W – Two Worlds Week 2 – The Moment You Realize You’re In A WebToon

So who scratches their head with a gun? Lee Jong Suk, that’s who! (LOL) Whoa, this drama has taken over my life and we’re only in week 2! I was hooked within the first 20 minutes and I’m loving it so far. This is my week to recap but be sure to join us again next week when Clockwatcher and I will team up! It’s been a long time since we’ve done that and I’ve missed it. Anyhoo, let’s get started on this weeks fun ride!

After getting bounced back out of the webtoon for a second time, Yeon Joo heads to Dad’s office to talk with him but learns he fired everyone and left with his laptop & drawing board. Soo Bong has finally figured out the new girl in the webtoon is none other than Yeon Joo, right? He secretly told her Kang Chul was being killed off and she somehow went in and saved him! But he’s so confused…how did she do that? As he’s saying it doesn’t make sense, he suddenly notices she’s wearing the same dress as shown in the webtoon.

Yeon Joo argues with him, does he know how much this dress & shoes cost? Does he really think she would buy these? Does he think any of her friends would buy them for her? He slowly shakes his head no but then suggests Seok Bum? Professor Park? Her Dad? He finally stammer out Kang Chul? She wonders if he finally believes her now, that she was pulled into the webtoon. He falls to the floor and literally does a high-pitched, girly scream when she comes near him, like she’s a monster. LMAO, I love Soo Bong!

They head into her Dad’s office with Soo Bong throwing questions at her: How did she go into the webtoon? Can she go in whenever she wants? Can he go in too? She doesn’t know how it happened but it’s clear that everything in “that” world revolves around Kang Chul, even time itself. The webtoon has been published for 7 years but 15 years of Kang Chul’s life has been shown. She also explains an ending scene must include a change in Kang Chul’s mind or she’s unable to come back to “this” world. Confused yet? (LOL)

That’s why she did that. Soo Bong snarks about the kiss, did she really kiss Kang Chul? She claims she had no choice. Uh, huh. He’s not buying it either, she did it because she’s Kang Chul’s fan. She vehemently denies it, he asks if it was good. OMG, AHAHAHAHA! She smacks him, she didn’t feel anything because she was in a hurry but explains that Kang Chul is human – just like us. Soo Bong just wants to know if Kang Chul is handsome. Yeon Joo smiles, saying he is and then they both smile. *snicker* When he asks about So-Hee, she wonders why all men are obsessed with boob size. *sigh* I feel you, girl, it’s depressing.

Yeon Joo admits there’s no way she can let Kang Chul die, she’s a doctor. Soo Bong remembers Mr. Oh saying today would be the last episode, he’s probably going to kill Kang Chul. Yeon Joo can’t believe her Dad is going to try killing Kang Chul again and searches back through all the “W” manhwa novels, starting at the very beginning. She finds quite a few cryptic notes written by her father and figures out the episode where Kang Chul almost committed suicide was the same day she and her Mom moved out – leaving her Dad all alone. Awwww.

In flashback, we see her Dad sinking into depression and drinking too much around that time, losing his will to do anything. He decided to end Kang Chul’s life and drew him jumping off the bridge. But when he woke up the next morning, the drawing had changed and Kang Chul was still alive! He was hanging onto the bridge with one hand, was he stuck that way overnight? And what an absurd thought: that a webtoon character was “stuck” overnight. (LOL)

Sung Moo thought it might be a new beginning so he decided to continue the webtoon. He made Kang Chul a rich young man who bought a TV station. He started a program similar to “Most Wanted”, searching for the person who killed his family. The program was called “W”, which stood for Who and Why. With the success of his webtoon, Sung Moo became famous but only seemed to care if his ex-wife regretted leaving him. We see her watching his interview. Awwww.

But strange things kept happening as he continued to drink. His drawing pen would suddenly run out or his drawings would change as if Kang Chul was ALIVE and changing things to his own satisfaction. Or someone was! This scared Sung Moo, was it the alcohol or was he going insane? He angrily tells himself he should have let Kang Chul die at the Han River and we see Kang Chul sinking below the surface, drowning. Yeon Joo reads the words her dad wrote on the last page, calling Kang Chul a monster.

Yeon Joo is back at work, taking aspirin for her headache before she leaves. On her way out, she sees Professor Park reading the kiss scene on his phone and runs into an elevator to hide from him. *hee* Once in the elevator, she notices everyone is reading that chapter on their phones, she’s being haunted by that kiss scene and she’s mortified. She suddenly faints at a bus stop while talking to Soo Bong on the phone. A stranger finds her phone & tells Soo Bong just a phone and a bag are here but the person he was talking to is gone. *gulp* Okay, that’s freaky.

