“Let’s Fight, Ghost” Episode 5 Preview + Thoughts On Week 2

I am officially on board! This week was better as all the characters were better integrated in the plot and I’m no longer bored by the comic duo’s scenes. I’m not quite sure about the monk but he’s fun and there’s obviously more to learn about his relationship with Bong Pal. The professor is clearly evil and probably killed Bong Pal’s mother. I’m looking forward to learning about Bong Pal’s family and his relationship with his dad who’s apparently still searching for the evil ghost who killed his wife 10 years ago.

The highlight is still very much the chemistry between the leads. I love bickering couples so it’s right up my alley. I still don’t get how Bong Pal openly talks to her in public but I will have to let that go. I initially found it ridiculous that she could eat but I suppose we need that to see her get drunk and receive a piggyback ride. So now, I’m just rolling with it that a ghost is like a person wearing an invisibility cloak.

The crazy duo had me in stitches in the sauna scene as I burst out laughing at Chun Sang’s reaction to the evil ghost. I’m now enjoying their comedy and even think the chemistry between the two actors improved this week. It looks like our exorcism team will eventually grow to four.

I don’t have as much to say about our Hyun Ji this week because there wasn’t much development in her story which I am looking forward to. The synopsis implied that she’d spent her high school years studying but the execution is different because she’s certainly not a bookworm and is only choosing to take the exams because she suspects it might be the reason she hasn’t ascended. I can’t even remember how she arrived at that conclusion.

Next week looks fun.

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  • Karen says:

    I can`t wait to see it! (^_^)

  • Sweet Pea says:

    She meet the ghost unnie at the exam entrance gate. and apparently she doesn’t even realize that she died already at that time. that’s why ghost unnie suggest her dying might be related to exam entrance that she couldn’t take when she live.

    I read some of the webtoon, and as a reader i found the adaptation is more funny and interesting.

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