Doctors Week 3 Recap – Forgiveness Is Not As Easy As You Think

I don’t know why the fact that Hong was her teacher doesn’t seem to bother me anymore, is it just the power of Park Shin Hye? (LOL) Or is it the fact that she’s now 31 years old? I honestly don’t know but it makes me question my own judgement. Whatever it is, I find this couple really cute but I also like our secondary couple, Seo Woo and Yoon Do. Let’s cross our fingers and hope things don’t get too twisted.

Beginning where we left off, once Hong wins the wrestling match, he announces he’s not going to fight with her anymore. She agrees but when he asks why, she says “just because”. They both smile, remembering that was his standard answer to a lot of questions. At the hospital, Seo Woo is checking on a patient when Yoon Do walks in and asks why she’s here. She feels a sense of responsibility for this woman. Yoon Do tries to check if the woman is oriented to time & place but the woman keeps saying “that bitch”. (LOL) The woman finally admits her name & is able to follow commands to lift arms and legs. Yoon Do gives instructions with Kyung Joon for follow-up care while Seo Woo gazes at him with stars in her eyes.

She follows him out of the room and blurts out that she likes him, seemingly frustrated that she’s ending up confessing like this. She liked him even when he was dating and broke up with someone else. He smacks her on the head, reminding her he likes women with a past. Seo Woo ticks off her attributes: she’s bright with a good family & background and she has a pretty face. Yoon Do stops her, she should find someone else, admitting he has weird tastes. Why is she getting upset over his preferences, it because of Hye Jung? Dude, why you gotta bring her into this? *sigh* He knows Seo Woo doesn’t like her and asks if they were rivals? Seo Woo doesn’t consider Hye Jung her rival but Yoon Do is interested. Seo Woo isn’t happy to hear that until he says he doesn’t like Hye Jung either and wants her kicked out. He’s already plotting a way to get her booted. What a lovely pair these two make. *sarcasm*

Hong walks Hye Jung home, he’s very surprised she’s a doctor. He offers to teach her the risky procedure and asks her to start working with him next week, she agrees. He tells her she needs to learn how to let others protect her. Pfffttttt, she can clearly take care of herself and she thinks protection is a childhood luxury. He tells her to go inside, not looking back but she does. *giggle* I’ve been turned into a puddle of goo watching these two. Soon Hee rushes up to greet Hong, congratulating him on his marriage. When Hye Jung nudges her, shaking her head, Soon Hee immediately turns sympathetic – she’s sorry, when did he get divorced? AHAHAHAHA!

The residents are late for a morning meeting, Kyung Joon isn’t happy when they finally show up. Missing resident Young Kook is still sleeping but wakes up to Kyung Joon’s phone call. He waltzes into the morning meeting, pretending he’s been on rounds. I don’t like this guy, he seems to be a major suck-up, using his relationships with important people in the hospital as leverage. UGH. Kyung Joon snaps out orders to them and they all argue. Hong is checking on a patient with Young Kook when Doctor Kim shows up, is Hong working? Nope, he’ll be here for rounds but he’s not officially starting until next week. He tells Dr. Kim that Hye Jung has agreed to work with him. Hong offers to have tea with him but Dr. Kim laments that he has another meeting to attend. Sounds like he hates useless meetings as much as I do. *snerk*

Another boring meeting where Dr. Jin Jr praises the Chief of General Surgery for bringing in so much money and blasts Dr. Kim because his neurosurgery department didn’t do so well. He continues to belittle Dr. Kim for not being concerned about making money and ends up cancelling all the neurosurgery departments vacations/holidays until they bring in more money. What an ass. Dr. Jin Sr. plays golf with Hong’s father and hints at getting old, shouldn’t Director Hong be thinking of retirement? He praises his own son but Director Hong doesn’t wish to leave the hospital in the hands of one person. He calls Dr. Jin Sr out, his son loves money, doesn’t he? He wants to change things up. Dr. Jin Sr. doesn’t look happy with this news. Meeting his son later, he gives him an envelope, saying it’s time to send Director Hong out.

