Oh Hae Young Again: Finale Week – Choose to Live. Choose to Love

The message is strong and clear. This drama managed to make a memorable production. The casts and crew worked in harmony, filled with happiness it overflowed on-screen! I had a great time recapping and I don’t regret giving 100% of my love in every word. Special thanks to my dearest Clock for the support and writing with me for one week.

The song below is my inspiration for the finale. One of the stanza in this song says: “This kind of happiness comes just once in my life”. Indeed, Park Do Kyung (Eric Mun) and Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) showed us what this means! After everything that they have been through, now they know how to live without regret, simply loving each other, and staying happy together.

This is not a goodbye. I don’t think I’ll ever say that (: Happy reading!

Episodes 17 & 18: Finale Quote-Cap!

Saranghae. – Do Kyung

Hearing this was enough to keep our couple warm amidst their surroundings. They continued walking together in the rain, as Do Kyung stayed under the comforts of his Hae Young’s umbrella. While they took a bus home, Do Kyung couldn’t stop Hae Young’s outburst of happiness. She was not embarrassed to shout her response out loud proudly! So cute.

And this head-on-shoulder k-drama staple makes everything sweeter. Well, I can’t expect anything less in this relationship. From their fingertips, every movement spells love.

Do Kyung, please give me a hug.. – Jin Sang

This is the sweetest bromance to date.

At first, Do Kyung refused to be hugged and he felt so embarrassed to be with a butt-naked Jin Sang in a sauna. Now he even embraces him in public, though maintaining the Do Kyung flare still! So cute. I’ve always admired their friendship. And I can attest that the people you meet in your younger years that have stand the test of time & change are treasured for keeps. Jin Sang is the only friend Do Kyung could ever need. This time, it’s great to see that it is Do Kyung’s turn to give Jin Sang the much needed comfort and presence of a friend. Truly this show proved that all characters are never alone. Because of this type of comfort, everyone can face their life knowing someone is there to hold their hand, or give them a much needed hug.

Just perfect!

Please give a lot of love to our Do Kyung. – Soo Kyung

Family time! I was looking forward to this the most. I have been watching The Park’s and I want them to eat together with a decent meal.

What made this special is Hae Young’s presence. She is part of the family now. This also ties up Hae Young and Noona’s arc beautifully. They are no longer just a boss and a subordinate. Noona accepted Hae Young and even cheers for her love with his brother. I’m glad that Noona knows what kind of woman Hae Young is, his brother is in good hands. Aside from that, I loved the reactions from Hoon and Do Kyung as Hae Young speaks! The new family member is crazier than them. Heh. The Park’s home will never ever be boring! And also, there will be FOOD! Let’s all say good bye to cereals and say hello to home cooked meals.

The voice of the man I love the most recorded at the moment I loved him the most. I want to have it recorded. I want to hear it. Sing it for me. Please. – Hae Young

Is there any request from her that he wouldn’t do? And with that back-hug, how can he resist?

Fun fact. Hae Young mistook the bracelet for a handcuff. Indeed, her mind is on a world of its own! LOL. I think this is why Do Kyung loves her even more! She’s totally sassy and innocent all at the same time. Despite his mood, Do Kyung’s sweetness stands out. He will use everything to make his Hae Young happy and ensure every moment with her counts. I feel like he is slowly saying goodbye. But then his love has a way to make me feel at peace somehow.

Lately, every time Do Kyung sends Hae Young home safely had become a favourite scene. The moments they share in front of The Oh’s gate makes saying goodbye have a different meaning.  ILoveit!

If I look back on this moment as I die, I won’t regret it. – Do Kyung

Do Kyung is no hero. Just that his character won’t tolerate seeing anyone die. Yes, even if it is Tae Jin.

He knows that his vision showed Tae Jin hitting him with his car. If he ignored Tae Jin, he will fall off the bridge and his premonition will be void. Then again, he isn’t the type of man who would ignore good deeds being done when needed. Do Kyung’s heart is a precious gem. I’m glad he helped Tae Jin in that crucial moment! This will surely lead to something good later on.

