Doctors Week 5 Thoughts – Meeting That Person Who Can Change Your Life

Instead of doing a full recap this week, I’m choosing to talk about my own thoughts/feelings – ya know, what’s going through my mind while I’m watching this drama and open it up for discussion. I’m not sure why this week in particular didn’t do much for me but it might be because the “bad guys” are annoying me so much that I’m losing focus of the romance. Whatever it is, I’m still on board but this week had me rolling my eyes. I feel for these excellent actors who are given so little to work with in the form of the script. These are my initial reactions, maybe I’ll feel differently when I watch for a second time? Or will I be even more irritated?

I love that Hye Jung is getting closer to Hong but he still doesn’t understand that she has other things on her mind besides romance. I also love that he’s trying to bring some silliness & joy to her life and I’m positive she’s grateful. But until she deals with the big elephant in the room (Grandma’s death), she’s not going to be too open to just having fun. And I don’t agree at all with the line: “Revenge helps soothe the anger of being a victim”, it would have been better to show Hye Jung is thinking of justice and not revenge. She’s been so fair-minded in all her dealings with everyone so why would the writer suddenly show she’s thinking of revenge?

Seo Woo continues to be a delusional idiot and yes, that is how I see her. I have zero patience with women who chase after a man who clearly isn’t interested. Like girl, where is your self-esteem? She’s the exact opposite of Hye Jung, she’s so absorbed in romance that she’s unable to do her job properly! Or maybe that’s just the way the drama is showing her? We’re certainly not seeing her do any complicated surgeries or even interactions with patients, it’s all about men and/or dating with her. And it’s tiresome. Her first question on being given a surgery with Hong is to ask what Hye Jung is doing. Seriously? It would be nice if they showed Seo Woo to have ANY interests outside of men/romance because at this point, that’s all she seems to care about. Does she like to read? Cook? Sports? ANYTHING? (LOL)

The side characters, including most of the residents at the hospital are only there to provide comic relief and even that isn’t working for me. I will admit I’ve been fast-forwarding through most scenes that involve them and that’s not good. I continue to adore Soon Hee, she’s hilarious and I love that she has a crush on Young Gook. But I could totally see Seo Woo then accusing Soon Hee of “taking” something of hers and being nasty about it. Ugh. While I like how level-headed Young Gook is showing himself to be by reminding Seo Woo that it isn’t about who is more important, it’s about who is the right fit for which surgery – I can see him taking Seo Woo’s side. But would he be willing to help her bring Hye Jung down? I don’t know yet.

Yoon Do continues to fascinate me, I like his character. He seems to be an excellent doctor albeit with a not-so-great bedside manner but he’s not horrible. I like that he’s struggling to be a better person and I believe that’s due to Hye Jung. I also like that he admitted he’s got a crush on Hye Jung directly to Hong, I LOVE their bromance. I love how open & honest both of these men are, it’s very refreshing!

It didn’t take Hye Jung long to find the doctor who assisted and wrote up the paperwork on Grandma’s surgery but I thought she was going to investigate the anesthesiologist next? Unless the subs have been wrong, which is always possible. This doctor wasn’t the anesthesiologist so I got confused. Was this doctor tasked with writing up some phony paperwork to cover Dr. Jin Jr’s mistakes? We still don’t know for sure if anything happened in that OR, except that Dr. Jin Jr. took a phone call during surgery, that’s all we’ve been shown. Besides a nurse rushing out for more blood that is. From this doctors reaction, it’s obvious something happened and he’s been either paid or promised favors by Jin Jr. in return for covering it all up.

I continue to miss Grandma and love that Hong took Hye Jung to meet his father. It’s a relief to see Hong inherited his cheesiness from Director Hong! Sharp contrast to the Jin family, who are obsessed with making money and forcing Seo Woo to be the same. It’s particularly annoying that they’re resorting to dirty tricks to get what they want and I hope they all end up in jail. I can see Seo Woo eventually feeling too guilty to cover up for her family but we’re a long ways from that. She’s going to turn 100% evil first – at least that’s my guess. She only hears what she wants to hear during ANY conversation, with ANYONE. I’m so over her. (can you tell? LOL!) I know people who are quick to blame her family but let’s face it: at some point, every adult stops blaming their parents for everything and takes control of their own life. I dunno, I’m probably being too harsh.

