“The Good Wife” Episode 7 Preview + Thoughts On Show So Far

The Good Wife is about a stay-at-home-mom who rejoins the workforce as a lawyer after her prosecutor husband is embroiled in a scandal and thrown in jail. She gets a job at her old friend’s law firm.

I wish I could say that I watched the American original but I would be lying. Actually, that’s also kind of a lie. There was a lot of hype about the show around Season 2 that I couldn’t help but check it out. I started watching it marathon-style but stopped around Episode 10 or so. I can’t remember why. I think I couldn’t find the next episode or something like that. I planned to return to it but never did because as time passed, I got even more behind.

All that is to say that I’m pretty familiar with the Season 1 characters of the show but not much about what happened in its seven seasons (other than off screen drama and a death). I did ship Will and Alicia and couldn’t wait for her to drop Peter like the bad habit he was.

How does the Korean version compare? For starters, it’s a true procedural in that every episode tackles a different legal case which I think is pretty rare in Kdramaland. I think the characters are pretty in line with their American counterparts although Tae Joon comes across a little dirtier than Peter and Joon Ho just sucks. I thought Cary annoying at first too but Joon Ho seems a lot worse and not as layered. No one can match the flawlessness that is Kalinda but Nana is doing a pretty good job as Kim Dan.

I like Jeon Do Yeon’s take as the lead character, Kim Hye Kyung. She’s doing a great job as the intelligent, resourceful, hurt supporting wife who’s making the best of the circumstances she’s been thrown into. I’m trying hard to remember how I felt about Will in the American series but I’ll say that I think I might have been more impressed by him than Joong Won. I’m not sure, though. Not that Joong Won sucks or anything but I found him quite bland at first. But I think the writers are improving his character by making him a bit more mysterious and showing that he’s got a dark side too. It’ll be worse if he were a perfect, little boy scout.

I think one of their biggest travesties is what they’ve done with the Diane Lockhart character. The Korean version looks the part but I don’t think they give her much to work with. It’s a shame because Diane is awesome.

Anyway, that aside, I’m really enjoying this show. I’ve always enjoyed legal dramas so this works for me. Other than that, I’m intrigued by Tae Joon’s case and wonder how guilty is. He sometimes seems like a mob boss and I don’t believe a single word he says to his wife. There’s also Choi Sang Il who has a vendetta against him but since he comes off shady, I don’t know what to think of their drama. Is anyone in the right here?

Hye Kyung and Joong Won have a nice rapport as old friends who might ignite a flame from their past. I’m not really shipping them as they don’t have much heat but I enjoy their conversations and liked their kiss in the last episode. It was kind of fun because her old friend got her hot-and-bothered but she cooled off with her husband. On one hand, it’s a little foul that she slept with her husband over her feelings for another man. But on the other hand, that’s better than cheating on him, right?

It’s only a 16-episode drama so I wonder if this version will end with her staying a “Good Wife” or giving my Will and Alicia the ending they deserve.

Here’s the preview:

Credit: tvN

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  • bmore says:

    Oh I am loving this show! I think I caught a couple episodes of the original, or maybe the first season? My old brain! But I hate comparing. I’m loving this one for the uniqueness of it. So happy to see an adult kdrama for a change! I hope this is a trend that continues. I say again…I am so thankful for cable. Bless you tvN! May tons of money and sponsors continue to fall your way as well as amazing actors who are sick to death of cliche, repetitive dramas and want to be challenged in their work. It’s a great time to be watching K!!! 🙂

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