A thug walks into the hospital but hides when he sees the group of gangsters hanging around outside their bosses room. Hye Jung notices him but walks towards the gangsters. She checks on the boss, asking if he really needs all his gang to be stationed outside? He mentions he has a lot of enemies who will come here if they find out he’s weak right now. She tells him to rest and leaves. Yoon Do checks on the female patient from earlier who is still talking about “that bitch” but now says she misses her. LOL, we still have no idea who. Yoon Do gets a call from Kang Soo about a possible neurological patient who was just admitted in the ER, a 15-year-old student. After checking the brain scans, he tells Kyung Joon to prep for surgery & call Hye Jung – he wants her to assist in all his surgeries from now on. Is he trying to set her up already?

Yoon Do sees Hye Jung but she’s not dressed for surgery, isn’t Seo Woo supposed to be his assistant? Yoon Do realizes she’s refusing to work under him and tells her to do the surgery herself, then he’ll accept her but if she fails, she might get booted. She agrees to do the surgery. Hong is unpacking in his new office when Dr. Kim arrives, complaining about Dr. Jin Jr. being obsessed with making money. Hong comments it’s the same in the US (TRUE) and tells Dr. Kim to deal with that stress on his own. (LMAO) Seo Woo calls Hong to ask if a fellow can do the complicated surgery on that 15-year-old? After looking at the scans, Hong doesn’t think so and then he learns Hye Jung is doing it.

Hong confronts Yoon Do, Hye Jung is working under him and he can’t allow her to do this surgery. Hye Jung is confident, which pisses Yoon Do off even more. She tells Hong she wouldn’t pick a fight unless she’s confident she will win but Hong reminds her that he has her back. Awwwwww. They head into surgery with Yoon Do and Seo Woo both watching from the gallery. WOW, these two really need to stop obsessing over Hye Jung, it’s creepy & disturbing! Hong assists Hye Jung and she seems to be doing well until she ruptures something and blood comes pouring out. Yoon Do orders her to let Hong take over but she refuses. Hong tells her to concentrate & orders more blood while Yoon Do continues to freak out. She finishes the surgery successfully. Seo Woo watches Yoon Do, who is watching Hye Jung. Her eyes fill with uncertainty.

Afterwards, Yoon Do apologizes to Hye Jung, he will respect her opinion from now on. She calls him strange, which he admits quickly. He reminds Hye Jung of her Grandma, she was that way too – very quick to admit when she was wrong. He thinks it’s a compliment and smiles. Okay, he does have a really nice smile. *frowns* He thinks Hong likes her more than he does Seo Woo, did Hong also favor her when they were in school? Ohhhhh, is that a burn? Hye Jung corrects him: Hong cares about her like a parent would with a weak, trouble child. She then openly admits she was expelled from school because she causes trouble and brings up her hands to shadow box. Yoon Do tries to bring up his fists, saying he was “bad” in school too. Pfftttt, is this guy already smitten? Or is he playing her in order to bring her down later? I can’t tell!

Yoon Do’s uncle Jang Pa-Ran (Lee Sun Ho) shows up, begging Yoon Do to let him sleep at his place tonight. Yoon Do teases him about the sexy model who is living with him but uncle Jang says she wants to get married…which is why he’s bailing tonight. Sounds like the men in Yoon Do’s family are all cheaters, Yoon Do vows to change that. Uncle Jang thinks Yoon Do seems distracted, does he like that girl he was just talking to? Hye Jung meets up with Hong outside, bringing him both water and coffee. Hong tells her she’s too competitive, she should be enjoying life. He wonders if she’s happy but she reminds him Grandma isn’t here anymore. *sniff* She’s no longer the 18-year old student who needs his help. He calls her a fool, doesn’t she even notice the way he looks at her? OMG! *squeals and then faints*

She spills the drinks on him, he laughs and wonders if this is her way of saying “no”. She denies it so he asks if she’ll go out with him? No. Is she rejecting him? No. Does she always say no when asked a question? No. (LMAO, I’m loving this) He gets up to leave because he feels awkward and says they begin by talking about serious things but it ends up being comical, he wonders whose fault that is? The little shrug she gives is too cute. He’s going to ask her again later and wants her to answer yes to whatever he asks. I’m gonna answer NO for her. *heh*

