More Teasers for W-Two Worlds

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but this is the drama I’m most looking forward to and the teasers are helping build the anticipation. I love how fun it all looks and can’t wait to see how creative they get.

July 20th, here we come! Although I’ve already failed at this, I will keep trying to keep my expectations low so it won’t hurt too much if this drama ends up sucking.

Credit to the uploader

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  • ilchul says:

    I’m glad to see news about “W” here!! 🙂 it’s good to keep our expectations low but I believe that “W” drama would be one of the best and memoriable dramas in K-dramaland!!! you can tell how low my expectations are!! 😀
    I hope to see more articles about the drama and hope you’ll end up loving it enough to recap it!! 😀

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