Doctors Week 4 Recap – How Can You Live Without Getting Stronger?

I’ll admit I was FURIOUS at the idea that Hye Jung might lose another loved one this week. Although it’s clear Soo Chul is just a friend, it’s also clear he is a much beloved friend to her and I was fuming that the writer might take someone else away from her. I’m happy I was wrong and I’m happy Soo Chul is back – although I don’t know how long he’s going to be around. It’s just lovely to see Hye Jung surrounded by people who care about her, it warms my heart.

A much younger Hye Jung sits outside her home, listening to her parents argue. Mom accuses Dad of cheating and threatens to kill herself. OMO, is that how she died? Dad isn’t having it and storms out, glancing only once at Hye Jung before taking off in his truck. And the look on his face wasn’t a friendly one. Wow, did he honestly dislike his own daughter that much, even back then? In voice-over, Hye Jung says love between a man and a woman means fighting until one dies. She doesn’t know how to love a man, as a woman. Nor does she know how to receive love.

She runs away from him after the kiss, telling herself she isn’t going to die over a man like her mother did. Hong catches up with her and says she doesn’t need to move – he will go to her. The person who knows how to love should make the first move. Hmmm, interesting theory. He tells her not to move until she feels it herself.

After losing her favorite Ahjumma patient, Seo Woo is in such shock that Yoon Do has to force a cup of coffee into her hands. He thanks her for caring so much about his patient. She laments Ahjumma’s life, Yoon Do is surprised she knows what unfairness is like. Of course she does, she’s just been holding things in but she does explode every now and then. She suddenly blurts out that she loves him, she was lying before when she said she only liked him. And he knew how she felt, he was just ignoring it. He admits he didn’t want to torture her by giving her false hope and calls himself a bad guy. She doesn’t care and makes him promise not to date anyone for the next 6 months. He clears his throat, it’s too late for that since he already likes someone else.

She’s stunned – it can’t be Hye Jung, right? Yoon Do gets goosebumps, he’s a bit stunned himself at women’s intuition. She immediately tears up, why does it have to be Hye Jung? He doesn’t know himself, can anyone control who they like? Young Gook enters the room, Yoon Do called him over to help comfort Seo Woo since he’s not good at those types of things. Once he leaves, Seo Woo throws her coffee, Young Gook calls Yoon Do arrogant and asks Seo Woo if she wants to drink. They head over to Sooni Hawaii. Soon Hee sees her and seems happy that Seo Woo is there but Seo Woo walks away from her without even saying hello. Young Gook figures out they’re friends and wonders why Soon Hee lied to him about only being 26 years old – she must have started school when she was 3 years old? (LOL) Seo Woo and Young Gook proceed to get drunk.

Seo Woo questions Soon Hee since she’s “still Hye Jung’s gopher”, when did they move in together? Right after high-school, Soon Hee’s father tried to send her off to Canada. Ahaha! Seo Woo is only interested in what Hye Jung was doing since the last she heard, Hye Jung took off with some gangster – didn’t she live with that guy? Soon Hee denies this, which is right when Soo Chul walks by. Seo Woo recognizes him and chases him outside. Seo Woo says she’s Hye Jung’s friend, doesn’t he recognize her? Yes, he does. Seo Woo offers to give him Hye Jung’s phone number but he refuses. She snarks, did he know Hye Jung became a doctor? Soo Chul snarks back that she’s drunk, is she looking down on him because he’s a delivery guy?

Hye Jung is at home getting ready to wash her hair when she thinks back on the kiss and shakes her head. Soon Hee comes in, she’s late because Seo Woo showed up, got drunk and was being a pain-in-the-bum. She offers to wash Hye Jung’s hair herself. I would ask why she’s only washing the ends of her hair but I won’t. Plus it’s all about produce placement. *heh* Hye Jung thinks Soon Hee treats her like a doll but Soon Hee says it’s practice for when she gets married. LMAO

Soon Hee gushes over the fact that Hong confessed his feelings and demands Hye Jung tell her: how far have they gone? *teehee* Hye Jung unconsciously touches her lips, Soon Hee notices and directly asks if they’ve kissed? Hye Jung first says no but then quickly admits it. BUT it was just touching their lips together. Ahahahaha, I’m happy she knows that wasn’t really a kiss. *grin* Soon Hee admits she’s been worried and asks if Hye Jung met with her father? No, Hye Jung just saw him from afar. Soon Hee suddenly insists Hye Jung just get married to Hong. Hye Jung talks about her goals and priorities which leads to Soon Hee smacking her because she doesn’t listen. Hye Jung makes kissie faces and they hug it out. In her room, Hye Jung goes over Grandma’s surgical records but there isn’t much information at all. She cries.

