Doctors Week 6 Thoughts – Life Is Full Of Changes

*highpitchedsqueals* This week was everything I was hoping for between our OTP and more! I’m going to continue to discuss my own thoughts/feelings while I watch this amazing drama each week and that will include things that confuse me or make me angry so I might have questions. Hopefully, someone is willing to enlighten me on the confusing bits. (LOL) Or clue me in on their own thoughts which would somehow lessen my anger. I love having discussions about dramas since none of us see things the same way, I always learn when I read other viewers points-of-view. Let me know what you think!

I was SO happy Hong chased after Hye Jung, I felt a huge sense of relief. But I have to admit the phone call from Dr. Jin Jr. left me baffled. Does he not know who Hye Jung is yet? It doesn’t seem as if he’s put all the pieces together: she is not only a fellow doctor in the hospital (although hired by Dr. Kim) she is also the granddaughter of one of his “mistake” patients. Does he also not know that Hong used to be Seo Woo’s teacher? Ya know, that teacher who quit amidst a scandal? I don’t understand if the writer is purposely making Dr. Jin Jr. out to be clueless OR if we’re supposed to think he’s so busy that he has no time to think about things he considers unimportant (like his own daughter).

Having In Joo return initially filled me with dread, would she cause major problems between our OTP? I was impatient with the writers but (thankfully) I was wrong. It appears she’s not only matured but accepted that Hong is very much in love with Hye Jung. I’m delighted our OTP has someone strongly in their corner because they’ll most likely need the support. I find this In Joo to be charming so I’m happy she’s back! It’s hilarious that she and our pervy Uncle Jang have moved themselves in to Yoon Do’s house and don’t appear to be moving out anytime soon. LOL!

The creepy husband was immediately on my radar when he said his wife “fell down the stairs” at work. I’ve probably watched too many CSI episodes but that phrase seems to be code for abusive relationship. (LOL) So 4 minutes into episode 11, I didn’t believe one single word he said and was surprised ANY of the hospital staff did. I’ve always been under the impression that hospital staff are trained to be suspicious but the way the girls were mooning over this guy made me believe they need to attend training classes on what to look for in abuse situations. Okay, that sounded harsh but I don’t like them all being made out to be idiots. I know that hospital workers are human beings but I prefer them to be SMART human beings. *heehee*

I was also happy & relieved when Kang Soo and his nurse buddy finally stepped up to the plate and admitted to Dr. Kim they were the ones who wrecked that car. I don’t think it would have made much difference, any punishment would have fallen on Hye Jung anyway. But it very much improved my personal opinion of these two! Maybe that’s part of my problem, I want to like all of these people and so far, I just don’t. For me (again), all the side residents and nurses are filler to make us laugh and it still doesn’t work for me – I still fast-forward through the majority of those scenes. My hopes that the “Boss” character would return were dashed too. *sniff* Maybe we’ll see him again later? *crossesfingers*

The scene with Director Hong and his son and the Jin doctors was confusing to me but I eventually understood Dr. Jin St. was just pretending they should all “get along”. It also seems odd to me that Hong doesn’t know these people very well – wasn’t Dr. Jin Sr. his fathers best friend for over 30 years? Did they never socialize or did Director Hong truly never introduce his son to the Jin family? Hong’s reaction made it almost seem as if this was the first time they had met! If their families are “tied” (as Dr. Jin Jr. said), why did it seem as if this was the first time the sons were meeting?

Seo Woo continues to be one of the weakest characters, she just doesn’t have a strong story-line, which is a shame. The conversation between her and Hye Jung seemed pointless, although I like Hye Jung sticking up for herself. The thing is, Seo Woo isn’t only taking out her anger on Hye Jung, she’s also been blasting Yoon Do. So no matter how misguided and unjustified her anger, she’s not picking on one over the other. I do like that she suddenly questioned her own behavior but I really wish the writer would spend more time peeling back her layers. I want to know more about her, she can’t be just about men and jealousy, right? I’ll try to be more patient. (LOL)

And I like Young Gook calling her out on her petty behavior but then he explained it away by saying it’s because she’s a woman? UGH. I wanted Seo Woo to end up with Young Gook (since he seems to adore her) but with his openly sexist remark, I’m re-thinking that. I realize this is most likely a cultural thing but I can’t abide by any guy who would explain away jealous, petty behavior as just “being a woman”. I know millions of women who would never act this way! Of course, it’s a drama so I’ll try to overlook it. *heh*

Again, I LOVE how open and honest Hye Jung is and found myself laughing at Hong’s reaction to her speech in his office. He seemed not only taken aback by her mature thinking but also floored that she so level-headed. Are we sure this girl has never had a relationship before? Because she nailed it! I’m now positive this character is my absolute favorite, out of all the characters Park Shin Hye has played. I love strong, intelligent, opinionated women who are firm in their beliefs but who are also warm and kind, willing to admit mistakes and learn from them. She’s an amazing character, huge kudos to the writer for making such a lovely, strong female lead.

