IU Surrounded By Male Cast Of Scarlet Heart – Ryeo On Cover Of August 2016 Cosmo

How lucky is IU being the lead in a drama, surrounded by 7 men? I’m really looking forward to this drama but I’ll admit the main reason is Kang Han Neul. For some reason, even in the group images Cosmopolitan released for the cover of their upcoming August 2016 issue, my eyes are drawn directly to him. Could it be the longer hair? If you’ve been a reader of our blog long enough, you know I have an obsession with longer hair on men. *heh* That’s gotta be it, it can’t be that he looks more EVIL than all the rest, right? I’m going to have second-lead syndrome SO BAD with this one. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo begins August 29th on SBS.



Source | Cosmopolitan


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