We’re suddenly back inside the webtoon where So Hee is learning about the slap/kiss from the store manager and they find Yeon Joo, unconscious on the floor inside the dressing room. What? How did she get pulled back in? So Hee calls Kang Chul to let him know and he immediately returns to the store. He refuses to let So Hee call the hospital or police, scoops Yeon Joo into his arms and carries her out to his car. So Hee does not look happy at this development.

At his apartment, a cop is waiting to talk to him about the mysterious woman who saved his life – they still can’t find her plus she didn’t show up on any of the CCTV’s in the area. *blinks* Okayyyy. Kang Chul tells the cop it’s okay while trying to hide Yeon Joo’s face. (LOL) The cop leaves, Kang Chul carries Yeon Joo into his bedroom with bodyguard, Do Yoon rushing in behind him. He lays her in his bed and wonders if she is indeed pretty? LMAO

Yeon Joo finally wakes up to find Kang Chul staring out the window, it’s dark outside. He tells her they are in his room but then seems very surprised that she not only knows what floor it’s on but also knows he has lived in hotels since the death of his family. She also knows he keeps a gun under his pillow, he can’t sleep without it. When he asks how she knows this, she claims she “saw” it. She also tells him she cried when he almost jumped off the bridge, it was the saddest scene ever. She whimpers but falls back to sleep while Kang Chul stares at her, mystified.

Kang Chul falls asleep in a chair only to awaken at a nightmare of himself drowning. (OMO!) Suddenly that same assassin who killed his family shows up in his apartment with a gun, pointed right at him. They fight until the assassin runs into the elevator. Before the doors can close, Kang Chul prise them back open but no one is there. *scratcheshead* Is Sung Moo trying to kill him again and using the same assassin that killed Kang Chul’s family?

Yep, I think so. Sung Moo had checked himself into a shabby motel to kill Kang Chul off but again, the drawings changed right in front of his eyes. In a fury, he throws the screen across the room and picking up a fire extinguisher, he beats on the screen until it cracks. He then rushes out of the room, leaving everything behind. Kang Chul picks up the assassin’s gun, drops into a chair and looks upward again, saying he will find the person who is trying to kill him. WOW!

The next morning, gorgeous bodyguard *insertgigglehere* Yoon Do tells Yeol Joo she was diagnosed with exhaustion and has been asleep for 2 days. He also says there is a fresh change of clothes in the bathroom and Kang Chul is on his way back to have lunch with her. In the bathroom she finds 2 sets of lacy underwear, a pink set and a black set. (LMAO) Picking up the black bra, she gasps that it’s see-through before she drops it.

She rushes back into the bedroom and grabs the gun from under Kang Chul’s pillow. Holding the gun in one hand and the black bra in the other, she tries to decide which one to use in order to shock Kang Chul, end the chapter and teleport herself back home. Right as Kang Chul and Yoon Do enter the bathroom, she makes her decision, drops the gun, turns around and whips open her robe. AHAHAHA! Yoon Do gets a good look before he slowly backs out of the room. Kang Chul rolls his eyes, is she back at this again? AHAHA, I’m dying.

When Yeon Joo realizes her naked body isn’t having any effect on Kang Chul, she ties the robe closed and pulls out the gun. She threatens to shoot him unless he lets her go. Umm…does he control when she comes and goes all by himself? Interesting. The gun is empty so that was pointless. Kang Chul loads the gun and points it back at her, threatening to shoot unless she answers his questions.

She finally admits she did it so she could disappear, just like she did with the slap/kiss. He wonders if that’s how that works? He steps forward and kisses her but nothing happens. LOL! She screeches that it’s not about the kiss, it’s about him having a change of emotion! He didn’t feel anything with that kiss so what does she mean? Ouch and LOL. Although he admits he was surprised, which she pounces on. See? He felt a change of emotion, it’s HIS emotions that count – that’s the rule…because he’s the main character! Uh, oh. Did she really just blurt that out?

Of course, he’s curious and asks what she means. She realizes she’s said too much and literally zips her lips closed – which is hilarious since she already spilled it. She then accuses him of sexual assault *groan* and threatens to sue (can we just NOT go there?) but he counters she slap/kissed him first whereas he only kissed her as a scientific experiment to see if she was being truthful. AHAHAHA! Sure, okay. We’ll go with that. *hee*

He’s had enough. He tells her she has until the count of 10 to explain and points the gun at her again. She doesn’t believe he would really shoot her until he fires a shot, breaking a vase. Yoon Do and So Hee comes running at the noise but Kang Chul snaps at them to get out. Yeon Joo tries convincing him she knows he wouldn’t shoot her, he’s not that type of person. He doesn’t think she knows him very well and shoots, right through her shoulder. Wait. How can the bullet pass clean through like that – with NO BLOOD? Okay, now I’m a bit freaked out.