We met before that.. on the street. You turned around. Don’t you remember? I knew you even before that. Your face kept popping in my head, when we’d never met before. – Do Kyung

Fate and love moves in mysterious ways. This moment was beautifully done!! I suddenly thought of the song “I knew I loved you” by Savage Garden. Watch it. For me, this song is a good reference and the OTP’s first meeting can encapsulate the whole story in that song! Lovely, isn’t it?

I knew that this exact moment is significant, that’s why it was my first featured image. Though I made a mistake, I thought that their first meeting was at the coffee shop. Heh. Knowing what I know now, this actually makes sense!

I think the earlier scene where Hae Young walked in front of Do Kyung without him noticing it also plays a part. It showed us that their lives have been crossing all this time without them noticing it. That’s why the whole misunderstanding of two Oh Hae Young is actually pivotal for them to finally meet. Do Kyung was destined to love his Hae Young but he had to meet the wrong one first. This mistake had to happen coz if not, Do Kyung wouldn’t have learned to make things right. He wouldn’t have known what love means if things didn’t happen the way it did.

It’s the first time that the man I’m crazy in love with, crazily fills me with love. I love everyday. So I’d still be happy even if I were to die today. – Hae Young

It is a poignant reminder that time is fleeting. Do Kyung knows he had to confess everything to Hae Young first instead of running away. What a man! Now, he completely understands the meaning of his visions. The visions are signs, he needed to be fully aware where it was leading him. The events that happened showed him how to understand his heart, and learn to follow it. When he fully grasped that, he became determined to live a life with no regrets. Beautiful.

He went to Hae Young’s home in the middle of the night to get her. After he divulged the truth, he felt secured because he’ll never be alone again. And with his Hae Young, life is truly worth living for. Sweetness! I just can’t.. write anymore! Let me just watch this scene again.. *rewinds scene*

What kind of fate is this.. – Mama Oh

It’s The Oh’s turn to show some love and accept Do Kyung. What a heartwarming scene to see Do Kyung eating at Hae Young’s family table. It’s another significant meal for him. He was so touched to be served with food from the parentals. This man is surely elated to receive this kind of acceptance.

The Oh’s storyline always brings a different kind of warmth. Hae Young grew up filled with her parents love. Although Mama Oh scolds her like crazy, nobody can surpass the love she gives her. That’s the reason why Hae Young is overflowing with love! Her parents unconditionally loves her with no limits. That’s why there’s so much love she can give.

You and Park Do Kyung both are being played by CEO Jang. As if one of you is a white stone and the other is a black stone. He (Do Kyung) scored in love at least. – Chan Soo

Tae Jin was enraged again after hearing that.

His partner finally spilled the truth. The problems stacked up like coins as he remembers the words from different people he talked to lately. They were piercingly hitting his pride, he felt more and more like a loser. After beating up his partner, he went to see Do Kyung at his office. Oh noes! I really felt the tension built in this scene. It was a relief that Tae Jin stopped and eventually backed-off. I still believe in Tae Jin, even after all that has happened. One can choose to be bitter or better in every situation. Determining the difference might take longer for someone like Tae Jin. Just that timing has its way of unraveling things.

Hae Young felt the urge to be with Do Kyung after every detail dawned at her. She ran as fast as she could until she saw him at the bridge. Do Kyung ran the fastest to close the distance from her. He embraced Hae Young tightly before they finally kissed each other. This kiss spelled the meaning of being grateful that he is still alive! Hae Young kissed him back passionately, feeling relieved. It was a beautiful sight amidst the darkness of the night.

I would like to highlight the two Mother’s now: both are fearless!

If I see that you’re about to mess with Do Kyung again.. then I’ll just put this body of mine to use. Either you or I will die! – Mama Park

Mama Park is worth mentioning now!

I must admit, I detest the way she treated both Hae Young, and the way she always takes advantage of her son. But then, she is a mother after all! Seeing her defend Do Kyung from a childish Chairman Jang, showed that her genes is strongly imparted in Noona and Do Kyung. I liked that she worried thinking his son is sick. When she showed happiness after she found out that Soo Kyung was pregnant, my heart softened. Mama Park needs to come around anyway coz his son will be unstoppable this time. Moreover, she’ll become a grandmother soon! It was a nice twist to know another side of Mama Park that was kept hidden until now.

