“Let’s Fight, Ghost” Episode 3 Preview + Quick Thoughts on Week 1

I am not shy about expressing my disgust at uncomfortable age differences in dramas but somehow, I am not as bothered by this one.

“Let’s Fight, Ghost” is about a ghost, Hyun Ji, who died as a high school student and Bong Pal, a college sophomore who sees ghosts,  fighting evil ghosts and sending them to the afterlife… or at least, that what I gather so far. There is also the mystery surrounding Hyun Ji’s death as she doesn’t remember anything about her life and I’m assuming romance and sexy times between our leads. Sexy times? Because the first time in five years she remembered anything was when they kissed. So this is where it gets slightly problematic. Bong Pal is played by 27-year-old Taecyeon while 17-year-old Kim So Hyun plays Hyun Ji. And the drama has already had two kisses in two episodes so I’m expecting a lot more.

Although it’s based on a webtoon, in my opinion, this drama is influenced by Oh My Ghost as we’ve got the amnesiac ghost who wants to kiss our lead as well as the second lead male who’s probably evil. But on the other hand, it is also its own thing as there’s a procedural aspect to it (so far), where they work together to vanquish evil ghosts.

So the issue is that if the drama knew there was this romantic element of kissing jogging her memory, why not cast an older actress or a younger actor? Because it seems that the age difference is the reason we’ll be forced to deal with network-style crappy kisses instead of our usual tvN ones.

I suppose this is why it doesn’t bother me as much. For starters, unlike other dramas that pair underage characters with older men, this is only acting and the writer tried to be cute with it by making her his noona. Secondly, the kisses aren’t particularly passionate so they are easy to ignore. But I would be lying if I said that from time to time, I don’t remember their real life age difference which can be disruptive to my viewing experience. How can I get invested in a show if I don’t always see them as their characters?

That aside, I like the show. It’s cute and fun and while some aspects of it are a little too reminiscent of Oh My Ghost, I like the actors/characters and the chemistry they are building. The story itself is okay although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the two members of Ghost Net. Their scenes aren’t very entertaining and tend to drag on. Honestly, I think the main draw is all the shenanigans our ghost-fighting pair will get into. I’m not that interested in the second lead so far but we’ll see what happens when they develop him. I hope they shock us and not make him evil because something tells me he won’t be anywhere as intriguing as Oh My Ghost‘s Im Joo Hwan.

The preview promises us more fun from our leads and I wonder why he’s not more self-conscious about openly chatting with a ghost. Doesn’t he wonder what the people passing by see and worry that someone might try to put him in a straitjacket?

Credit: tvN


  • goodange says:

    they kissed?! i’ve been wanting to watch this … and i thought, yeah, there would be something romantic, but the most we’d get is a hug … but they kissed, granted, a tamed one … whoaaaa.

  • Emmanuelle says:

    10 years in not that \”much\”…

  • tessieroo says:

    I’m surprised the real life age thing didn’t bother me either! Favorite moment is 5 minutes into episode 2 where she’s literally flying through the air to kiss him? And he smacks her. LMAO, I laughed so hard, I was gasping for air!

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