I’ll admit I was 100% wrong that someone from the bad-guy side would try to kill Director Hong but I was right about him being killed off. *sigh* It never fails that my favorite side characters are done away with, I think Kdrama writers hate me. (LMAO) The parallel between Hye Jung laying her head on Grandma before she died with Hong laying his head on Director Hong broke my heart. Our OTP are now alone since the most important person in their lives has been taken from them. At this point I was praying it would bring them closer.

I couldn’t believe Dr. Jin Sr. searched Director Hong’s office. And why wear white gloves if he was jut going to admit he did it? *snort* Did he confront Director Hong on purpose, knowing he might have a heart-attack and if so, isn’t that manslaughter? I only thought of these things later when the tears stopped. The scene of Hong trying desperately to save his father broke me, the tears wouldn’t stop for quite a while. The father/son relationship in this drama has been one of the best portrayed I’ve ever seen and I’m going to miss it. Very much. I also liked Hong consoling himself and imagine this is exactly what Hye Jung does too. Both are used to dealing with pain and loss on their own.

Yoon Do is turning out to be one of my favorite funny characters, which I didn’t see coming at all. I adore him and I love that he’s giving Hye Jung advice about men. LMAO, who saw that coming? I couldn’t believe Seo Woo’s mother went to Yoon Do’s office to harass him about her daughter. But I do love that he continues to stand his ground and isn’t being swayed. If he is eventually forced to marry her, she’s not going to be happy. And what on earth would make this woman believe that forcing her daughter into a loveless marriage is the right thing to do? I honestly don’t understand these story lines but again, it could just be a cultural thing that I don’t understand.

In Joo turned out to be a much better person than I gave her credit for, it was so nice to see her and Hye Jung getting along. Again, if you’re a regular reader, you know how much I hate the way females are pitted against one another in dramas, it’s infuriating. I know there for a while that being a “mean girl” was supposedly a “cool” thing but for me? I think the world could use more women being kind to each other so I always love it when women show they can get along. I also love that the majority of the staff are getting along but I wish Seo Woo was part of the group. Maybe she will be later on, I’m going to continue to hope for that and be patient. I do think we will eventually see more sides of Seo Woo.

The way Hong figured out how to get through to the female patient was tension filled but brilliant. To find out this stalker basically registered their marriage without the female patients knowledge scared the hell outta me, is that even possible? That hospital is seriously a dangerous place to be but thank goodness they have a thug on staff who knows how to kick arse. (LOL) I’m now wondering if we’re going to see one important case each week with (maybe) a different guest star each week? Oh, and did anyone notice the nurse at the main station who seems to have a blushing problem? Her cheeks turn vivid pink when she gets embarrassed and this reminds me of an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t remember how they fixed it for her but they did.

My heart started fluttering the moment our OTP stepped into Hong’s home. *kekeke* I LOVE this very adult relationship, I love the way both are able to say exactly what they’re thinking and feeling with no games! I love that nervous feeling when you realize you’re standing thisclose to someone you like and our leads nailed that feeling. I love that SHE was the first one to reach out and touch him. I loved the look in his eyes. And OMO, THAT KISS! *gasp* My feet didn’t touch the ground for several hours. (LOL) Yes, I replayed it over and over and over…does that make me a perv? Don’t know, don’t care. *heh*

I giggled like a little girl during that backhug and am still giggling, a day later. OMG, these two are SO CUTE! I love that Hye Jung is the one making all the moves. This week was so good! My fear now is we’ll get maybe one more episode of our OTP being adorably close and then BAM, major problems will start. It’s okay though, I feel ready for anything that comes.

See you next week!

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  • EG says:

    Love love love this week episodes
    Too bad rating dropped

  • Ryan says:

    You were right about the evil Jins. I was too naive to think that Jin Sr isn’t as evil as his son, but the moment Myung Hoon admitted to disposing records that were supposed to be medical accidents and Jin Sr didn’t seem the bit surprised just disgusted me. These greedy father and son are the polar opposites of Dr. Hong and JH, and the moment Hong Sr passed away, any remorse they showed at his death just couldn’t revive the tiny bit of hope I have for them.

    These two episodes were really amazing (for obvious reasons , XD) but also because episode 12 just revealed a darker side of Ji Hong. I believe his father at least entrusted him with information that he could used against the Jins, and with Kim Tae Ho by his side, I hope these two smart guys can overthrow the greedy ones out of the hospital.

    Yoon Do is just too adorable and for a moment, I thought they’re gonna pair him up with In Joo! But it ended up so funnily that I can’t complain. It would be an awesome twist if that ever happens.