The next morning, Yoon Do sees Hong outside his place again. Hong tells him he won’t ride with him, Yoon Do wonders if he’s playing hard-to-get. AHAHAHA! I’m loving the little bit of bromance going on between these two! Hong ends up riding with him but it’s awkward so Yoon Do turns on the radio. On a local news channel, the announcer says large hospitals are in need of money and even buying hospital stocks. Hong hates politics but admits it’s reality.

His father, Director Hong, is surrounded by reporters who are questioning why his hospital invested in stocks. He denies this, a hospital is not a business and announces they will hold a press conference later. Hong is worried so he meets with Doctor Kim who thinks the war is starting now. He tells Hong about a patient, gold medalist for archery in 2011 Lee Soo Jung (cameo by Lim Ji Yeon), who is now suspended from competing. Hong watches a video and notices she has a hand tremor. Doctor Kim admits his plan is to have Hong treat Lee Soo Jung which means Hong’s name will be well-known and bring recognition to the hospital.

Yoon Do gets a “thank-you” text from Hye Jung but it offends him, he doesn’t think she’s grateful that he’s doing EVIL stepmom’s surgery. When he complains, she reminds him that he left her a voicemail first so she just replied. He wonders why she just didn’t tell him up front that it was family, he’s had 2 stepmothers so he understands her. Hye Jung wonders if he’s been abused too? He grabs his heart and admonishes her for coming at him so quickly. AHAHA! He smiles to himself as he follows her onto the elevator. He’s still not happy with her curt response, which is really funny considering this is the exact way he treats everyone else. Hye Jung doesn’t feel anything for EVIL stepmom, nor does she even wish she gets better – which she believes makes her a horrible doctor. The only thing she’s happy about is discovering EVIL stepmom is still the same awful person she always was.

Hye Jung suddenly swings him around, protecting him from another doctor who is running by. Yoon Do is indignant, who is supposed to be protecting who? Hye Jung walks away, Yoon Do follows her and Uncle Jang follows both of them all the way to Hong’s office. Hong invites Hye Jung and Uncle Jang inside and shutting the door, tells Yoon Do the three of them have things to discuss. Yoon Do pretends to be super busy and leaves. His awkwardness is so funny to watch, I’m loving this odd-ball character.

Uncle Jang goes over Grandma’s surgical records but admits there is hardly any information there, the records are not detailed enough. Hye Jung figures out they need to look at the anesthesia records which would be at the branch facility where Grandma had surgery. Hong chases her down, he still wants to help but Hye Jung knows he has patients to see. Hong sharply asks how she knows, did she check his schedule? Of course she did, she’s his fellow. He seems disappointed, his heart fluttered for no reason. Hye Jung gets embarrassed and runs off while Hong continues to tease her about his heart fluttering. *hee* Cute! Kim Rae Won’s smile is heart fluttering to me!

Yoon Do coldly tells EVIL stepmom that thanks to Hye Jung, he’s fitting her into his schedule. Hong meets with gold medalist Soo Jung, he wants to run some tests but she’s impatient. He tells her to trust him, it’s because he’s not sure that she can trust him. Kang Soo goes over the surgery with EVIL stepmom but she’s complaining, she wants the surgery asap. Kang Soo tells her because Hye Jung is her daughter, EVIL stepmom will have the surgery in two days. So then she complains about Hye Jung, is she that great? She also brings up getting a discount again. UGH, this woman is a horrible human being. Yoo-Na chases Kang Soo down and asks for Hye Jung’s phone number, her father wants to see her. Ummm, I don’t think Kang Soo had any right to give out Hye Jung’s phone number but I’ll let it go.