Yoon Do’s father shows up at the hospital, Dr. Jin Jr. greets him. Dr. Jin Jr. tells him both Yoon Do and Seo Woo are in surgery, he’s happy they’re working together. He gives Dr. Jin Jr. an envelope, implying it’s going to be hard to impeach Director Hong. Dr. Jin Jr. gives the envelope to a reporter, telling him to write an unfavorable article about Director Hong. He’s disgusting. Seo Woo notices a missed call on her phone from Hong. The residents are reprimanded over unnecessary calls to their superiors. Young Kook tells Seo Woo to call Hong back instead of feeling anxious about it but I’m guessing he doesn’t know that whole story. Hong wants to clear up any misunderstanding from 13 years ago, Seo Woo refuses to admit it was a misunderstanding. Whatever. Hong admits he likes Hye Jung, Seo Woo is happy she doesn’t have to worry about Hye Jung taking something away from her again because she likes Yoon Do.

Hong tells her to do well and try being nice to Hye Jung. Yea…there is no way in hell this girl will be nice to Hye Jung. Her jealousy will always take over her life which is why all these men should stay far away from her – she’s psycho jealous. Seo Woo wishes In Joo was here because she was a victim of Hye Jung’s too. (See what I’m sayin?) Hong guesses this whole mess won’t be straightened out after all. Nice try though. Uncle Jang shows up, surprised to see Hong and Seo Woo together, do they know each other? He explains Hong is his best friend, Hong used to hang out with him and In Joo while they were in medical school.

Hye Jung remembers back to the questions Hong asked her when he first saw her again and when he touched her arm, saying she should learn to accept protection. She also remembers her last conversation with Grandma and cries. She phones Hong, who agrees to meet with her quick. Hong walks out with uncle Jang, who sees Hye Jung walking towards them. He wants an introduction but when Hong refuses, he introduces himself. Wow, this guy is seriously a huge sleazeball. *shivers* Hye Jung starts to ask Hong about restricted access to patient records when she notices the same thug, the one who hid from the gangsters. Telling Hong she’ll talk to him later because she noticed a suspicious looking guy, she runs to follow the thug.

She runs to gangster bosses room, he’s not in his bed. But then she hears a toilet flush and he walks out from the bathroom, wondering why she’s here. She wonders where his gang went, he tells her he sent them home. She tucks him in, tells him to get some rest and leaves. The thug enters his room after she leaves, brandishing a knife. Hye Jung meets an exhausted Kang Soo in the elevator and finds out he hasn’t eaten yet. She tells him she’ll change gangster bosses dressings, Kang Soo should go eat. Awwww. She heads back to gangster bosses room to find him tied up with a gag over his mouth. The thug jumps out at her, forcing her into a chair.

Soon Hee notices the delivery guy at her cafe/club looks familiar but she can’t quite place him. It’s Soo Chul! She tries to call Hye Jung but she’s not picking up. Hong gets a call from Soon Hee who is worried about Hye Jung, she always returns calls but she’s not right now. He remembers Hye Jung saying something about a suspicious man and runs back to the hospital. Yoon Do doesn’t wish to leave any of his patients in the care of the residents so he searches out Hye Jung, heading to the bosses room. When he opens the door, he tries to say he’ll wait outside since there seems to be a tense discussion going on but the thug makes him come inside. Suddenly Hye Jung fights with the thug but ends up on the floor. When Hong arrives, he opens the door to see Hye Jung with the thug on top of her and a puddle of blood under her.

In flashback, we see a much younger Hong covered in blood and begging the doctors to save his parents. He lost both of them on that day, almost at the same time. *sobs* He knows people don’t appreciate how dear something is until it’s gone. Hye Jung pulls herself up, Yoon Do pulls the thug off of her and calls for help. Hong is angry and starts yelling at Yoon Do for allowing this to happen. Yoon Do defends himself but they get into a shouting match.