I wish you happiness. – Mama Oh

There’s no greater love than that given by our parents! Even though it hurts, Mama Oh still wants her daughter to be happy. She knows Hae Young too well! Hae Young is a child at heart. When she was begging for her Mother’s approval, I tried to sympathise with what she is feeling. When my tears was about to fall, Mama Oh suddenly approved and Hae Young stood up abruptly. I can’t help but laugh at that moment. Hae Young is beyond crazy!

This show knows how to mix layers of emotions quite well. I cried when I looked at Dad Oh’s reaction after seeing Do Kyung beside his daughter. That moment felt like a wedding send off from a father handing over his precious daughter to her husband. I just can’t help but cry upon seeing his teary eyes. Dad Oh was soft spoken all throughout the series and his presence alone showed love beyond spoken words.

I saw everything from the very beginning! – Jin Sang

Of course you did!

I remember that alley scene where Jin Sang was hiding too. The founder of the Next Door Couple shipper’s club is actually Jin Sang. LOL. He was the first one that made Do Kyung realise that his ship with Hae Young has sailed already. I’m not surprised he’s the first to know that both are gonna live together and get married eventually while hiding again. Just brilliant! This has to be a favourite scene. Not just because of the passionate make-out session, but most importantly Jin Sang made me laugh, I almost rolled out of my bed!

What a perfect way to say, wrong place at the wrong time. Poor Jin Sang! Good thing Noona knocked on the door. At least, someone saved him from misery all night.

Why did you leave so early? You should’ve stayed longer. – Hae Young

You said you wanted to have pork belly. – Do Kyung

Do Kyung would rather be home and have dinner with his Hae Young than anyone else. He never failed to make simple things matter most. So sweet. This man, I want to take him home! Looking at Hae Young in this moment, she knew that she made the best decision of loving the right man. Aww. She was so touched.. it felt surreal that a man like Do Kyung loves her so much.

I think I was destined to say those words for your sake, so you would meet someone better. – Tae Jin

Aww. I agree with Hae Young that Tae Jin is a good man. But who wants to settle for just the good, when we can have the best! [Ehem. Eric Mun]

Tae Jin is not bad. It is just how he reacted to each situation that made him look like a bad person. He was clouded by anger, jealousy and pride that’s why he couldn’t see things clearly. He allowed his emotions to rule over his better judgement. I’m glad he finally calmed down and thought over the events that transpired. This was a bittersweet farewell from him. Those words he said to Hae Young showed humility, he admitted that another man is better. With this, love allows pain to happen so we can deserve the happiness in the end. Surely, Tae Jin will find his own soon.

Now I get why there was minimum flashbacks with him and Hae Young, so that we won’t be invested. Heh. Since Hae Young is fated to fall for someone better.

Let’s not decide who the winner is on a guy. – Hae Young

This woman becomes more lovable every minute!

It’s time to cleanly close another beautiful chapter between the two Oh Hae Young. Their relationship was tainted with misunderstanding that started from High School. They both envied each other and it grew to hate. Now that they know better, they can happily sit down, share a drink and happily chat together. It is lovely to see everyone arrive at this moment. Problems are still present but we can always deal with it nicely, without carrying a heavy grudge.

I don’t think that having Park Do Kyung is the end point. What resonated for me most when I saw the two woman is, time heals. We just need to choose motion first before emotion. Make a move to understand, leave hatred behind, and then keep moving forward.

She flew into my heart. Even after being hurt that badly, she wasn’t afraid to come running to me, crying out and asking to love again. As if her heart was malleable so it can become something new as I watch her come running to me without fear. – Do Kyung

This is where Hae Young “flying” to hug Do Kyung becomes significant. It happened not only to show us that Do Kyung received a much needed hug, but also to show us that Hae Young entrusted herself to him. Like what I’ve mentioned before, what if she fell and Do Kyung decided not to catch her? Instead, his narrative during that moment signified acceptance. Our man, lets go of his baggage and openly held Hae Young into his arms. It was an unexpected moment that showed how much they needed each other. I can honestly say, Episode 4 is my favourite because for me that’s when their love story begun unbeknownst to them.

