“Let’s Fight, Ghost” Episode 7 Preview + Thoughts on Week Three

This show’s take on ghosts continues to be ridiculous. They eat, sleep, brush their teeth, and now, can drown! Not cross over to the other side but die.

Of course, ghosts are highly fictionalized so every writer’s version could differ but some things should still make sense. Like, are we really supposed to believe that a ghost can drown in water? It’s not like Hyun Ji was fighting to stay in her realm and not cross over. Nope, she was fighting for her life. It’s all so silly but I give it a pass because the show is so fun.

The chemistry between Hyun ji and Bong Pal is so good that I only think of the actors’ age difference when I write about the show. Who would have thought that So Hyun would be TaecYeon’s best romantic partner so far?

I like how the romance is being written. It’s cliche but has still drawn me in. With their banter, fights, make-ups and all the sweet things in between. With Hyun Ji being jealous and realizing her feelings first and Bong Pal being blind and “in love” with his sunbae without realizing what’s slowly happening to his heart. I usually root for ghosts to cross over but need this to have a happy ending. And by happy ending, I mean that Hyun Ji should wake up from her coma and end up with Bong Pal. Yeah, that girl had better be in a coma somewhere. lol

I mean, things are already getting strange with In Rang seeing her when he’s drunk or delirious. Why can other people see her?

The vet is still evil and I didn’t really find his scenes all that interesting this week. They just confirmed to us that he’s truly evil. I do wonder what plan he has for Bong Pal’s family. It seems he already killed his mom so what more does he want?

In Rang and Chun Sang continue to be the comic relief and this week, played Cupid. I am enjoying them a lot more but still find them annoying at times. The director should err on the side of moderation but I think he really likes them.

Next week’s preview:

It looks like Hyun Ji is recovering some of her memories. Yay!

Credit: tvN

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