Hong talks over Soo Jung’s scans with Hye Jung, they discuss the possible diagnosis. Hong tells her he’s going to do an “awake” surgery (DBS – Deep Brain Stimulation) and she can assist, which sends her into spasms of joy. (LOL) She’s smiling about it when she runs into Seo Woo – has Seo Woo even done this type of surgery before? Seo Woo admits she hasn’t and then seems super competitive/jealous that Hye Jung will be assisting, she demands Hong allow her to assist instead. In her way of thinking, Hong is giving the best opportunities to the woman he likes. Why does that sound like a threat? Hong calls a meeting between the 4 of them.

Seo Woo wants to work under Hong from now on while Yoon Do would be more than happy to have Hye Jung assisting him. But neither Hye Jung or Hong are willing to make any changes just because these 2 want it that way. Both men agree to rotate both fellows according to need and both will be allowed to assist Hong in the “awake” surgery. Seo Woo points out to Yoon Do as they watch the other 2 walk out, those 2 like each other. This spurs Yoon Do’s competitive spirit but Seo Woo warns him: she will use any means to make him hers. Yep, she’s scary and bat-shit insane – run for your life, Yoon Do!

Soo Chul shows up at Sooni Hawaii, he admits he didn’t recognize Soon Hee because she’s gotten so pretty. (LOL) He asks about Hye Jung, did she really become a doctor? When Soon Hee confirms, he acknowledges that all of them seem to be doing really well while he was fired. He just came by to say goodbye. Soon Hee tells him she told Hye Jung about him and warns him not to bother her. Soo Chul gets angry, is Hye Jung embarrassed of him?

The gruesome twosome Jin doctors meet with politicos to discuss their evil plans to take over the hospital, force Chairman Hong out and make a lot of money. This scene comes complete with evil laughs all around. It’s clear Dr. Jin Sr. is not Director Hong’s friend, although he claims he is. Soo Chul shows up at the hospital, asking if Dr. Hye Jung is around? He’s met with snobby looks from most everyone because of the way he’s dressed. (Meh?) He decides to wait for her.

Young Gook tries to block Hye Jung from seeing him when she shows up, even using Kang Soo. Hye Jung tells them both to move it and suddenly sees Soo Chul. She smiles and turns her head, he winks at her. SOOO cute! I loved this scene, they’re such great friends! Hong walks up with Yoon Do, they both watch with jealousy as Hye Jung talks happily with Soo Chul. Soo Chul thanks Hye Jung, he thought she would pretend not to know him since she’s so successful. Awwww.

He tells her he came to say goodbye, he’s going to where his son is. Hye Jung is surprised, did he get married? He’s divorced and shows her a photo of his son, who lives with his ex. Hye Jung gushes over how cute his son is, Soo Chul says he’s handsome, just like his father. (LOL) He’s going to work really hard for his son now that he knows Hye Jung’s life turned out so well. She asks about his motorcycle, she wants to see him riding it again because he looked so cool.

Her phone interrupts, it’s her father. He wants to meet, Hye Jung agrees and meets up with him. He gives her papers showing the new location of Grandma’s urn, admitting her moved her to a nicer place. He tells her about his restaurant, she should come by and bring her co-workers. I don’t get this change in him, it’s much too fast. Hye Jung is cold and gets up to leave, he tells her not to live her life that way. Hye Jung tells him she needed him when she was younger, she no longer needs him now that she’s an adult. He thinks she’ll need him when she gets married, to walk her down the aisle? She coldly tells him she’s decided not to ever get married so that she will never need him. OUCH, but I understand her anger.

Hong meets Soo Jung to explain her diagnosis and the “awake” surgery. Hye Jung secretly watches her father and sister as they wait for EVIL stepmoms surgery to be over. Hong continues to discuss the surgery with Soo Jung, listing all the risk factors. She’s most excited when he tells her the success rate is 90% and asks if it’s okay that she film the entire surgery. She wants to post it online and restore her honor since people think she’s an alcoholic.

