Flavour of the Week: Eric Mun ( Mun Jung Hyuk)

I’m in awe of this man at the moment. Oh Hae Young Again opened the door for me to look into him deeper. And what an awesome time to know who Eric is! This age is truly his time to shine even brighter. So far, this guy is exceeding my expectations.

Personally, I didn’t find him attractive, partly because of the characters he had portrayed in his previous K-drama. But as I continue to be succumbed by Eric’s charm as he plays Park Do Kyung, the character of what he considers his life’s work, I found beauty in his inner radiance. I had to do my own research, watch videos and read more articles that I could possibly find. My opinions here are nothing compared to long time fans of Eric Mun and SHINWA. I’m keeping up with almost 18 years of information! Thank you to Eric’s avid and lovable fans for their generosity in sharing support and love for him. It is amazing to witness.

Beyond the physical hotness, the more I get to know Eric, the more he earns my respect and love. He shared his own ideas on set that made scenes with Seo Hyun Jin extraordinary. He is a true gentleman with her, that is why Seo Hyun Jin was able to film with ease. His qualities as a leader is exceptional. For Eric to lead an idol group for a long time, helping them transition and mature in time, speaks of loyalty and utter commitment. When other Kpop idol bands easily comes and go, Shinwa stays! As a leader, he allows his members to outshine him that clearly shows me his humility. He stays quietly on the side, simply observing things unfold in front of him and only speaks up when necessary. That is so endearing! These are just few of the things that made him more beautiful in my eyes.

I have a very soft spot for those with an eccentric persona. When I discovered how quirky Eric is, I begun to understand why I’m interested! Haha. It is rare for a good-looking man to disregard his image for the sake of fun. He clearly knows how to laugh at himself. I love his sense of humour, he is naturally funny without trying so hard. I love how witty and firm Eric is during interviews. His words have integrity, he does not mince words which reflects his sincerity.

I am totally in love with his eyes! I blame those since Episode 4! And the smile he had in that scene too! You know that kind of smile that is waiting to come out?! It was too cute for words. This scene is among my favourite from him.

And take a deeper look at this..


Did he suddenly see his future in an instant?? What could have been his motivation to have such lovely sparkling eyes? He really looks like the happiest and most content groom standing in front of his wife. What an incredible scene from him! I can stare at it forever.

When I read about the article featuring the cinematographer of Oh Hae Young Again, it confirmed why Eric is visually attractive in this drama. Personally, Eric has a lovely side profile. When I looked at my previous screen caps, this side was what I consistently have a shot of! Thanks to Director Han, it was easier to find Eric’s best angle. And thanks to him as well, it was challenging to select which one to post. Aigoo! But I had fun nonetheless.

Please be ready for photo dump here. Most of these screen caps are not posted on my articles but I can’t seem to delete it. It is lovely to put on trash. Take a gander!

Have you ever seen a male lead smiling happily during kiss scenes? It is rare. His scenes with Seo Hyun Jin just gives Eric a different glow. If the show wanted us to realise how love is a beautifier, it succeeded. And just to end this post on a happy note, I think I’ll be content seeing him smile and hearing his boisterous laughter again for 18 episodes and more.

A bientôt!


  • claire says:

    Thanks for this 🙂

  • Teleri says:

    I love love love Eric Mun. I first saw him in 2011 in The Mighty Chiwoo & had to see EVERYTHING & here ALL of Shinhwa! I then found out I actually knew a couple of the songs somehow LOL I’ve seen him in variety shows, & Shinhwa Broadcast. He’s off the wall, for sure LOL He’s also quite a versatile actor. Que Sera Sera OMG Night & day to this one.

  • Phi says:

    Thanks for sharing your flavor of the week, who also has been my flavor for the last 9 years hahaha Stanning some one for that much time it’s not because he’s handsome, eccentric, funny, intelligent, a man of character … it’s a combi of all that.

