Doctors Week 7 Thoughts – A Stranger Can Save Your Life

This weeks episodes of “Doctors” seemed a bit slow to me, it felt like filler. Not much happened to move things forward but how would we know since we’re not sure where forward will take us? (LOL) Our OTP got closer, which is cute but I see tiny little cracks trying to force their relationship in a direction that Hye Jung isn’t ready to go to yet. Like her Dad. We see they both faced horrible trauma as young people but that’s not enough to keep them together., they’ll need to work harder. Just as the show is going to need to work harder to keep our interest.

The best parts of the week are still how adorably cute our OTP are together but I also enjoyed Namgoong Min playing the beaten-down, grieving father. To have not one but two kids in need of major healthcare is a nightmare that I wish no parent ever has to face. Namgoong Min is a master at playing these types of roles and I enjoyed his cameo more than any we’ve seen so far. While I love the scenes showing our OTP admitting to everyone that they’re dating, it’s not enough.

It’s odd that I was not at all impressed with Seo Woo diagnosing one of the boys as he’s literally running in the hallway. Did they suddenly decide to show us that she IS a great doctor? Nope, it turned into another example of how she’s more interested in the guy (once again). Yoon Do is right, she’s pitiful. And I feel sorry for the actress that she’s been given such a lame role. Yes, I said it – I’m very disappointed in this character! Let’s be honest, does anyone know a woman like this in their real life? No. Does anyone know a woman like Hye Jung in their real life? YES.

Seo Woo showing up at Yoon Do’s house and throwing herself at him, AGAIN, was really distasteful – I felt more sorry for HIM that her. Nope, I still don’t feel sorry for her in the least. She’s made herself this miserable by being more concerned with men or with Hye Jung that concentrating on her own life. So still zero sympathy from me. I have no idea what it will take for her to open her eyes and get on with her life but I hope it happens soon.

The new corruption issues facing GukIl Hospital cracked me up because of course all the doctors who work there are trying to secure slots for their sons/daughters! (LOL) It did cross my mind that Hong was the one who released the information, maybe part of the stuff he found in his fathers papers? Who knows but I did love how badly it shook up Dr. Jin Jr. *hee* Anything to upset this jerk makes me happy. When he invited Hye Jung to tea along with Seo Woo, I was more sure than ever that up to this point, he’s had no clue who she really is.

I rolled my eyes when Dad showed up at the hospital with food again. As I’ve said before, this sudden “caring” change in him happened too fast and without any real explanation. We’re supposed to believe he cares about Hye Jung out of the blue when he’s never given a crap about her before now. I still think he cares more about getting hospital staff to visit his restaurant, it makes him money. I hate that he’s capitalizing on Grandma’s name, especially considering how he treated her! It’s suffocating and nauseating. I am happy he’s attempting this reconciliation without his horrid new wife but it’s still annoying.

And I don’t at all like that Hong is placing himself in the middle of this situation although I do understand he’s doing what he thinks it best. That’s the problem: it’s not his decision to make. Hye Jung is perfectly capable of deciding when she’s ready to let Dad back into her life, if at all. If she chooses to never forgive him, that’s her choice! Hong needs to stay out of it. What I love about Hye Jung is her giving him the right to ask, something he hasn’t done with his own life up to this point. But he should then abide by whatever decision she makes until she changes her mind on her own.

And how can he “identify the scar” in Hye Jung’s life regarding her Father if he only seeks one side of the story? Is Dad really gonna be honest about how horrible he’s treated Hye Jung, since she was a very small child? No, of course he won’t! I did find it hilarious that Yoon Do was there eating and readily admitted he hasn’t given up on Hye Jung yet. (LMAO) This guy is such a dork, I’m starting to laugh every single time his face shows up on the screen. It’s obvious that Hye Jung loves Hong much more than I do, if he had tried that crap with me (interfering in my family) I would have shown him the door. Especially this early in the relationship.

Luckily for us, Hye Jung does love Hong that much and is more willing to let him in. *heh* Her Dad is really pushing and it makes me dislike him even more. Giving Hye Jung a photo of her Mom…I mean, WTF? Of course she should have photos of her Mom but the fact that it’s the man who treated them both like crap and left, giving this cherished photo to her just irks me even more. He doesn’t deserve her forgiveness until she is ready to make that leap herself.

Hye Jung is right, is he upset that she’s so cold to him? Then he should think how an 8 year-old Hye Jung felt when he treated her this way and walked out! She’s also right that he’s only coming around now because of her Doctor status. Would he have tried to find her if she was a gangster living on the streets? No way! His excuse is to tell her she’s very much like him? Nah, Dude – she’s nothing like you at all.

The idea of making any parent sign “financial responsibility” forms before they perform life-saving surgery on a child makes me ill. I understand consent forms but to try and saddle a parent with huge debt in order to save their childs life is disgusting. I’m a firm believer in free healthcare for all but it’s always thrown in my face: who pays the doctors then? I don’t know and personally, don’t care. To watch this single father struggle with the idea that he would be more help to his children dead than alive angers me in ways I can’t describe and makes me want to lash out at hospitals and insurance companies. How dare they make anyone suffer like this? Hye Jung is an extraordinary human being that she was willing to step up to help but did she seriously ask this man to give up his children? It’s a misunderstanding, right?

When the children stepped forward to defend their Dad, I was sobbing so hard I almost couldn’t see. Yes, I’m an old softy when it comes to children and this type of stuff always makes me cry. Plus I can not handle Namgoong Min’s tears. (LOL) I’ll never understand the depths of despair a parent must feel when they make the decision that their children are better off without them. Thank God Hye Jung has such great instincts as a Doctor and heads to the roof to talk this man out of taking his own life. Let’s hope she succeeds. See you next week!


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  • Comel says:

    Thanks for the review thoughts Tessiero. Agree this week eps a little bit slow after they given us high spirit on last week eps. Hihihi but it’s ok for me. I’m almost agree with all your thoughts unless on part where HJ were asking NGM did he willing to give up his sons and NGM straight give an assumption that Hj was not a good person (wth) with that sentence. Coz for me it’s more like HJ want to know from his view as a father (coz her own father itself willing to abundance her without guilty on past) what was his opinion if he need to abundance his own sons. And im with you that its really obvious that her father just want to reconcile his relationship with HJ just bcoz she is a successful doctor now. So sad isnt it. His bad motives (grrr). Even thou you’re not agree why Jh try to make a good step towards Hj father I do believe Jh were planning the tie the knot with Hj so his hoping that Hj father will bring her to aisle (lmao) hahaha mianhe my imagination hihihi no? Hahaha

  • ch says:

    Does anyone know what the names of the children are?

  • says:

    Thanks for the great recap as always. I kinda hope that that will show some improvement to Seo Woo’s character instead of sticking to a pampered little brat because she came to family inclined with doctors and a girl who keeps begging for someone’s attention. I mean I just want them to be happy now that Hong and Hye Jung are in lovey-dovey mode, why not give her some love. She is a great actress and has a lovely personality, it would be a waste if they will make her bitch or bad until the end. Anyway I cried a lot in this episode and I agree I hope it doesnt happened to any parents and they will not kill the kids father (Namgoong Min) it will break my heart 😢😥😭. Their goal in this drama is to touch people’s lives. That’s all. Fighting everyone.

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