Uncle Jung is called in since he’s part of General Surgery to work on the thug. Hye Jung apologizes for ruining his evening but he shamelessly flirts with her. *vomit* This is the third time they’ve met so the next time, he’ll consider it as they’re dating. I can’t with this guy…Hye Jung explains what happened, implying Hong was too harsh with Yoon Do. She’s never seen him that angry before. He hugs her, thanking her for being such a fool. Meh?

Hye Jung checks on gangster boss, he’s bleeding but it’s not bad enough for surgery according to the CT scans. Kyung Joon wants to gossip, is it true Yoon Do saved her? Yoon Do told him he did. (LMAO) Hye Jung reminds Kyung Joon about his thesis, he’ll never finish it if he doesn’t concentrate. She runs into Yoon Do on the stairs and he tries running away from her out of embarrassment but she chases him.

She thanks him, he’s mortified because he didn’t do anything. She shows him a few moves (which scares the hell outta him) and tells him she’s a professional female fighter. AHAHAHA! He’s still embarrassed so she thanks him and runs off. He clutches his heart as he watches her leaving. Damn it, I knew it! He’s now firmly smitten, right? *loudsigh*

At home with her parents, Seo Woo doesn’t wish to discuss marriage plans with Yoon Do yet since they’re not even dating. Her father tells them to just set a wedding date, Seo Woo argues Yoon Do doesn’t love her yet. Dad doesn’t care since love won’t last after they’re married anyway and tells her to do whatever it takes to make Yoon Do hers. Yea, cuz that’ll make him love her. *rollingeyes* The next morning, Yoon Do is surprised to see Uncle Jung come out of Hong’s place and not happy when his uncle asks him to give them a ride to work. Yoon Do doesn’t like that Hong is now talking informally to him, Hong explains he’s the nephew of his BFF so he can. (LOL) Hong also somewhat apologizes on the way but calls Yoon Do a fool. The residents do morning rounds.

Yoon Do encounters Hye Jung waiting outside Hong’s office and bombards her with questions. Then he wonders why she’s not asking him anything? When she replies “why?”, he freaks out with embarrassment again and quickly fumbles the keypad to enter his office. Okay, I’m really enjoying this guys discomfort, with both Hong and Hye Jung. Hye Jung asks Hong to get her Grandma’s records for her, she can’t because she doesn’t have access. Hong wonders why she wants them and then tears up the file number, telling her to let it go. She’s a doctor now, she should understand how medical mistakes can happen. When she realizes he won’t do it, she tells him she’ll ask someone else if he won’t help her. Yoon Do finds her outside and wonders if she’s crying?

He tells her the police are waiting to take their statements so they should go, together. Hong eventually looks up Grandma’s file number but he also has no access to it. Interesting. Seo Woo learns what happened and tries sympathizing with Yoon Do, she knows something bad always happens when you’re around Hye Jung. She hopes she gets kicked out soon, like Yoon Do wanted. He admits he no longer wishes for that, Seo Woo wonders if he’s fallen for her? He just thinks Hye Jung is a good person and wonders why Seo Woo is so hostile towards her? She blames it on the trauma Hye Jung caused during high-school. She blurts out that it was all Hye Jung’s fault plus she got expelled and didn’t graduate. She tries to imply that she kept all the details from Yoon Do out of respect for Hye Jung. Yea…..rigggght.

Yoon Do calmly replies that he already heard all the details from Hye Jung and he’s really curious: did she really let Hye Jung bully her? Cuz he would bet his car that she didn’t. *snicker* Okay, I’m liking him more now that he’s not blindly buying Seo Woo’s brand of crap. She follows him to check on her favorite female patient. She corners Yoon Do in front of the woman until he apologizes. She’s happy she’s in control of their relationship. Umm, what relationship – the one you’re trying to force him into?

Soon Hee passes out menu’s from her cafe/club at the hospital and runs into EVIL stepmom and her daughter, Yoo Na. (Han Bo Bae) She’s brought in to see a doctor for a strange eye-twitch and is shocked when the doctor turns out to be Hye Jung. Hye Jung orders an MRI and sends them out with the nurse. EVIL stepmom gets angry she was ignored and forces her way back into Hye Jung’s office, yelling how could she treat her mom this way?