    I missed reading your recaps, but I have to admit your thoughts make me think as well. I’m glad you’re sharing them cause you’re so insightful in such an endearing way. I think I squeal every time you do. Looking forward to your thoughts every week until the ending! Oh I’m sad already. 😀

  • Comel says:

    I’m ok with the ratings drop. It doesn’t bother me much. Know at Sk having summer holidays break so that’s probably effect the ratings (>__< hahaha) but the bts vid much more passionate than the real scene (how come – sigh). I love too how HJ and JH do the adjustment and having mutual understanding between each other. They need and love to each other much. But i love where their sulking between them hahaha didn't know krw can pull that sulking mood haahha and I'll believe too calm before the storm but i do hope that HJ JH facing it together what ever it comes later. Please adding more romance scene too… And I'm wondering what HJ JH were doing after that passionate kissing ??? (Perv mood hahah cant help) hihihi

  • snow says:

    I replayed that scene several times!!! LOL 😀

  • aniv says:

    I recently came across your site with recaps. I like it very much. Thanks for doing this.

    It was heart wrenching to see the boy being consoled by the adult Hong. It makes sense since he was pretty much grown when he was adopted. But still, he loved his father and spent time with him in the last episodes.

    I loved OTP characters getting back together and HJ innocent behavior about dating with a guy and getting to know how to go about it. I loved that Hong was trying to give her the space instead of being overbearing when she said she would leave. She got angry and that was so cute. Finally they got to kiss. I was surprised that she did not initiate it when they were so close to one another when she turned the second time around to look at him. I guess they wanted to bring that awkward ness into the scene. What happened after the kiss scene? Anything? Did she go home? or stay?

    Didn’t the Jr. Jin cut some organ while he was talking to his dad about coming to the seoul hospital and that Chairman Hong agreed to it. It is despicable that medical doctors and employees behave so atrociously hiding information especially when it comes to patients and their families. I truly hate the privileged family thing in these kDramas.

    Enjoyed your discussion and look forward to the next episode.

  • Queen says:

    I love reading your recaps especially for your comments (sometime’s I’ve seen the translate vids but I still read your blog for the comments). This week’s eps were good and like you I also wonder why the staff was not seeing the something was wrong with the husband and she got injured at work but no work friend/college visited and the fact that she didn’t look at him was another red flag (but as you said its drama land, I personally would not check into Slone Grace Momeral Hospital if my life depended on it LOL).

    With Jin Jr. I do think he is not aware of HJ as yet (if he was he would not have ripped up the ethics paper and he would have patted his daughter on the back with a job well done).

    Now SW I too am waiting for her to have her light bulb moment and grow up, she’s in her 30’s and a doctor she should give up her dad’s inferiority complex (given to her by her mom) from the little I’ve seen of her she looks like a capable doctor or maby she is a chip off the old block and railing at the world instead of looking to better her self (she too can hide her “mistakes” as dad did). That line made me sick he didn’t see the LIVES he had stolen, and has the gall to call them mistakes he definitely needs to lose his license no matter the statutes of limitations.

    Our OPT they are both self reliant and willing to change for each other (I was happy that her ran too).l like that HJ wants a partner to stand by her/ with her/ next to her, but she also needs to be able to do the same and be able to rely on someone (the soft within the tough that you and I are looking for). JH asked to help she shot him down in the real world if I/we had a contact as him we would have asked or accepted the offer (I would see that as me making a smat Play than him being daddy long legs) or in her way she doesn’t want to inflict her hate/revenge/gilt world on another sole especially his. They both have some growing to do in regards to that ( it’s not the battles you fight alone that make you stronger it’s the people that walk trough them with you).

    I can say so much more but I think I’ll stop for tonight/morning will be looking forward to your comments on Monday and you are not the only one that replayed that seen, living in th US Its nice to know that we aren’t too decentized by the media/tv when rewatching a kiss too often gives one the feeling of being a priv LOL and a really good kiss gets one every time (witch is so rare in drama land).

  • crimsonavy says:

    Now I’ll make a little wish for Yoon Do to end up with In Joo. They could make a dynamic and hilarious pairing. I guess In Joo still have no children, so Yoon Do wouldn’t be a stepfather >▼<

    Aack, my Yoon Do-Seo Woo ship has been drowning before it could sail

  • Padamyar says:

    I like the way you analyze the drama. It will be better if they will not give a lot of airtime to cameo. I would like to see how brilliant Hye J is. How she will do the surgery as a lead not as an assistant. Ending should be that she become Prof. Also Sw cannot perform the surgery. I wish this drama will not go back again to her stepmother and sister. We like this drama because of time jump to 13 yrs. we like to see her success. I do not mind if she will end up with YD.
    I think dr. Hong will get a lot of shares from his father so that he will become Chairman.

  • Lily says:

    I Love how you write Doctors Recaps or Reviews here. You are like all of us too, so fansgirling the kiss and our OTP doing really great. So many sparks and love how they convey each other.

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