“Let’s Fight, Ghost” English-Subbed Episode 9 Preview + Thoughts on Week Four

This drama is still one of my current favorites. I can’t say that I’ve really warmed up to the mystery but it’s so darn cute and the chemistry between the four ghost fighters is great!

Every week makes us suspend our disbelief even further because it makes no sense that Bong Pal hasn’t yet been shipped off to a mental institution given that he openly converses with a ghost. And that the Sundae Soup duo never even noticed it! But I’m glad that they “saw” her and are now aware of her existence.

Last week was all about Hyun Ji’s jealousy and now that she’s come to terms with her feelings, it’s Bong Pal’s turn to become aware of his own feelings. All I can think is that he needs to step back and realize that he’s falling in love with a ghost! This is a big, fat no! But the heart wants what it wants and if he can nurse a ghost back to health (lol) then I guess he can date one too. My only question is what other people see when she’s eating. Do they see the food lift up and disappear?

And In Rang sees a ghost, falls in love and buys her shoes? LOL. How in the world is this even a slightly realistic reaction? But I suppose we can accept it because he’s someone who’s acutely aware of the existence of ghosts.

Our evil vet is a serial killer. Is there a murder within a fifty-mile radius he isn’t responsible for? Other than the unfortunate student, we learn that he killed both of Bong Pal’s parents. And that he’s somehow entangled with Hyun Ji. What I hate about evil serial killers is that justice can never be served. Imprisonment or even death isn’t adequate retribution of all his murders. One thing I would say is that he taught the audience the downside to chasing men around. A lesson that Hyun Ji’s unni learned the hard way.

TaecYeon looks superhot in his black shirt and pants… but it also made him look like an ahjussi in that final scene on the stairs. But while I noticed the age difference, I quickly reminded myself that they were just acting and enjoyed the romance between our leads. But Bong Pal needs to prepare himself for her departure because a ghost isn’t supposed to roam around forever. She has to leave sometime but something tells me that it will work out well for him because she’s not dead.

Speaking of which, Hyun Ji has begun to recover some of her memories although they are still very vague. I wonder if it’ll happen piece-by-piece or it’ll return in one fell swoop.

Seo Yeon noticed something about her evil crush’s pen and I wonder what that will lead to. I hope she’s not next on his hit list. And those cops. He’s so insane that I’m surprised he hasn’t killed them already. Also, what the heck did he want from Bong Pal’s dad?

The preview (hit “cc” for subs):

Yes, kiss scene! Bong Pal has finally let go of his sunbae and fallen for a ghost! LOL. It’s like going from the frying pan into the fire because while Seo Yeon didn’t reciprocate his feelings, she was at least alive (lol) but I still root for your love, Pal! Just try to minimize going on dates with someone no one else can see. You look crazy, Bro! And you’re kissing her in public too. LOL. Dude, seek help! I need them to show us an onlooker’s perspective when he kisses her. It’ll be so hilarious.

Romance aside, it looks like we’ll be delving further into the mystery surrounding our serial killing ghost! How does the shaman know him? What does he want with Hyun Ji? I can’t wait till our ghost-fighting team crushes him.

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  • bmore says:

    The lapses of logic are big enough to drive the Kdrama White Truck of Doom through. I am constantly shaking my head while shrugging my shoulders ’cause I just don’t care! I am really enjoying the heck out of this drama. I honestly thought it was going to be one of my give it a chance for the cast dramas and I would be dumping it after my 5 episode max. It’s actually pretty well done (but for the complete inattention to ghost protocols and technicalities…who doesn’t know those?!?!). Guilty pleasure.

  • tessieroo says:

    Agree, I thought I wouldn’t like this very much but I am loving it. Who knew? O__O

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