Yoon Do visits Hye Jung in her office to let her know EVIL stepmoms surgery went fine but is again less than happy with her reaction. She should buy him a meal. She offers the cafeteria, he wants somewhere nice. She doesn’t think they know each other well enough to eat out alone. (LMAO) Seo Woo walks in right in the middle of this discussion and starts firing questions at them both. Yoon Do gets flustered and leaves after scolding Seo Woo. It’s hilarious that Seo Woo not only knew he asked Hye Jung out but she also knew Hye Jung rejected him! LOL! Both she and Hye Jung get messages from Hong.

They all meet in his office to go over the “awake” surgery, Seo Woo notices Hong and Hye Jung silently flirting right in front of her. AHAHAHA, her reactions are hilarious! Hye Jung runs into her father and sister, she ignores both and walks away. Little sis Yoo-Na follows Hye Jung into a doctors break room to give her the official family register so they can get discounts on everything. She asks Hye Jung if she hates her too? Nope, Hye Jung doesn’t have any particular feelings for her at all but she makes it clear she has no intention of allowing any of them into her life.

Soo Chul calls Hye Jung, they make plans to meet. Hong’s car finally arrives, he won’t be riding with Yoon Do anymore. Yoon Do is happy to see it, he was going to get a girlfriend to sleep over just so she could make things less awkward in the car. *snort* He fumbles getting his car unlocked, Hong calls him a cute kid. He then smiles to himself over the thought of having a lover.

Soo Chul shows up to buy a meal for Hye Jung, they decide on the cafeteria at the hospital. She follows him in her car, smiling. Hong phones, she tells him she’s meeting a friend. When he finds out its Soo Chul, he tells her to stay away from that guy. Hye Jung retorts that he can’t tell her to stay away from her friends. *fistpump* YES, you tell him, honey. Suddenly a car runs a red light from the opposite direction at an intersection and Soo Chul is hit, he goes flying over the car.

Hye Jung screams and in voice-over, she explains love always brings fear to her life and she’s now surrounded by fear. In flashback we see Hong’s thoughts when he saw Soo Chul and Hye Jung talking together at the hospital. He was jealous but reminded himself Hye Jung said Soo Chul was a friend. He’s still jealous, kicking stuff in his office and yelling. Back in the present, Hong hears Hye Jung scream and asks what’s wrong.

Hye Jung gets out of her car and rushes to Soo Chul’s side, yelling at bystanders to call 911. She pulls his helmet up and crying, asks if he recognizes her? Can he move his arms and legs? He has no strength. Can he move a finger then? He does, Hye Jung cries even harder, pulling off his glove and grabbing hold of his hand. Hong arrives. Hye Jung continues to cry. Hong reminds her she’s a doctor, her friend will be in danger if she doesn’t calm down. The ambulance arrives.

Hong and Hye Jung slowly and carefully remove Soo Chul’s helmet, Hong places a neck brace. Hye Jung notices Soo Chul spitting blood as they lay his head back down, he seems to be having trouble breathing. Hong listens to both lungs, noticing shallow breathing on the right side. Lifting Soo Chul’s shirt, they both see massive bruising over his ribcage. Hong says they need to stabilize his breathing within the next 30 minutes and they rush him off to the hospital.

Using a sonogram, they are able to diagnose Soo Chul must have broken ribs which then punctured his lungs. Hong calls for a chest tube, inserts it to drain the blood, stabilize blood pressure and ease Soo Chul’s breathing. With the critical stage passed, he orders a CT scan. Soo Chul will need both the Neuro team and General Surgery team and after looking over the scans, Hong decides his team should go first. Hye Jung decides she doesn’t want to be in the OR.

Until she talks with Soo Chul, who is awake. He doesn’t want another doctor and he’s scared. *sniff* If Hye Jung is there, he won’t be scared because he knows she can do anything. She agrees to go in and scrubs up with Hong. Dr Jin Jr. shows up at Dr. Kim’s office to talk about the press conference & scandal Director Hong is causing. UGH, you mean YOU caused, you jerk! He tells Dr. Kim to just stay out of it because HE is the owner of the hospital. Wait…what? Boy, is someone feeling omnipotent here!

