“38 Task Force” Episode 15 Preview

Although I haven’t said much about this show for several weeks, I am watching it. I sometimes find it confusing and often think Sung Il is a bit too anal about taxes. For instance, when he almost lost his mind over Jung Do getting rid of Bang Pil Gyu’s millions. Like, is it really that serious? But it’s a fun show, even if getting the biggest bad is taking a lot of time.

Ma Jin Seok is kind of cute now that he’s broke as hell but is he really trustworthy? I suppose we’ll find out soon.

As far as female leads go, Chun Sung Hee has been a waste of time. I’m not even talking about her personality but that she’s been given very little to do and has had almost no impact on the plot. She’s got significant relationships with the mayor as well as our two male leads but they haven’t really done much with her. It’s a pity. She’s mainly just around to worry about everyone and to humanize Jung Do. But his relationships with this friends and his backstory about his family already show us his human side. I just think it’s a shame and hope they have something good planned for her in the final week – but I won’t be holding my breath.

Wow. It looks like some folks are getting hurt next week! At his age, one would expect Choi Chul Woo to relax and enjoy the rest of his life but it seems he wants to be evil and greedy to the very end. Well, in that case, I can’t wait till you go down. The major is one big hypocrite and I can’t wait till Ahn Tae Wook ends up in jail. He’s been very shifty and petty since the very begin. Take him down!

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  • 2netz says:

    Thank you for this, been looking for the preview on youtube, since on Viki it didnt show the preview for ep.15.. thankyou for this.. i was reading your review. Anyway who is ahn tae wook? Is he the director who got fired but then got a position from choi chul woo company?

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