English-Subbed “Beautiful Gong Shim” Episode 15 Preview

I must confess that I don’t even know what this show is about anymore. The synopsis mentioned something about two sisters blah blah but they made Gong Mi unlikable and have discarded her while the entire drama now revolves around Dan Tae and his birth secret. How I wish Gong Shim wasn’t reduced to primarily a love interest in a drama named for her. It’s sad.

Does Subway sponsor every single Korean drama out there? These days, you’d think it’s the only fast food joint in the country.

And while I expected some angst from Joon Soo, they turned his storyline into a drag. I hope this show recovers and finds its way back in the next few episodes.

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  • houstontwin says:

    Good points Clockwatcher!
    I don’t imagine that the actress playing the lawyer/sister would have accepted the role if she had know that she would be so marginalized!

    • Songbird28 says:

      That could be true… Then again, the actress that plays Gong Mi has played similar characters before, like in Scent of a Woman, so perhaps she knew what she was getting into.

  • Beez says:

    You know, once they made me hate the older sister, I was so glad that it wasn’t about “two sisters’ navigating romance” as they’d promoted that I just went along with Dan Tae’s story without even thinking about the neglect of the title character. You’re so right.

  • Beez says:

    P.S. So impressed with Nam Goong ’cause I wasn’t sure I could watch him be quirky & funny.

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