Kang Chul is amused, didn’t she know her own powers? WTF? What powers? And how could HE know she wouldn’t really be shot, is he crazy? WTF am I saying, he’s a cartoon drawing! *slowsbreathing* Maybe I’m the one losing it. Yeon Joo faints but Kang Chul catches her. He orders Yoon Do to put her back into bed and then argues with So Hee who wants to turn Yeon Joo over to the police. Kang Chul won’t allow that, this woman is the key to his life. He snaps at So Hee, even yanking her phone away from her and says NO COPS but then gives her a warm smile.

When Yeon Joo wakes up this time, Kang Chul enters the room with Yoon Do to ask if she’s mad. She looks away, saying he just shot her with a gun. He smiles, he knew she wouldn’t die. WUT? How on earth would you know that? *dizzy* I’m so confused but I love it. He tells her she’s invincible, she will never die because she’s not a normal human being – she comes from a different world. And he knows she’s a surgeon in “that” world, pulling out her hospital ID badge she left behind last time.

He’s smug, he knows she can’t leave without him feeling a change of emotion which puts him in control of this situation and he has no intention of letting her leave until she answers his questions. He’ll protect her from the cops and the media but he wants the truth. She can shock him and then go home, wondering what kind of world she lives in. He sincerely apologizes for shooting her and gets up to leave. Yeon Joo blurts out “I love you”. *snort* Yoon Do is shocked but Kang Chul just turns around and smiles at her. Welp, that didn’t work.

As he boards the elevator with Yoon Do, Yeon Joo rushes up to ask where he’s going? New York and is he going to be killed there? She doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him when she’s “here”, she can’t help him so she tells him she’s his fan and wants him to have a happy ending. Awww. She tells him to be careful. He’s more curious about her now, asking her age and if she’s married? She’s 30 and not married. That makes him smile and as the elevator doors close, he winks at him. *moreslowbreathing* He’s too cute!

Yeon Joo tells herself the heroine for this webtoon has changed, from So Hee to Yeon Joo. And of course, because she’s the jealous 2nd lead, So Hee manipulates Yeon Joo while Chul is out-of-town and organizes her capture by the police. *sigh* I’m seriously so over evil, nasty female 2nd leads that I could scream. Right before she’s captured, Yeon Joo phones Chul to inform him and he’s about as angry as I am. (LOL) Yeon Joo is taken to jail and then to prison since she can’t/won’t answer questions. How can she? Anything she tells them would turn out to be false so there’s no point! She doesn’t exist in this world!

I don’t know why it seemingly takes Chul FOREVER to return (LOL) but when he does, the first thing he does is fire So Hee as his assistant. *loudcheersheardroundtheworld* Then he visits Yeon Joo in prison. He knows what a tough time she’s having, he’s been there: when he was accused of killing his entire family. Even though it wasn’t true. He tells her to answer his question and then she can just disappear. So she finally does. She explains he’s the main character in a webtoon.

And she suddenly disappears. The cops go crazy, Chul’s friends/employees go crazy and Prosecutor Han thinks Chul had something to do with it. He sees this as a second chance to put Chul away for murdering his family. As Chul explains to his friend, Hyun Suk, what happened, he also explains what Yeon Joo said. The moment he does, everything in his world freezes. Whoa, this is not what I was expecting but I’m loving it!

Suddenly he sees a white wall that (to me) looks like ice and remembers sticking his hand through it when he pulled Yeon Joo through to save his life the first time. Taking a gun off one of the frozen cops, he squares his shoulders and marches through the ice wall. He comes out on the other side in Seoul but it’s not the Seoul he knows. He’s on top of a roof, looking down on the city. He knows he needs to find Yeon Joo so he hides the gun under his jacket and sets off to find her. As he passes an alley, we see Sung Moon’s broken computer monitor laying in a pile of trash. Chul begins walking and it begins raining.


He’s out, he made it out! Uh, oh – does that mean he can’t go back? Nah, I doubt it because he could just use one of the computers in Sung Moon’s office, they’re all connected, right? But why would he want to go back? I sure as hell wouldn’t. I’d stay right next to Yeon Joo and help her pick out different colored bras. (LMAO) I’m kidding. I do worry what will happen when/if he discovers that Yeon Joo’s father is his “creator” and has written his entire life up to this point. Would Chul attempt to harm the person he believes is responsible (in a strange way) for murdering off his entire family? I could see that happening.

I originally was trying to figure out who was writing over Sung Moo and changing things. I thought maybe his ex-wife but no…she wouldn’t allow her daughter to have nude scenes or end up in prison. Then I thought Soo Bong since he wants the webtoon to continue but he seems clueless. It took me awhile to realize it’s probably coming from within the webtoon which means – maybe So Hee? Or is it Chul himself? I love the idea that he’s curious enough to fight for his life.