Director Hong announces at the press conference that the medical stocks are his own personal stocks and have no connection to the hospital. The reporters push but Director Hong just questions where this absurd information came from and leaves. Meeting with his supposed friend, Dr. Jin Sr., Director Hong firmly intends to find out who is behind this nonsense and suggests he might have to get rid of all the board members. He also openly suspects Dr. Jin Jr. The gruesome twosome doctors Jin meet afterwards and discuss having to use Plan B, which involves blood. This doesn’t sound good.

Yoon Do does EVIL stepmoms surgery and meets Seo Woo on his way out. She tells him that her father and grandfather asked them to eat dinner together. He reminds her of the party tonight, she says it’s the “elders” request. Pffffttt, sure it is. Yoon Do doesn’t want to go, she basically threatens that her dad will call him if he doesn’t. UGH, she’s now forcing him using their families. Why does she think this will work, does she really believe you can FORCE someone to love you?

Yoon Do tells EVIL stepmom her surgery went well, Dad brings out food he brought for his daughters co-workers as a thank you. Really, Dad? Why does everything he say sound like he’s only there to promote his restaurant? They are able to fix the injury to Soo Chul’s neck during surgery with a few critical moments and then move aside for General Surgery to fix the bleeding on his spleen. Hye Jung tells Hong she’s going to do something for him – human to human.

He apparently must think it’s going to be a kiss and prepares his hands at her waist…only to have her fix the collar of his white coat. AHAHAHA! She gottcha, bud. She wonders what he was imagining, he accuses her of teasing him. She blushes and rushes from the room. He wonders if she’s playing with him.

Soo Chul strains to move his arms and/or legs but nothing happens. Hye Jung tells him the surgery was a success and she’s done her part – now it’s up to him. She reminds him that he was by her side when she wanted to die but didn’t give any advice, he left the choice of what she did with her life up to her. She tells him to move his finger and he does. *sobs* Why am I so emotional over this? (LOL) He asks about Hong, isn’t he married? No. Soo Chul tells her not to date some old man and winks. *giggle* He’s too cute.

Hong begins the “awake” surgery, things go fine until the patient panics because her vision suddenly turns blurry. There is a bleed somewhere. Seo Woo suggests they stop until the bleeding stops, Hye Jung suggests they draw out the blood with a biopsy needle. The patient starts freaking out, which isn’t helped by Seo Woo insisting they should wait for the bleeding to stop. Hye Jung is able to keep the patient calm while Hong stops the bleeding. Her vision clears and the tremor in her hand stops. The surgery is a huge success.

Seo Woo confronts Hye Jung in the locker room, did she have to embarrass her in the OR? She truly believes Hye Jung was trying to show off. *shakeshead* Unbelievable. Hong calls Seo Woo to his office, he’s not at all happy with her either. By questioning him in the OR in front of the patient, she caused uncertainty and fear in the patient and he can’t let it go. It showed lack of skills as a doctor. Seo Woo fights back but it’s all nonsense about Hong picking on her and taking Hye Jung’s side. Would he be yelling at Hye Jung if she had said it? Yes, he would. And how long is she going to compare the way he treats her to the way he treats Hye Jung? Seo Woo says until she dies. Wow, just wow. Hong finally admits there’s no point in talking to her anymore and doesn’t want her on his surgical team for now.

Hong visits Soo Chul and finds out he’s married. This makes him so happy, he starts babbling that getting married young is a good thing. He even says Soo Chul is a cool guy and very handsome and he should let Hong know if he needs anything. LMAO! Hye Jung comforts the family member of an older patient while Dad looks on. He asks to meet with her. Dad wonders what he did that was so wrong? He blames her, she’s the one who left & he hasn’t had one good nights sleep since. OMG, SERIOUSLY? Is it so wrong that he’s trying to get close to her now? Hye Jung tells him they have never been close, how can they be now? They’ve never spent time together, they have no shared feelings or memories. Dad doesn’t seem to get it.

