheer when it finally does. Except for Seo Woo. Cuz ya know, she ain’t happy so no one should be happy. Is it just me or did she look like she was hoping the patient would die? *eyeswideopen*

Hong lets Hye Jung close, admiring her technique – she’s good. She wants him to teach her the procedure he just did, he feels used. She again brings up In Joo, telling him marriage is sacred and walks away. He wonders why she keeps trying to marry him off and then wonders why he’s talking to himself. Okay, I can’t help it – I really like this new/improved Hong. I hope we get to see lots of different colored surgery caps. (LMAO)

There’s a boring board meeting where the Jin Doctors try to push forward some idea just to make money. Doctor/Director Hong isn’t having it and shuts them down. Dr. Jin Jr. throws a tantrum once back in his office. Ugh, I’m hoping Hye Jung brings down all members of the snobby Jin family. Hong visits with his father and they plan a dinner date. During the conference, Yoon Do belittles Hye Jung, peppering her with questions trying to show the emergency surgery she did was unnecessary. She holds her own and the ruling goes in her favor.

Hong is introduced to everyone, Dr. Kim Tae Ho tells him he can choose either Seo Woo or Hye Jung to work under him assisting – he also gives this same choice to Yoon Do. Both Yoon Do and Seo Woo glare daggers at Hye Jung but for different reasons. Once the meeting breaks up, Seo Woo greets Hong so sweetly it makes me wanna vomit and we see a flashback where her daddy (Dr Jin Jr) told her to get close to Hong because he has a plan…

Seo Woo approaches Dr Kim afterwards to bitch about Hye Jung. Why did he hire her, she comes from an inferior school. He reminds her that her own father graduated from a similar school. (LOL) Well then, Hye Jung must have some ulterior motive for coming here but Dr Kim wonders that too. Hye Jung was the Chief at that rural hospital & making really good money. She finally tries to say there are reasons involving Dr Hong that she can’t talk about but thinks it would be best to let Hye Jung go. Oh, hell nah! Did she really just try that already? Dr Kim isn’t impressed and doesn’t like this new side of Seo Woo. HA! In your face!

Yoon Do approaches Hye Jung but it’s obvious he’s still upset that she didn’t follow his orders so he refuses to apologize. They fight some more, she says his stubbornness is childish and calls his behavior at the conference pathetic. DAMN, she’s not holding back! (I love it) He finally apologizes but only because he’s the same way she is: he treats people the way they treat him. Well, aren’t you the most charming ass in the hospital.

Hye Jung tries to pull up her Grandma’s medical records but is denied access. Even when she requests them in person, she’s told they’re under strict security. She runs into Dr Jin Jr (who doesn’t recognize her) and smiles but once he leaves, her smile vanishes. Hong has dinner with his father who brings up In Joo, she just got divorced. In flashback, we see In Joo angry that Hong won’t return her affections & marry her. Ugh, seriously. So she must have married someone else. Hong finds out where Hye Jung is, she’s working out at a gym. He wants to make it clear that he’s NOT married. When she tries to leave, he grabs her and they end up wrestling with Hye Jung flipping him onto his back, hard. (Seriously, that looked & sounded like it hurt). He manages to pin her down and smiles but once he realizes how close their faces are, he stops smiling.


I’m so happy we’re moving forward, episode 4 was the best one yet. I kinda thought, during some bits, that this was the Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy but I guess hoping all the doctors would start having sex in the on-call rooms is too much to ask. (LOL) Losing Grandma was heartbreaking but I saw it coming, especially since I adored her. I just knew the Kdrama Gods were gonna take her away from me. Things moved very quickly after that with Hye Jung suddenly already a doctor. I wonder what happened to the adorable puppy?

I’m still unhappy that we might end up with a boring fight over the hospital but there IS always the FF button for those. (LMAO) I also love the chemistry between Seo Woo & Yoon Do but I have a sneaking suspicion that he (really, ALL the men) will end up liking Hye Jung. This is gonna make Seo Woo so angry, she’ll be out for blood & I’m guessing she’ll do everything in her power to ruin Hye Jung’s life once again. She’s a miserable person, spending far too much time thinking about Hye Jung instead of her own life. Jeez, move on. But then we wouldn’t have a drama.

I love the chemistry between our leads and I’m really happy now that Hye Jung is 31 years old. At this point, I don’t give care if she falls for Hong, in fact, I’m ready and waiting for that first kiss! *prays for PSH when it comes to kissing* I do wonder what she’s going to find out about her Grandma’s surgery and what new hell that will bring. And I’m delighted that Soon Hee is still with us and still a dork, I love their friendship. I’m already dying for Monday.

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  • Gem says:

    This definitely feels a lot like Grey’s Anatomy minus all the sex. I wouldn’t mind them though, he is a hot man( not a flower boy ) and she is pretty and they have chemistry. Park Shin Hye definitely has a different chemistry with Kim Rae Won, its more intense and mature and hot and I love it. I am looking forward to one hot kiss, not some peck for dear in the headlight kiss, an actual one.

  • Kasmic says:

    OMG your RECAP is totally hilarious…. I LOVE IT!! It’s so fun to read and you’ve brought me back to how I felt whilst watching the drama. THANK YOU so much and I can’t wait to read more of your work. 🙂

  • Ally says:

    Thanks for your recap Tessieroo!

    Love ep 4 so far, we found many surprises through this episode.
    The epic lines from JH :
    “Are you married?”
    “Do you have a boyfriend?”
    “Then we are all set!”

    After they tease us with many sad and heart breaking scenes during ep 3, then they showered us with more interesting scenes also quotes in this episode.
    Then it finished with OTP wrestling scenes. Which is it refreshing in K-Dramaland.

    Hope you continuously recap for Doctors. ^^ Thank…

  • Nicnac says:

    So glad I found your recap! (Went on a mad search after the site I usually go to started recapping in bullet points – stale). Thank you! It was so enjoyable to read! We had a lot of the same thoughts, especially the PSH kiss (smile). Although I do find it quite remarkable how someone as petty as Seo Woo could end up in neurosurgery.
    Looking forward to reading your next recap !! 🙂

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