Lucky romance episode 12 review- Happiness is here!

I can sum this episode up in two words cuteness overload, the progress between these two is so heady, I’m half afraid that this is all a dream sequence. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who smiled so hard their cheeks hurt.

Bo Nui heads to Soo Ho’s place after their fight with reconciliation in mind. She waited as day turned to night only to concede defeat and accept that this was the best possible outcome. Her hesitation to leave was a manifestation of the desire not to end her relationship with Soo Ho, whose forlorn figure wandered slowly back home. Her premature exit added to the atmosphere of heartbreak and regret. If she could have held on longer, she would have met with Soo Ho and maybe they could have made amends, and of course there would have been no progress in their relationship.

Those two missing each other that day was for the best, because telling Bo Nui the answer is yes doesn’t seem to work with her, she is keen on resisting what is right in front of her, she responds to pain and loss better. As a matter of fact when she became inconsolable over her heartbreak, she could finally see and understand him. In addition to this, his change in behavior towards her forced her to see him with new eyes. However I think she really got the picture when she learned of how Soo Ho took time out to visit her sister and monitor her progress. In that moment she realized what she had lost, understood what Soo Ho really meant to her, and accepted his love for her and vice-versa.

Their reunion was so gratifying, it shot me up to cloud nine, and the rest of the episode was basically blissful because there was an overload of OTP moments LOL. Their office romance is in full bloom, and they’re certain that their co-workers are none the wiser, but love has obviously caused them to lose some self-awareness because they’re as subtle as dancing elephants. I love it though. Watching them try to sneak in some sweet moments in between work is adorkable. The intensity with which they display their feelings for each is a testament to how happy they are when together, so much so they can’t contain themselves.

On the other hand there are those who are crushed by the birth of this couple. I can sympathize with Dal Nim, who went so far as to get a total make over, and even scored a compliment from Soo Ho. Despite her sorrow over the end of her one sided love, she still supported her friend’s new found happiness. However my petty side rejoiced at the way Amy discovered the truth, up to this moment she was feeding herself this delusion that Soo Ho’s feelings were all a misunderstanding. Seeing Soo Ho be all lovey dovey with Bo Nui was that rude awakening she needed to get it through her thick skull that Bo Nui and Soo Ho are the real deal.

As an aside I found it interesting that Amy keeps harping on and on about her beauty, but failed to capture Soo Ho’s heart. As well as Dal Nim, who with a total makeover has men falling all over her due to her outer beauty. It makes me wonder if there is some underlying message or social commentary about true love and physical appearance, especially since Bo Nui sense of style is pretty much an acquired taste, but the construct of this pairing communicates that love is done with the heart, not the eyes. Soo Ho and Bo Nui’s connection seems so deep that they are practically in sync with each other.


The brilliance of this pairing is that their genuine happiness is so contagious. As a viewer I have become emotionally invested in their journey. These two were initially lonely figures, both having 1 close friend, intentionally distancing themselves from their family, and closing themselves off from love. The early part of this episode started with Soo Ho remembering how he was the odd one out or how he was in the wrong for being who he is as he grew up, while Bo Nui continued to carry that belief that she was bad luck in the forefront of her mind. However, the love these two have found in each other has breathed new life into them, and they could finally let go of what has been holding them down.

I imagine the next step in their story arc will be them overcoming the inevitable problems they are certain to face ahead. ZEZE’s old disgruntled employee is back and he is definitely up to sabotage the “IF” project. At that point in time I hope Bo Nui doesn’t fall back on believing that this was her fault and she lost her way when she found happiness. But then again maybe she will do the deed with her tiger and Bora will start doing back flips. A miracle like that would surely remind her that Soo Ho is all she needs to ward off her ill fate LOL.

Over all I am still enjoying this drama, I can’t get enough of the otp scenes, obviously, but I also love how the production team keeps in the comedic aspect this far into this rom-com. From the scenes of a drunken or even victorious Soo Hoo to the product placements, which I doubt were intentional (but seriously, Geon Woo needed a fridge to tell him how to make a sandwich, I’m still waiting for the fridge that does the cooking for you. Now that’s the fridge I need in my life LOL.)


  • Yelena says:

    So much sugar, I almost went into ketoacidosis!! Not that it’s a bad thing! Ryu Jun Yoel is adorkable, unbearably uber adorable…. I did not know so much cuteness could exist in one person! I’m forever a fan.

    • Cinderellarockyfellar says:

      Same here. I want my leading man to be this adorable! I want my OTP to date already & be this stinking cute!!! It made feel like I’m watching my very first kdrama…so many sqeeeeels!!!😍😍😍😍

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