    “I love how witty and firm Eric is during interviews. His words have integrity, he does not mince words which reflects his sincerity.” Is why I love reading his interviews because it feels sincere at what he said. Doesn’t afraid to says things that doesn’t sound favorable for him. And when he gives praises you feel the genuine when he elaborate hence it feels sincere, not the courtesy / empty / halfhearted praises.

    His motto of “Being strong in front of a strong man, weak in front of a weak man” ~ this says so much about his character. He’s not perfect but heck, he’s one hell of a man to be a one’s son, one’s husband and one’s father.

    A man of action, not words is charming.

    PS: The chemistry in Another Miss Oh is fantastic. It’s not possible if one of them hold back. That kiss scene is the last episode is supper sexy, sleek and very funny. It just like the vibe of the drama in the earlier episodes. Good job for coming up with that idea Mr. Mun. It’s going to be a tall mountain for Eric’s & Hyunjin’s next leading lady/man to climb over the benchmark that Dokyung-Hyunjin chemistry was. 🙂

  • Sandra says:

    Super love Eric Mun since watching him in Que Sera Sera long time ago. Unfortunately, I can’t support Shinhwa since I’m not really into KPOP. However, I respect all he did to his group. Extraordinary. He’s one of the guy on earth that you can absolutely rely on and trust. Whoever his wife, she’ll be one of the lucky girl in this world.

  • Carie says:

    Super love Eric. He is so totally awesome in this drama. We could feel his emotions and his pain! He is sizzling HOT ❤️❤️❤️

  • Nanoo says:

    He\’s strangely cute, I started following him on vapp. Thanks to Another Oh Har Young I got to know him.

  • drmjs says:

    I (re)discovered him in AOHY, I tried watching his previous dramas before but I seem to have never gotten beyond the first two episodes. I’m happy to learn that his role as PDK is his life’s work, he deserves major props for it.

    Now, I’m totally fan girling over him and Seo Hyun Jin. I agree, he does have that certain glow about him when he’s with SHJ, it’s like he’s always happy working with her and it shows.

    Eric Mun is like fine wine, he gets better with age and his longevity in the biz deserves serious respect.

  • Fangirl says:

    just want to say he is very MANLY, i can call he is a “men” truly a men for me. judge from the outside..he is a little arrogant and not so polite but this thing that make me like him more and more. he is bad boy in positif way.. I’ve been a Korean drama lovers since 2004, there are too much korean actor that i like but he is my fave. I could not tell at all because of space comments will not be enough to hold all the appeal of this dude (laugh)
    I usually like the characters in the drama than the character in real life but except Eric mun.
    the more i search about him the more his sex appeal attract me.

    im a new fan of him bcs #AnotherOhHaeYoung

  • milaiski says:

    As Oh Hae young’s mom have said, “Curse those eyes!” 😀 😀

  • jennyfromtheblock says:

    aaah his smile is mesmerizing…and yes his eyes are exceptionally expressive and bring out his inner beauty, I found him to be quite handsome in OHYA!

  • This post is so beautiful ❤︎ I can’t wait to see more of Eric’s work in the future!

  • Sheritance says:

    Super love Eric especially after the running man episode, his way of protecting the queen, though just a game really melt my heart… he has turned into such a mature, manly and reliable man… oppa jjang…

  • MM says:

    Aww… I just finished AOHY a few days ago and I’m totally in love with the show, with SHJ, Eric Mun and everyone in the cast and crew team.

    Thank you for your lovely article about Eric. I am not a KPOP fan so I don’t know anything about Shinhwa besides from it being a Korean boyband group long time ago. I love his chemistry with SHJ in AOHY so much that I began searching for everthing which involves SHJ and Eric Mun. I steadily got to see many articles and videos about how funny Eric actually is. I think he’s super funny; not many guys and girls show their funny sides so confidently like this so I’m loving him more and more. I think by being able to be like this means you’re somehow mature, and totally secure about yourself.

    Still can’t move on from AOHY, and congrats SHJ for winning the best actress award in this year’s Baeksang Arts Award. 😉

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