When I told a friend of mine about this drama, particularly about the scene at the end of episode 2 where Kang Chul looks up and asks who is out there – he said it reminded him of a Sims game, although he couldn’t remember which one. His little Sim people would actually “retaliate” when he wanted them to do something, waving their hands in the air, shaking their heads and flat-out saying “NO” in Simlish or pouting by slumping their shoulders. LMAO! How strange but FUN would it be to have cartoon or game characters fighting back against the person writing or playing! I would totally be into that, it’s my kind of thing.

I love time-travel stuff. Queen InHyun’s Man is my favorite drama of all time and the fact both were written by Song Jae Jung fills me with confidence and puts me at ease. The comedy is hilarious but subtle, so that you laugh but it doesn’t break the flow. I adore Soo Bong and can totally see him being a facilitator and helping our lovebirds. Of course, they do need to fall helplessly in love first, right? Clockwatcher and I will be here for all of it, staring next week. Oh, and someone needs to continually remind me that Lee Tae Hwan is only 21 years old. *heh*

See you guys then!


  • Yuki says:

    Omo!! Last episode was breathtaking! cannot wait for next week. 😀
    Loved how fast the story is developing, I wonder how many surprises are waiting for us since this is only the beginning.
    My favorite scene this week was when she declared herself a fan in front of Kang Chul. She was too cute showing concern for his life. Kang Chul response was also sweet, I was squealing so hard, haha!

    Seeing how Kang Chul has announced that he wanted to find the one that killed his family, and how he took a gun to cross the gate to the real world…I am very much afraid that he is planning to find the responsible of his disgraces and kill him. Hope next week doesn’t turn too dark or depressing. I’d rather prefer to see some progress in the love story; she is already far-gone, and I don’t think he can’t let go of her either, so just let them date a little bit. 🙂

  • Eva Lee says:

    This always reminds me of AHa’s “Take on Me” from the 80s.

    • Cidorta says:

      That was my first though watching episode 1 too 😀

    • Jess says:

      Haha. ‘Take on me’ keeps playing in my head when I see the comic version of LSJ. I need a scene where he is banging on the walls to stop going back to a comic. Heheh

  • ilchul says:

    thank you for the recap!! 😀 this drama is killing me in right/great way!! I laugh and cry and swoooooon and get shivers all in one hour!! it’s SO GREAT!!
    I thought that Kang Cheol and Yeon Joo will spend sometime together under the same roof before her going back to her world but things got tooooo complicated before that!! but I’m sure we will have it soon (hopefully) 😀
    I think it’s Kang Cheol who’s in controle over his world and the triggers for her to come in and out of his world, it’s his emotions that counts for her to go back to her world and him being in danger, pullig her and her being the key to his life (the new main lead) to his story is what’s making her enter his world!! it’s all linked to Kang Cheol!!
    hhhhhhhhhhhh Kang Cheol is a genious so he can figure things in a way that we wouldn’t think of and that’s how he knew that Yeon Joo won’t be harmed in his world but he should have knew that he’s the only genious out there and not to assume that those around him have the same intellligence level!! 😆
    I LOVED how he fired Soo Hee!! I don’t see her as a bitter 2nd lead since did what he did (which is SO WRONG) believing it’s for Kang Cheol’s safety since Yeon Joo was so suspecious but to wait for his absence to trick her was low and she did to Yeon Joo what everyone did to him years ago, suspecting them only because they are the only people they can put blame on since they didn’t have any evidence to prove otherwise and everything they did or said was interpreted into what the people wanted to believe, which owned her to be fired which she deserved, he’s working to protect people like him from getting crushed by that mind set of the socity and what she did proved that she’s nothing different from them so she can’t be his assestant anymore!!
    still a long time for wednesday to come!! *pullingmyhear*
    I’ll be waiting for your and Clockwatcher’s thoughts for the next week’s episodes!! 😀

  • leila108 says:

    OMO! Great reference from The Sims! I thought about it and remembered one example when I played that game. When The Sim is forced to wake up but then it lacked sleep, the thumping protest happens. LOL. So cute.

    I’m really glad you and Clock will be teaming up for this. CK Dynamic Duo, FIGHTING!! 🙂

  • Myra says:

    I’m late on this but anyway.

    I don’t get this drama. Why is she never working at the hospital? Why is she never studying? Doesn’t she have friends? it seems like her *real* life doesn’t matter and has never mattered… only her new webtoon life does.

    If it were me I wouldn’t bother with a cartoon character… I mean, even after rmeeting him, I would have been like “OK, so why should I keep disappearing like that when I haven’t finished my medecine degree yet and need not to be fired from the hospital I’m doing my internship?? F*** it, I’m done with it and I’m not gonna save the main character.”

    Now with this mindset, the drama would have been more interesting. It would have been possible to force her to go back to the webtoon until we are told why. But showing us someone who just gives up on her future and life so easily..hum. It’s still entertaining to watch but could be way better.

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