Yoon Do argues with his fathers secretary, his father wants him to attend a board meeting but he has no interest in management and hangs up. He requests Hye Jung for one of his surgeries, she doesn’t want to do it. He’s annoyed she’s telling him to do things the way he’s always done them, which makes her smile. He’s happy she smiled, she thinks he’s being cheesy but he believes women like it when men act cheesy. He announces he’s thinking of her as a woman. *sigh*

The doctors & residents of the Neurosurgery Department gather at Sooni Hawaii for a party. I’m wondering if any of them are doing surgeries tomorrow? (LOL) Seo Woo and Yoon Do show up for dinner with gruesome twosome doctors Jin. Senior Jin tells Yoon Do they look good together and mentions they have expectations from both him and Seo Woo. Yoon Do flat-out announces he’s not interested in management at all, which wipes the smiles off all the Jin’s faces. *heh*

Yoon Do checks his watch and excuses himself. Seo Woo rushes after him but he tells her he’s leaving because it’s boring and uncomfortable. Seo Woo is stunned he would leave in the middle of dinner with elders, is having dinner with her family that unpleasant? He tells her they’ve known each other for over 10 years and there is no spark. She basically threatens that he’s going to be miserable because everyone who loves Hye Jung becomes miserable. He leaves anyway.

When he arrives at the party, he ends up taking two shots right away but he smiles about it and seems to have a good time. Everyone looks wasted to me and again, I’m praying for any patients they have tomorrow. Seo Woo gets a text from Young Gook with a picture of everyone, when is she coming? She cusses Yoon Do and then cries in the bathroom. Zero sympathy from me.

Hong nods his head at Hye Jung, they both slip out of the party but Yoon Do watches them leave. They end up at an arcade together, Hong wins a bunch of stuffed animals for her. Well, yea…he does have that claw machine in his house so he’s probably an expert. *snort* They end up at a soccer field and have a race. Hye Jung wins and calmly grabs Hong’s hand as they prepare for another. In voice-over, we hear Hong say it’s the first time a girl held his hand first. They run around the field, holding hands, which is a perfect ending to this week.


NO PREVIEW? How can they do that to me, are they live shooting already? UGH and LOL!

I’m happy Soo Chul is okay but I guess it remains to be seen if he will fully recover. I loved Hong’s reaction to Soo Chul being married but he doesn’t know it didn’t work out and Soo Chul is divorced. I’m also happy his “awake” surgery had a great outcome, I’ll admit I was worried because I can totally see the Jin family purposely causing a “mistake” to happen during one of Hong’s surgeries – even if it means a patient dies. Yes, I do believe they’re that evil.

Hye Jung’s response to her father is also appropriate to me, he’s never spent any time with her one-on-one and has no idea who she is. Yet he’s demanding a relationship? I think he should get to know her first and more importantly, let her get to know him away from EVIL stepmom. I’m hoping Hye Jung also builds a relationship with her little sister but I’m not expecting it.

Seo Woo has lost it (not that she ever had it) by focusing too much of her life on what Hye Jung is doing. So much so that it’s now affecting her abilities as a doctor, which disappoints me. I was hoping she wouldn’t end up being the stereotypical rich girl who has just been handed things and that she truly was a gifted doctor. But she doesn’t seem to grasp what she did wrong and it’s disconcerting. Is she that stupid or does she have tunnel vision?

I’m very happy Yoon Do is standing up for himself, I truly hate those men in dramas who marry a woman they don’t want to marry out of some sort of finial duty to their family. They end up a walking shell with no feelings and I don’t want that to happen. I love his friendship with Seo Woo but if she keeps pushing, they won’t even have that. I don’t want to see her turn as evil as the rest of her family is. I can’t wait for next week!

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    Kudos to you Tessieroo!!! I can’t wait for next week too!

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    Like Dr Hong, I was furious about her behaviour in the OR in front of a patient who was awake. She not only openly challenged her senior in front of outsiders, but also cast doubt in the mind of the patient about success of the operation. What if the patient panicked and went hysterical, etc. If I were Dr Hong,I would NEVER allow her to step into my OR ever again. It is clear that from this point onwards, she will turn evil and collaborate with the evil Father to do everything she can to sabotage HJ, Dr Hong and maybe even YD, since she can’t get him.

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