The pain Do Kyung felt in the beginning and the struggles he had to go through needs to happen so that he will be able to determine that his love for Hae Young is real. He tried so hard to put away his feelings, and even rejected her several times. But then his heart still yearns for her love. As a perfectionist, he thought he can fix everything within his control. But love is not like that. Love is made perfect to those who is willing to take risks. That is the kind of love Hae Young showed him. She was fearless when she took that leap of faith towards him. Even if Hae Young was badly hurt, she still loves him wholeheartedly. She is remarkable!

Hurry up and come hold my hand.. – Do Kyung

This scene has to happen to reiterate the fact that show wanted us to be aware that we can be at peace knowing we are not alone.

Fate gave Do Kyung a chance to be reborn this way. Gone is the man who is incapable of emotions! This is where we tie-in the singer to Do Kyung as well. Remember he was the one who gave a ” be reborn” advice to Hae Youngs’s radio drunk call? The singer is a man who wants to die to end his sufferings while Do Kyung wants to live with no regrets. They have the exact opposite view of life yet death binds them. To see them alive only means a second chance to live differently. Not everyone will be given a chance like this. I’m glad that through Do Kyung’s example, we can now live life worrying less with one focus — love.

Allow me to add. The scene in the hospital is pure LOVE! We are so used to hospital scenes where the operating room door is a sign of impending death. At first, I was also confused because everyone was in chaos instead of focusing on Do Kyung. But when everything was made clear, I loved this scenario more. Everyone was assured that Do Kyung will live through so they were already looking ahead, planning the wedding date no less. Worrying will not add to Do Kyung’s life. So instead of worrying, everyone looked forward to seeing him again. So awesome! That’s a great way to stay positive amidst the danger. Even Hae Young was moved to think of her wedding dress. I would also feel elated having amazing people surrounding me in that crucial moment.

Right now, I’m as happy as one can be. I’m grateful to everyone. – Do Kyung

Fate is kind. I think, if people are really not meant to be, something will happen to interfere and make things the way it should be. This is something we don’t have any control of. But drama showed that our DECISION creates a pivotal role in changing the future. If we are not careful on what we decide now, the consequences can go from better to worse. How we respond is crucial. What we decide is going to alter our life differently. I’m glad Do Kyung’s decision made him find the best route and went all the way to have Hae Young again.

And you know, looking at Eric Do Kyung, happiness is evident. Not just that, there is contentment in his eyes! He walked down that aisle with the woman he loves so dearly beside him. He is a happy man indeed.

Everything was just perfect. – Hae Young

Everything happens for a reason. We often hear this being said, Oh Hae Young Again proves that line of thought. At first, we will get hurt and we won’t clearly understand why an unfortunate event happens. But all along, our character is being developed through the rough roads and ugly bumps. Hae Young got badly bruised but her stamina and her heart endured! I love that after her race, Do Kyung is not her prize. Instead, he is the one to enjoy the prize with. What’s the prize? Love.

This isn’t to show us a perfect ending, but a wonderful beginning! Do Kyung and Hae Young will live happy together for many years to come. And when I saw them, forever is possible!

Personal Thoughts:

I just knew from the start that this drama would be something special. It triggered questions on my mind I wasn’t expecting that I gladly welcomed. I’m happy to note that after months of drought, a drama made me curious again to consider in every detail, every sound, every line. It’s always invigorating to write this way! I feel so content writing my thoughts weekly.

The first scene in Episode 1 gripped me. There were no words spoken! The Writer and Director allowed the viewers to give their own view as Hae Young and Do Kyung were introduced. We can only see them, but I am personally blown away, sound was the focal point of those few minutes. Simply brilliant! That established one important fact, Do Kyung and Hae Young were in sync, even if they were living separate lives. When they finally merged under one roof, the masterpiece begins to unfold.

The camera in OHYA is positioned in such a way that we are allowed to take a peek into the lives of each characters. I love the camera angles that’s why my screen capped is overflowing! It was difficult to choose because in my eyes, I can only see beauty. I think it was intentional that we get to experience the characters as if we are present with them. We were allowed to discover their weakness and rejoice in love.

