“The Good Wife” Episode 9 Preview

The show is called “The Good Wife” so Hye Jung has to stick with her husband even if she’s conflicted. I love how she told Joong Won that what she needs right now is a plan and not romance. And he clearly loves her but she’s a married woman and normally, I would tell him to keep his feelings to himself. However, this time, I think the timing was right and I loved the juxtaposition of that scene with Tae Joon’s press conference. I believe this was ripped right out of the original’s Season 1 finale.

The difference, of course, is that Joong Won got to express himself to Hye Jung, while Will spoke to her voicemail and as these things happen, the message got deleted.

Tae Joon is a dangerous man that I want Hye Jung to flee from. Joong Won keeps saying that he wants to be good for our girl. I see no problem with people claiming that their spouse brings out the best in them but I think that’s different from someone saying that another makes them want to go against their nature. It might not be that drastic but ladies, I think it’s healthier to be with someone who’s already good versus the silent but deadly type who is filled with darkness but wants to change for love. Because that never really works and they’ll eventually slip back to their natural selves… but for now, I will go with the romantic interpretation and say “Aww.”

Speaking of evil Tae Joon, I like how he dealt with that arrogant CEO. We all need a mobster-type protecting us. He should have known better than to mess with Hye Jung. My guess is he faked his suicide and went into hiding.

Anyway, the firm gets to decide who they want to keep: Hye Jung or extremely annoying Joon Ho. It’s not hard to figure out who I root for but let’s see what happens. As far as I can see, while Hye Jung brings her share of drama, I think she definitely earns her keep at that firm.

The preview:

There seems to be a time jump because I see hairstyle changes. And both newbies are around. Does that mean they both get to stay?  And as for Hye Jung, I can’t wait to see how being a good wife works for her next week.

Credit: tvN

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