Doctors Episode 6 Preview With English Subs

Today’s episode was so cute, I squealed through most of it. (LOL) And tomorrow’s looks just as cute! Enjoy!

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  • Kailani says:

    Finally, a drama that I actually want to watch!!

    I’m loving the chemistry between the two leads – KRW is so swoon-worthy, but how much better would this drama be though, if Lee Ki-Woo, played another male love interest for PSH?!!

  • ayesh says:

    like seriously i hate the second male lead.. he is so awkward but im trusting the script.. i wished lee ki woo ( the patient boss ) played the 2lead instead but …
    i lolololololoove the drama soooo much and shin hye looks so mature and pretty OMG
    KRW is so straightfoward while confessing and i find that very realistic since he waited 13 years for her so its like there is no time to waste anymore.. and i was soooo happy when he faced Jin sewoo and told her how he already knows that she is a bitch and that he loves heejun to death @*1(&$72*(@, i just cant OMG TO MUCH

  • 하나벨 says:

    Kim Rae Won still has it 😍. Their chemistry is undeniable. Oh monday and tuesday come fast please…..제발….

  • Lily says:

    Count me in. Me too… Doctors really daebak, love the OTP JH/HJ.
    And yes, Park Shin Hye really beautiful and improved her acting here. She is my number 1 heroine now in K-dramaland.
    And awww… Kim Rae Won oppa gaze melt me into jelly. He is a brilliant actor, all of us know that.

    Fighting for Doctors team!!!

  • 130moontrbl says:

    After reading a few negative reviews about this show I’m really looking forward to your review about ch 5 and 6. Honestly I thought I was the only one enjoying this show.
    A lot of people seem to find KRW creepy and I’m like ???. They didn’t do anythig as teacher-stundent, can you let it go? I swear they always find a flaw to write about.

    • Elena says:

      I did not like that part. The interaction was making me cringe (she was supposed to be a child and he was her professor, for god’s sake), and the worst part was when he said he liked her and he seemed to think he should act on that feeling. That was a big NO. I think the writers were lazy, because meeting later in university would not fit in the story. But it was not necessary to hint that our main lead was willing to go ahead and seduce a minor. It would have been much more elegant if he just admitted he liked her and tried to distance himself from her: that would have made his character even more swoon-worthy now that he finds her again, and finally it is legal to date her.
      Anyway, since I have a soft spot for PSH I decided to watch one episode where she was already an adult…and I am loving it. The chemistry between the main couple is great; somehow PSH looks more feminine and mature when paired with a grown up man. So I am willing to forget what we saw in the first episodes and enjoy 🙂

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