What I learned to love about the show, it is shameless just like Hae Young. The show is not afraid to reveal what a relationship is made of – the good side and the bad side. The main leads are well aware of each other’s weaknesses and flaws. It boosted their love for one another instead of it being a turn-off. Love started unexpectedly that way! It was a refreshing set-up for a romance. Instead of putting their best foot forward, the worse thing came out first. Unbeknownst to them, feelings just naturally flowed. I like that at the beginning, Do Kyung was introduced in such a way that we will understand the kind of man Hae Young will eventually fall in love with. The way he treats his family, and his staff makes up the kind of man that he is. He was completely imperfect and that made him real.

Do Kyung liked Hae Young because she was not afraid to be honest with what she feels even if it was embarrassing. This also became the very essence of Do Kyung’s character growth! Eventually we saw him become honest with himself and with what he feels inside, disregarding the feeling of embarrassment. That night in Episode 3 was so special because Do Kyung revealed himself to Hae Young as well. I’m glad that Do Kyung didn’t say the things she wanted to hear, but he said the reality of it – how painful it was to be left behind. This connection is so precious. Do Kyung and Hae Young loved each other at their worst. They became one another’s strength at their weakest point in life. That made this couple stand out!

All kiss scenes were emotionally driven that is why every kiss was special. I have shared that the third kiss is a personal favourite. I just love every second of that scene! And to be honest, Eric and Seo Hyun Jin defied the norm in Korean drama kisses through this drama. They successfully elevated what a K-drama kiss should be! On top of that, the two of them really enjoyed it. And for me, that is very important because it eliminated the awkwardness and the doubt. Through them, we indeed have an OTP who are crazy in love with each other. My shipper’s heart is rejoicing. But that aside, they showed professionalism because they gave us the best! Eric and Hyun Jin deserves the credit.

Oh Hae Young Again surely has its own flaws. But I believe each scenario was necessary to serve a lesson. There are certain scenes from the characters that I personally condemn. Then I realised that there are situations in life where we react the way we shouldn’t. That’s why it is not advisable to make a decision when one is angry or drunk. Look at how Hae Young reacted when she got mad at Do Kyung, she threw a stone and broke his window or that scene where Do Kyung rammed on Tae Jin’s car. The worse part is when the characters are drunk! Do Kyung made a decision to ruin Tae Jin’s business by relying on the dart instead of his brain. Even Tae Jin was driven to believe a bartender to say awful words to break up with Hae Young. There are consequences in every action that resulted to a ruined life. Good thing, we can get up and make things right again.

IMO, the characters were written beautifully. We can find a character that represents a person in our own life. Surely, we have made a bad decision and have countless mistakes done already. Most often than not, we do things that we shouldn’t do. Every character is flawed, but they all felt so real!  The writer managed to create interesting and relatable characters that made Oh Hae Young Again unlike any other K-drama in its genre.


Every character defined LOVE on their own way. How beautiful it is to discover love in each one of them! I will only highlight the main casts in this recap. But I have to give credit to EVERYONE. From the Parents (Park’s & Oh’s) who are portrayed by the best and respected Veterans of the K-drama industry, The Heo couple, Do Kyung’s minions and Hae Young’s team, they have made every scene more than just a filler. I really enjoyed the scenes from Hae Young’s parents. I had a great time laughing together with Do Kyung’s minions. The famous Duckling Walk is among my favourite scene.

I would have to say that I’m glad that Jeon Hye Bin and Lee Jae Yoon are not your ordinary Ex-girlfriend or Ex-boyfriend. These roles have inherited genes that often leaves a bad after taste in most K-dramas. That cliche is broken here! It feels refreshing to see characters move-on from love without feeling bitter. Moreover, I loved seeing them smile after the heartache. Second leads also deserves a happy ending. It is about time that they are showered with a proper closure.

Ye Ji Won and Kim Ji Suk: Unexpected Parents

Noona Soo Kyung is such a vibrant character! Ye Ji Won made her more than just a side dish. I’ve expressed how much I love Ye Ji Won already. I am an avid fan full of overwhelming respect for her. Noona can easily be identified as insane with her drunk antics. But that aside, she is a lovable sister to Do Kyung and Hoon. She is a considerate and understanding woman to Jin Sang. She is a fierce Boss to Hae Young and her Team. She is an independent woman who wants to be loved. Moreover, saying she is funny is an understatement. Each of her layer is interesting to uncover. Park Soo Kyung is an incredible character made possible only because of Ye Ji Won.