Hye Jung coldly asks since when was she her mother? EVIL stepmom tries to embarrass Hye Jung in front of the other patients but Hye Jung won’t let her, she won’t admit to something that is not true. EVIL stepmom demands another doctor, she won’t let Hye Jung treat her. Okay, then. Seo Woo’s favorite patient seems to be her soul mate, she’s angry, vindictive and spiteful. She tells Seo Woo not to let anyone ever take her man from her. LOVELY.

Hong goes fishing with his father (which he hates) and asks him to find Grandma’s patient records for him. When Hye Jung calls, his father teases him about his voice changing while talking to her. Hye Jung asks Yoon Do to look over EVIL stepmoms scans and then asks him to do the surgery. He refuses, the doctors aren’t allowed to pass patients around because they don’t like them. Umm, isn’t there also a rule about not operating on family members?

Young Kook and Seo Woo head to lunch but when she sees Soon Hee sitting with Hye Jung, she turns right back around. She honestly thinks Hye Jung “stole” her friend from her. They gossip over why Hye Jung would ask Yoon Do to do surgery on one of her patients. Yoon Kook tells her it’s Hye Jung’s mother, she came and made a huge fuss – what kind of mother embarrasses her daughter at work like that? Seo Woo knows it must be her stepmom since she lived with her Grandma during high-school.

Yoon Do catches the residents gossiping about Hye Jung and scolds them. He asks for EVIL stepmother’s chart, he’s agreeing to do the surgery. Hye Jung goes over the scans in her office with EVIL stepmom and Yoo Na, explaining the surgery but then asks them to go to a different hospital. EVIL stepmom refuses, they can use Hye Jung’s discount on the price. (Seriously?) She continues to complain and whine about her suffering because of Hye Jung’s father. Hye Jung makes it clear she cut ties with him 13 years ago and tells them to leave.

YooNa catches up with Hye Jung and gives her the family business card, it seems they own a restaurant. She tells her they’re doing okay financially and won’t burden her. Yoon Do leaves a message for Hye Jung that he’ll do EVIL stepmom’s surgery, Seo Woo eavesdrop. She’s not happy he’s being considerate of Hye Jung and tells him to stay away from her.

She takes her lunch in to eat with her favorite patient and gives her 1/2 of the sandwich but the woman has no appetite, she’s angry, frustrated and wants to go out. Seo Woo tries to calm her down but the woman collapses from a heart attack. Even though Seo Woo tries to save her, she dies. Seo Woo screams & cries until Yoon Do walks in and holds her back. Okay, that was a bit rough. Seo Woo got way too attached to that woman.

Hye Jung walks by her father’s restaurant and watches him through the window. In flashback, we see Grandma buying her a small, gold necklace and putting on lipstick. So cute! I miss Grandma! She meets Hong near Soon Hee’s cafe/club, he gives her Grandma’s medical records. He also has a copy & is going to ask a friend of his to review it. If the truth will make Hye Jung happy, then he will find the truth for her.

He teases her, when is she going to start confiding in him? (LOL, he’s too cute) He offers to walk her home but it suddenly starts pouring rain. Covering them both with his jacket, they take shelter inside a red-boxed phone booth. We totally could have done without the bike-riding school girl to remind us, show. *snort* Suddenly, Hong plays a song on his phone, opens the door and stands out in the rain. He begins dancing and eventually pulls Hye Jung out with him. They dance around together in the rain, both laughing.

They stop. Hong looks directly at Hye Jung and tells her he’s going to do something but this time, it’s from a man to a woman. He walks forward, bends down and kisses her.


Let’s get the kiss outta the way since I know you all expect me to comment on it. *heh* Yes, that was LAME as hell, a truly horrible kiss scene. I do think a tiny peck was very appropriate for this scene since it’s early. But that can’t even be considered a peck, except maybe on Park Shin Hye’s end, she actually puckered up her lips and closed her eyes! *gasp* Nope, this time the blame falls entirely on Kim Rae Won. I don’t know what was up with him but it was so awful on his end that I cringed. There’s definitely chemistry between our leads but sadly, I didn’t feel it at all during that kiss. Anyhoo, it’s over so let’s move on.