When she slapped Yoon Do, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What the…why would she be angry with someone who has made it clear he’s “just not that into you”?? She feels like he led her on? Okay but still, where is your pride? Good Lord, put on your big-girl panties, suck it up and move on! I again felt zero sympathy for her tears when he tells her he only sees her as a sibling, that it ALL. I wanted to send him a plane ticket and tell him to update his resume so he could get the hell away from that hospital and Seo Woo.

I’m hoping the “Boss” character will come back sometime, I’m not going to like it if episode 9 was the end of Lee Ki Woo‘s cameo. (LOL) I could see Hye Jung needing his help somewhere down the road but maybe I’m wrong.

I’m very happy Director Hong didn’t resign because Hong was right, that would be playing right into the hands of the person trying to destroy him. I’m fairly certain Director Hong knows who is doing it but he seems unable to accept the fact that his oldest friend is an accomplice. Does he really believe it’s only Dr. Jin Jr. who is behind all of this? And why on earth would he tell his old friend he knows about his slush fund and then just hand over evidence of that? On the one hand, I feel like Director Hong is not blind and is able to stand his ground. On the other hand, he’s being shown as a good person, which just makes him weak to treachery – which also annoys the hell outta me. LOL, I guess I’m just beyond annoyed by all the EVIL people this week.

I LOVED it when Director Hong slapped Dr. Jin Sr’s face for saying Hong isn’t really his son because he’s not blood-related! Clearly Hong IS his son and he doesn’t give a hoot if he’s adopted. I loved the flashback, showing us just what type of man Director Hong is. I think one of my favorite moments this week was when Hong held his father’s hand in the elevator. It made me realize how very fortunate Hong was to receive so much love from this man and I’m going to be devastated if anything happens to him. I loved the father/son scenes as much as I loved Grandma’s scenes with Hye Jung. The writer does seem to be heading in that direction and I’m not going to be happy when/if Director Hong is killed off. Watching Hong have to print out his own fathers DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) request was heartbreaking, it brought tears to my eyes.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hand-holding scene with our OTP and yes, I squealed. (LOL) It’s telling that Hye Jung understood immediately that Hong needed comfort and reassurance and was willing to give it. I also loved the scene between Yoon Do and Hye Jung when he notices her going into Hong’s office with food and snaps, asking when they’re eating together? Then he got all happy when she asked him to lunch. LMAO, he’s a dork and I’m finding his interactions with both Hye Jung and Hong much more amusing than anything happening with all the residents. Their eventual lunch together in the cafeteria was incredibly awkward but also very amusing. I hope they all end up being good friends because let’s face it: if Yoon Do, Young Gook, Hong and most of the residents take Hye Jung’s side in any silly fight with Seo Woo – things will get really ugly. Instead of looking at herself, Seo Woo will feel as if Hye Jung has “stolen” all these people from her and retaliate and I don’t think it will be a simple thing like turning her in for accepting a bribe.

I’m not at all surprised Seo Woo reported Hye Jung for accepting a gift since it’s against the rules but everyone knows reaching the “Boss” would be impossible. I suppose she could have just returned it to the dealership? But even after explaining she didn’t “accept” it, the investigator is going ahead because Seo Woo is the one who reported it. *sigh* While it doesn’t shock me at all that she reported Hye Jung, I AM a bit shocked at Seo Woo’s behavior in the elevator. It did show us her level of maturity in case anyone was still wondering. It’s really pathetic.

I really liked the scene with Director Hong sitting in a hospital bed, surrounded by people who respect and love him – again, the contrast with the Jin family of doctors couldn’t be more evident. I was crazy during his surgery and am really happy it turned out okay but…am I the only one thinking someone from the Jin Doctors payroll is going to sneak into the room while he’s sleeping and kill him? Did it cross anyone else’s mind or have I just seen too many hospital scenes in dramas? (LOL) Dr. Jin Sr. might have been angry that his son was hoping for Director Hong’s death but is he truly willing to step up if his son tries anything horrific? I doubt it.