When Noona was combined with Jin Sang, the dance numbers were more enjoyable! Two crazy individual dancing to the tune of “rooftop party” is never the same without Ye Ji Won and Kim Ji Suk. I have seen Kim Ji Suk in Personal Taste and Angel Eyes. But as Jin Sang, I think he found a character close to who he is. Ji Suk is a naturally funny person, who can light-up a room with his humour. When he is with Eric, it is a riot. Bromance will never be the same again.

Eric of Shinwa (Mun Jung Hyuk): Park Do Kyung

Do Kyung’s life was not a journey of change, it was more a learning experience. I’m glad to discover that there is more to Park Do Kyung than what we see. His charms lies on what he does behind Hae Young or his family that made him the man worthy to fall in love with.

I read comments that Eric wasn’t invested in showing enough emotions. And I was like, “Huh?!”. Park Do Kyung as a character is someone who has difficulty in expressing himself. He is totally clueless on what to say, how to react, and what to do especially when it comes to love. How do you expect Eric to act that out? How can he show more emotions when his character isn’t good at showing his own? How can Eric be emotionally invested when Park Do Kyung isn’t supposed to be like that? IMO, Eric has done a great job in making me understand Do Kyung’s struggles. I love his impressive eyes. I can look at him and deeply feel what he wanted to express. Seo Hyun Jin was a great compliment why his eyes can show layered emotions. That sparkle of joy, and that tinge of pain was evident because Seo Hyun Jin allowed him to feel it. And the love he has for her.. where do I begin?

I really felt like Eric’s inner radiance was reflected through Do Kyung. Eric is beautiful, and he managed to portray Do Kyung as one of the best character lead out there. Eric has a strong masculine physique, the type that a woman will have a magnetic pull on. But as Park Do Kyung, he can be vulnerable, subtle, fragile, — all these attributes made him endearing to me the most.

The writer knows where to insert the little things. Through Do Kyung, those little things were done so sweetly. From fixing the window grill to bringing home pork belly and melons. Damn, this guy! And what I love most about how Do Kyung was written, a man like him for real is possible. He was not written to be the perfect ideal man because he is flawed. I have to say, Eric made me believe that not all men are the same through Do Kyung. At the end of the day, we are not looking for someone better. Just that “someone” who is going to make a difference. Someone that makes you want to love more.. live more. No wonder, this is a life-defining role for Eric. I hope, like Park Do Kyung, he will find that someone SOON. I don’t think he needs to look far anyway.

Seo Hyun Jin: Oh Hae Young

Advice to ladies of all ages: Oh Hae Young is not an ideal role model. She has certain attributes that should not be followed.

She was willing to set aside her pride and dignity as a woman. IMO, there are valuable gifts that should be protected and should not be given away easily. This is where I come to love Do Kyung even more because he protected that special gift, no matter how aggressive and tempting Hae Young is. For me, that showed pure love from a man who knows how to respect and treasure a woman. It is only through Do Kyung that I came to accept his decision to live-in with her prior to marriage because that showed us his commitment to her.

I also disliked that our Hae Young sometimes show disrespect to her parents. One case in point, she was busily preparing ingredients for Do Kyung’s dinner and noticed one that is missing. Instead of going out to buy it herself, she made sure Mama Oh can hear her complain about it. What she did was an indirect command, to her Mother no less. If I did that to my own Mother, she will definitely get mad at me.

Lastly,  how crazy is this woman!? I sometimes scratch my head out of sheer annoyance. No wonder, Mama Oh scolds her! Sometimes I thought Mama Oh’s actions were unnecessary but eventually I realised that the touch of discipline was needed. Then again, stubborn Hae Young still wins. Heh. This woman surely knows what love can do. She has her own ways to get things done the way she wants it. Good thing Do Kyung can tolerate this! LOL.