I am enjoying this drama, I like all the characters and I love the work relationships. I did decide pretty early on that there was no way in hell I would be admitted to this hospital since there are only maybe 4 doctors who actually know what the hell they’re doing. (LMAO) It’s creepy how incompetent or money-hungry all these people are! I’m loving the silly back/forth between Hye Jung and Yoon Do, although we all know she’s not gonna end up with him. I like that he’s learning about her & judging her for himself instead of listening to jealous vitriol being spewed out by Seo Woo. I also love Seo Woo and Yoon Do together and hope things work out, I do think he likes her but he doesn’t like being pushed so she needs to back off.

So we learned Hong doesn’t like his daily routine to be interrupted but I’m guessing that’s going to start happening, A LOT. He seems to be living in his happy little bubble and can’t or won’t deal with any unpleasantness. While I like that he’s trying to bring Hye Jung into his happy place, she’s got things to deal with first. He needs to understand that and I also believe he needs to deal with his own losses since it doesn’t appear he has. OR he really does believe medical “mistakes” happen and you just need to let those go and move on. He’s most likely going to be shocked when the Jin family tries to take over the hospital by nefarious means since he doesn’t seem to see any bad…in anyone. He’s in for a surprise. I also can’t wait to find out what is in Grandma’s records and what both Hong & Hye Jung will do with the information if it’s bad.

I’m happy Soo Chul is back cuz he’s a cutie-pie. *hee* And I still ADORE Hye Jung’s relationship with her BFF, Soon Hee. This girl is such a dork but she’s also the kind of friend everyone wants. I miss the friendship of our 3 girls and hope Seo Woo can finally pull the stick outta her bum and open her eyes. So far, so good – I can’t wait for next week!


  • Raquel Nunez says:

    I’m glad you’re actually enjoying it. No, i’m surprised you’re actually enjoying it. The peck, well, it’s the cut the PD decided to go for out of the 11 takes. But I don’t expect you to do a complete research before judging. How can you? It isn’t your style. On the other hand, I actually enjoy reading your blog with all the biases and inaccuracies because it is actually one of the best. Keep it up, though I come out fuming most of the time. I’ll always read if only for the sake of hopefully reading one day a truly objective recap.

  • Cami says:

    “Seo Woo meets up with en exhausted Kang Soo in the elevator and asks if he has eaten yet.”
    I think you meant Hye Jung instead of Seo Woo who offered to change gangster boss’ dressing?

  • Shalini67 says:

    Thank you for the recap. However please check the accuracy of it before publishing it. It feels “unfinished” and “distorted” (name/events…). Proof reading is the key.

    • tessieroo says:

      You want a job? LOL, I’m kidding! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’ll be sure to do a few extra read-thrus next time. 😀

  • Lily says:

    Enjoying your reviews and recaps, thanks.
    Love Hong3 & HJ so much, their chemistry explode each weeks.
    Congratz Doctors team for the rating, and can’t wait next Monday/Tuesday.

  • link says:

    i think that kiss was supposed to be awkward. The audience is supposed to cringe a little.

    Hong is like a big kid, and it was meant to be that way.

  • Coke says:

    The kiss doesn’t look awkward bcoz Hj does not officially accept Jh and Jh himself not clear their relationship status between them. So it’s considered acceptable on that kiss scene. I’ll believe we’re gonna seen more and more passionate kisses onwards so we need to wait and see. Love your recaps. Thanks. Love the beautiful chemistry between our OTP.

  • says:

    The kiss was okay, hoping for more to come, and hoping PSH shows some improvements in that area. Im her fan and i just kinda agree to what i have read earlier(cant remember exactly the site) that all her kissing scene in her past drama was all awkward and she cringed mostly. I know PSH fans also would want her to show something new. ✌🏻😘😙

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