English-Subbed “Uncontrollably Fond” Episode 5 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Show So Far

With bad reviews and way too many dramas on my plate, I skipped Uncontrollably Fond its debut week. I finally got to watch it this week and once I started,  couldn’t stop. I really don’t understand what’s terrible about this drama. Suzy’s acting doesn’t bother me and I like the non-linear storytelling – it builds intrigue and suspense.

I like the chemistry between No Eul and Shin Joon Young and can’t wait till we see her drop the aggression and antagonism towards him. I can’t wait to find out more of who Im Joo Hwan’s character really is (pretends to be poor, acts nice but has the potential to be evil), and how Joon Young’s father will learn of his other child. Joon Young is the product of an affair, right? His uncle made it seem like they broke up due to class differences but Im Joo Hwan’s character is older and his wife’s son, right?

All in all, it’s a somewhat typical melodrama but I keep wanting more. And while I hate sad endings, we’ve got so much forewarning that I think I’ll be fine with a sad ending. Kim Woo Bin is quite a good actor because that scene of him in agony was very uncomfortable to watch.

It’s quite funny that Joon Young’s half sister is his biggest stan. What will she do when she learns that she can’t marry her oppa?

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  • Louise F. says:

    Thx for your article!
    Me too I do not understand why the bad reviews. Not to mention the ongoing comparison with DOTS … it is like comparing apples and pears !
    I am like you … I want to see more … There is a retro feel to it that I really like!

  • Mohammed says:

    The only bad things fans say about the drama that I have heard is the biased foolish words that Suzy is bad actress because she is an idol and not the fact she is really well in this drama whatever she is famous for.

    Foolish too talk about the ratings not going up, living up to the hype like that has anything to do the quality of this well written melodrama.

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