That being out of my system now, here’s what I love most about our Hae Young. She has the courage to love without fear. Instead of being discouraged, she got up to love again. She is relentlessly beautiful, it made her shine. We have thought bubbles that we don’t say out loud. But not with Hae Young! Those thoughts becomes her words showing her bold honesty. Her optimism and steadfast persona when it comes to love is truly remarkable. Do Kyung has an inner spark that died. And all it takes is a woman like Hae Young to ignite that fire, and passionately burn again.

I think there is an inner “Oh Hae Young” in every woman. A woman who wants to love 100%, a woman who values trust & honesty, a woman who is fiercely shameless of love, a woman who will do anything for that one man she calls home. Oh Hae Young’s love is overflowing, she can’t contain it so she has to give! Do Kyung became attracted to her immense happiness, he wanted to be consumed by it as well.

And Seo Hyun Jin.. *bow* You are magnificent! There could only be one Oh Hae Young and I’m glad it was you. Undoubtedly, Seo Hyun Jin gave her heart in every scene. A true actress is one with no limitations and has the capacity to move the audience to experience pain and love differently than usual. I am impressed and totally in awe! Not only for her amazing talent and skills, but most importantly her heart. It is evident that she poured everything to make sure Oh Hae Young is alive. What a great experience it was to get to know Oh Hae Young through Seo Hyun Jin.

I can only expect great things from this woman. I know she’ll be fascinating in every role she will choose to do. I can’t wait for her next project!

THE CHEMISTRY: No ordinary love

There is an incredible thirst for love between Do Kyung and Hae Young, that’s why everything was intensified! It’s like they have been deprived for a long time, they want to quench their need! You can really feel the passionate desire to be together. After all the heartache they have been through in the past, with each other they prove that — they found comfort, they found understanding, they found happiness, they found love. They found a home in each other. How sweet it is to hear it from them? That’s why even in anger, they will come home.

Not every pair will have a passionate, intensity-filled kind of chemistry, a rare one you want to cherish while watching. I’m grateful that Eric and Seo Hyun Jin wasn’t afraid to give us their best in every kiss, every hand-holding the way lovers would do. They elevated every hug to the kind you don’t want to let go of. It was believable that they are undoubtedly in love! I’m filled with praises for them. And to make things sweeter, I’m glad friendship blossomed through this. That alone is enough, for now. Shippers, be careful with your heart. *AdviceToSelf*

Eric and Seo Hyun Jin are evidently comfortable with each other. There is this incredible trust that envelopes them. Seo Hyun Jin feels secured around Eric, enough for her to do intimate scenes together with ease. All of their scenes wouldn’t feel natural and heart fluttering if both leads are not into it 100%. It is integral to have chemistry in this type of story! It feels amazing to watch the love unfold without feeling uncomfortable, l wasn’t cringing with the sweetness. The scenes felt “real”, and this is the charm formed between Eric and Seo Hyun Jin. They are astonishing together!

I love that Eric and Seo Hyun Jin complement each other that added more sweetness to their pairing. Eric is eccentric but calm and collected while Hyun Jin is naturally shy but effervescent. Hyun Jin is the type who enjoys her surroundings, memorising it through her eyes. Watching her in Let’s Eat with Friends, I have observed her quite well. While everyone was busy taking photos, she will just admire the beauty of the Eiffel Tower from where she sat, or sit in a corner admiring the night scene while cruising in the river Siene. In real life I think this two can just sit together quietly and it will be the sweetest thing. Or with Eric around, they won’t ever get bored! Haha. I can only imagine.. good things! This drama turned me to always think of “Happy thoughts”. Not to mention, borderline delusional. LOL. Forgive me just this once!

After years of blogging, I’ve come to set aside what I want and I have learned to surrender to see the writer’s vision clearly. This drama have all the necessary elements that created tremendous success it deserves. This is the result of giving 100% love! *applause*

If you expect a perfect story done exactly the way you want it, don’t watch this. But if you want a different kind of Korean drama experience that can showcase multiple emotions with a ton of heart and laughter, Oh Hae Young Again is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This show expressed love on such great heights, you will be inspired to live without regrets and just love 100% all the way! 

A bientôt!