I’m super annoyed that our cutie-pie resident, Kang Soo, and his nurse side-kick are unwilling to step up and admit they’re the ones who wrecked the car. I understand it was Hye Jung’s mistake to let them drive it in the first place but for them to both be aware she’s facing disciplinary action and not open their mouths is just wrong. It’s also rather annoying that Kyung Joon was so happy to throw her under the bus when he’s the first one who asked her to “give” the car to him! These people (so far) have no loyalty and zero sense of accountability. I harken back to my first thoughts of not wanting ANY of them to be part of hospital care I might ever need. (LOL) I feel as if the whole car thing is a plot-device, trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, when it would be very easy to prove they can’t reach this “Boss” guy therefore how is anyone going to return the car?

Hong learning it was Seo Woo who turned Hye Jung in for accepting a bribe also didn’t go anywhere. He really can’t do or say anything about it because this would only cause Seo Woo to act more immaturely and irrationally in the future. This disciplinary hearing is going to turn into all the hospital heads taking sides in the Jin VS Hong battle. It’s interesting that Hye Jung admitted working at Guk Il Hospital is not her end goal, she doesn’t seem to care if she’s fired. While I’m hoping her end goal was to find out the truth about Grandma’s surgery and seek justice (or what little she can since the statute of limitations has run out) I AM curious why she doesn’t care if she’s fired. Did she really only become a doctor to seek revenge? I’m hoping not.

I kind of understand why Hye Jung was angry Hong butted into her secret investigation of Grandma’s surgery and I also understand that Hong wants to take care of or remove any unpleasant things from her life. But she’s no longer a child, she’s an adult. He seems to want to handle any/all things he deems might be difficult for her and take care of any messes but he can’t do that. He has to trust that she can either handle things on her own OR they need to discuss it first. Him going off on his own and meddling in her life is not the way to win her trust. Would it have been so difficult for him to mention to this other doctor that Grandma was his old landlord to explain why he was curious what happened? The other doctor tells Hye Jung that Hong said he didn’t know her. Ummm, no – he didn’t say that. All this double-talk leads to misunderstandings, which is one of my least favorite Kdrama tropes.

I also understood Hye Jung saying she doesn’t “do love that becomes a nuisance”, I don’t either. (LMAO) I avoid people in my real life who bring me down or try to fill my life with their own special brand of being miserable, I don’t need that in my life. But that could also mean she’s not willing to fight for love or unwilling to compromise to make the relationship last. On the other hand, I didn’t understand anything she was thinking. Something about being a good person instead of being a good man or a good woman. Whut? It made no sense. Oh and two small observations: Park Shin Hye looked stunning in those last shots! And Kim Rae Won does have really large hands. *hee* I’m praying next week is better.

Let me know what you thought or felt watching this week and I’ll see everyone next week!


  • Cami says:

    I’m in love With the last outfit she wore ! Actually, I would raid her whole wardrobe because her sense of style is so classic abs modern at the same time.
    Oh and Seo Woo tattling on Hye Jung is not surprising at all. She is simply following the same malicious behavior as her family, which, even though it would make me angry, at the same time I pity her because she’s wasting a lot of potential by letting herself get sucked in a whirlpool of competition and envy. I mean, she’s hella gorgeous and has money! If she toned down her negative and obsessive qualities, and were more confident, compassionate and kind, she’d have a throng of guys behind her too!
    This is dramaland people. The whole point we watch it is the drama. Certain things can get annoying but so far I’m really into this show.

  • Ryan says:

    Oh, I was expecting a recap, but instead we got to read your love-and-hate relationship with the drama. I don’t know where to start since a full two episode worth of thoughts is kinda too difficult to narrow down in just a few sentences. But I want to share my thoughts too!
    First, I think it’s all very clear that HJ can just send the car back, but it’s also clear to me that the moment Seo Woo reported it, it became a big deal. What I like is that the other characters know the issue didn’t have to be messy, but since it’s SW and she’s the president’s daughter, they can’t just let it slide for politics’ sake.

    I never doubted that Jin Sr. still has a soft spot for Dr. Hong. It was shown in an earlier episode, and in episode 10, he proved once again that he’s not as evil as his son. He doesn’t seem to know that his own son has been hiding a secret all those years, so I want to see how he’d react once he finds out about HJ’s grandma.