Special Note: To YOU who have been reading my recaps, and writing comments — THANK YOU for your time. Reading your thoughts kept me writing happily every week. #SleeplessButHappy 

CREDITS: Popgasa | J Rabbit Stop & Go | Youtube


  • Teleri says:

    Loved this drama – very refreshing, different, hard to predict.

  • sskuwair says:

    GREAT GREAT GREAT review! I can sense your 100% love for the show by reading your review. I also love everything about this drama, though as you said, it is indeed has flaws. But I will never forget this one. Oh, and the “rooftop party” dance will forever stay in my mind. Haha

  • eyes says:

    Thanks for you post.!! so fun to read all you thought throughout the drama..

  • Sandra says:


    I love this guy. He’s manly figures is really match with cutie girls like Jung Yu Mi or Seo Hyun Jin.

    Personally, I think Eric gave the most outstanding performances among them. While his character is so silent type with no words, he still make me root for him and like Oh Hae Young, crazy about him. He puts his charms into his Park Do Kyung character. I seriously think that Park Do Kyung’s character is quite boring but Eric gave a lot of nuance which turn Park Do Kyung as a sexy calm guy.

  • mamamera10 says:

    Hi Leila,
    thank you for the great recap & review. I was actually waiting and wondering why you haven’t post you final review as the show has ended 2 weeks ago.. but this is worth the wait! I love every single word you said about this show and was nodding my head along the way. You put everything I feel about this show in the perfect way that I am not able to do. So I bow to you 😀

    Just by reading this recap made my heart flutters.. and it still flutters everytime I think about this show that I cannot move on to other shows yet.. and I perfectly agree with your comments about surrendering to the writer’s vision rather than putting my own expectations from it.. hence I could immersely enjoy the show and what it is trying to convey.

    My only wish and pray now is for the great love story between PDK and OHY to be transported to the two great people that made them believable in the first place! (oh my shipper’s heart!!)

    • leila108 says:

      Mamamera10, let me say AMEN to that! 🙂

      I had to hear my own voice, so I didn’t read other reviews/comments for two weeks. This period also served as a withdrawal period for me, though it still continues as today. It was my intent to write slowly. I didn’t want to let go of this drama right away! Haha

  • sanberry says:

    Thank you for the awesome recap, Leila! I have been reading your posts since the drama started and they were so well-written that each scene, each moment, each emotion described in your recaps resonated with me… OHYA is such an immensely enjoyable drama – filled with so much love, heart fluttering (and breaking) moments, wonderful music, breathtaking cinematography, and incredible chemistry among the actors. Withdrawal has kicked in after the nine-week sweet treat and I have difficulty (and reluctance) moving on to other dramas now! OHYA will have a special place in my heart for a long long time and Do Kyung & Hae Young (errmm… Eric and Seo Hyun Jin?) are now at the top of my favourite-kdrama-couple list!

    • Jane says:

      Me too, Sanberry! I am having withdrawal symptoms! The other dramas pale in comparison especially the love scenes!

  • Rimmeinda Yosefin Ginting says:

    At first ,i start watch this drama because Seo Hyunjin is in it and i wasn’t a fan of Eric as an actor, thanks to Discovery Of Love. Hahhaaaahahah i dislike his character there. I gave my time every Monday-Tuesday to watch live streaming, and i don’t regret it. I appreciate your blog post for it express most of my thoughts about this drama. It won’t be easy to find another production with Another Miss Oh atmosphere again .

  • CEC says:

    I’ve been checking CK every day for your recaps about OHYA finale.. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama, the casts, Eric (obviously), Seo Hyun Jin (she’s a killer in crying scene, every crying scene has different sadness and hurtful heart level), every OSTs, and I really do love your recaps. Thank you OHYA and Leila!

  • Jane says:

    Daebak! This drama is super super great! 😘😘😘 to the writer for the wonderful script. 👍👍👏👏👏 to the director for giving each actor the freedom to act ! 🎶🎶😘😘 to all the crew for your wonderful support ! 💕💕💕💕 to all actors for acting each of your part so so good! 😘😘🌟🌟😘😘 to Eric & Seo Hyun Jin for courageously acting the love scenes – so much so that we forgot that this just acting. We think this is so real, so sweet, so beautiful!
    👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟 kumasmidah, kamsamidah!

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