    Kyung Joon, I think, likes to play tough but is a real softie on the inside. He might have dissed HJ, but he sent Kang Soo running to tell her about the summons, and the way he explained to Yoon Do about Boss and the reason behind the gift just proved that he’s not that bad. He even let KS rest on the bed, right?

    I would like to share more, but it might look another Week 5 Thoughts. It’s really nice to read your thoughts, though, and know that we are watching the same show but has very different takes on it.

    • tessieroo says:

      Didn’t Jin Sr. give his son the paperwork (which he then gave to a reporter) to leak info that Hong had some hospital stocks? So he was in on that part but you’re right – I don’t think he’s as evil as his son. I do agree with most of what you said so we’re not too different. I think I’m just more annoyed with the bad guys than I should be? (LOL)

  • Comel says:

    Yeah I’m expecting a recaps too from u coz it’s fun and worth reading lol. Like i said at my twitter too this drama brings out all the emotions that restored on us. Happy, love, sad, angry, annoying and lots more. We already know how SW can be very villain towards HJ but it’s really annoys me a lot too. I’m hoping too that the Boss will comeback to save HJ from fired by disciplinary board. Hoping one of his staff read the KS blogs and told Boss what happen after he give HJ that car (hmmm). Finger cross. On the last scene on epi 10 I’m hoping JH will chased HJ and grab her hand and do the explanation. His late on the same attempt and pls don’t let the same things happen again (annoying lol) and I’ll agree on all your others thought thou. Hihihi

    • tessieroo says:

      Oh, that would be a perfect reason for Boss guy to come back! If he or one of his minions read that webtoon Kang Soo posted, maybe he will! And I do hope Hong runs after HJ, they need to squash this quickly because much more trouble is coming.

      See, now I’m excited for next week. 😀

  • omiki says:

    I’m also expecting Jin Jr to kill Chairman Hong in the hospital, you know, through the IV drip or something. He really should go recuperate in another hospital.

    Car gift from Boss issue should be easily resolved once he appears to clarify. The bigger problem is Seo Woo will hate HJ even more after that and plot more evil ways to bring her down.

    Now that Jin Jr knows that Hong is digging into Grandma’s death, he will try to get rid of him, too, on top of getting rid of his Father.

    • tessieroo says:

      YES, I’m so happy I’m not the only one who has seen someone die in a hospital because the bad guys sent in a goon to “take care” of someone! *happydance* I’m expecting it and praying I’m wrong. O__O

      Yep, I also expect Dr. Jin Jr. will pull even more nasty stuff to get rid of Hong along with Hye Jung and Seo Woo will be only too thrilled to help. Ugh.

  • crimsonavy says:

    I like to read your thoughts about this drama. So far, I still enjoy this week episodes. I didn’t really pay attention to the hospital politic and the power struggle between Hong and Jin family. So it didn’t bother me too much.

    And I’m curious if anyone of you feeling the same as me about Seo Woo’s screen time in this drama. It almost feels like she is a side character with so little appearance, not an important second lead female. All that she did was ruined other people life and going around the hospital with her usual smug face. I really hope that the writer will give her some character growths, I still don’t want to give up on her yet.

    And I love Siberian Husky Yoon Do ! His interaction with Hye Jung and Ji Hong is the one that I enjoy the most while watching this drama. Looking forward for the next episodes ! 🙂

  • tessieroo says:

    You are spot on, it’s really a shame they’ve made Seo Woo so one dimensional so far. I keep hoping to see her doing an AMAZING surgery or …I don’t know, maybe out hiking? Or something! She needs a hobby besides being snobby and wearing too much makeup. (LOL) I gave up on her way too early but I’m more than willing to see her mature and grow.

    Yes, Yoon Do’s interactions with our OTP are hilarious, some of the best parts!

  • says:

    I love this article of yours and I agree. Thanks you. Keep up the good work. Im waiting for the recap of episode 12 especially the kissing scene part. Kim Rae Won is difinitely a shy gentleman and as for Park Shin Hye, two thumbs up, finally I can say she satified in that part. ✌🏻️.

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