W – Two Worlds Episode 5: When A Man Meets His Maker

Tessieroo: Hey, Clockwatcher! I feel like I haven’t seen you in such a long time! Wait…

Clockwatcher:  “Seen?” Haha. Well, it’s been a while since we collaborated on a recap. I missed you!

Tessieroo: Okay, talked to. *heh* I do love that it’s “Two Worlds” that has brought us together again, this drama is my new daily energy drink for Wednesdays/Thursdays. I literally FLY out of bed, eager for the new episodes.

Clockwatcher: So true. And for once, it’s not simply because I’m shipping a couple. This show is intriguing because it’s very unpredictable. Anyway, the show opens with Chul in the “real” world and we get some flashbacks that delve a little more into his backstory.

Tessieroo: So Chul now knows he’s a webtoon character. The first thing he does is search out a bookstore which carries all the webtoon volumes of his life. And it’s bizarre that I’m even typing those words.

Clockwatcher: Girl, I kept wondering how he was just ripping those covers off without any employee approaching him. It was like he was the only person at the bookstore.  The great thing about this (for him) is that he only experienced his life from his perspective but of course, the webtoon also shows other people’s lives so he’s now privy to things he was unaware of. Like the prosecutor’s feelings and actions. And how he targeted him.

Tessieroo: I hate the arrogant prosecutor, he’s a jerk. It’s fitting that he went into politics but doesn’t it seem as if all EVIL politicians say the same crap in speeches?

Clockwatcher: He’s a caricature which is rather appropriate as he’s a webtoon character but the guy is insane like he’s got a personal vendetta against him. Anyway, we learn that Do Yoon was a boxer in the past.

Tessieroo: Ohhh, hottie alert! Do Yoon is major eye-candy for me.

Clockwatcher: Tall and sexy with those broad shoulders. Come to mama!

Tessieroo: Yes, keep reminding me Lee Tae Hwan is younger than I am. Were these guys friends in the past? Who are they fighting and why?

Clockwatcher: It seems like Chul decided to learn to fight to protect himself so he approached the best known fighter. I don’t think they knew each other prior to this meeting. So Do Yoon became his bodyguard and in his quest to find his family’s killer, he became a crime fighter himself and managed to get criminals that evaded the police. Here, we get a scene of the prosecutor’s boss chastising him.

Tessieroo: Ahahaha, the jerk prosecutors approval rating is dropping. Yea, I’d say the public knows he’s insane and a liar, it reminds me of someone… *heh* I just thought about how boring my life would be as a webtoon.

Clockwatcher: Like Yeon Joo said, all the boring parts would be skipped with time jumps so I bet you can write a fun webtoon based on your life. Unfortunately, mine would be about two pages long. 😀

Tessieroo: So our poor Chul has read all the webtoon volumes. This scene is so depressing, I really feel sorry for him. Meanwhile our heroine is daydreaming at work about the kiss he planted on her when she gets a call from Soo Bong. He’s afraid to be in the workroom by himself and doesn’t plan on going back until Mr. Oh returns. LMAO

Clockwatcher: Can you blame him? I’d be halfway to Timbuktu in his shoes.

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo is scrubbing up for a surgery when co-worker Suk Bum walks up and asks if she’s gotten engaged? She says as if but he continues: there’s some guy looking for her and saying he’s her fiancée. OMO! *squealsofexcitement* She keeps arguing, how could she be engaged when she’s not even seeing anyone? Suk Bum seems relieved but wonders if the guy is drunk and walks away. Suddenly it hits her and she stops. She rushes out in time to hear Suk Bum telling the guy he must be mistaken.

Clockwatcher: He seems a bit pressed. Is he crushing on her? What a crazy life this girl leads.

Tessieroo: I think you’re right! As Chul turns around, Yeon Joo drops her surgery mask and gasps. I hope his winking at her becomes a thing. Chul takes her hand and pulls her outside with him. She stutters and stammers, asking if she got pulled into his world again? Nope, this is the hospital she works at and besides, Suk Bum is here. Chul explains he came out of the webtoon. I can guarantee I’ll never type those particular words again in my lifetime.

Clockwatcher: Hahaha. Unless this is the beginning on a new genre of dramas.

Tessieroo: She asks the same thing I asked last week when I saw the preview: how did he “come out” into her world? We’ll just go with the whole “portal” between the worlds thing. How and when the portal shows up is still unknown for now.

Clockwatcher: Maybe the portal shows up when he’s really stressed and desperate.

Tessieroo: He spent all his money reading all 33 volumes of the webtoon and now understands why she knows so much about him. He guesses she’s a fan who has been watching over him for 7 years. And he also wishes he had followed her advice back when she warned him that if he knew the truth, how much that would hurt him. Awwww! *sniff* He just came to say goodbye. Wait…where does he think he’s going?

Clockwatcher: To die? What will you do when you realize that you don’t really exist?

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo gets a call, Professor Park is looking for her. She tells Chul to just stay put since he has no money & no I.D. She asks him to trust her and wait for her. That tiny little smile on his face is turning me into a huge pile of goo. As she turns to leave, he grabs her arm…

Clockwatcher: And kisses her. And explains that he’s doing it because the webtoon revealed her feelings. It’s cute but I think it came a little out of nowhere. What I will say about Lee Jong Suk is that his voice melts my heart. It’s not deep like Barry White’s but there’s a tone he uses in romantic scenes that comes across as very sincere and full of emotion that I can’t help but fall for his characters. That’s what got me with the Pinocchio pairing (I think he’s Park Shin Hye’s best partner) and the same thing is happening here. It was his voice when he spoke to her that turned me into a pile of goo – not the kiss.

Tessieroo: I’m sorry, I’m kinda lost in this kiss. He’s a great kisser! *sigh* What were you saying? No, I agree – I might not find Lee Jong Suk attractive physically but he’s got something that pulls me in. Yeon Joo is late heading into surgery, Professor Park lets her have it. This guy is hilarious, he’s furious that her Dad added the character Oh Yeon Joo to the webtoon and feels that it’s because of that character the webtoon is going downhill. He wants to speak to her after the surgery. LOL, is he really gonna snap at her because he’s unhappy about the direction a webtoon is going? I can’t believe they’re standing here arguing over the direction of a story.

Clockwatcher: He’s a star and I love all their scenes together. He’s just like us when a great show starts to go sideways and I love how they were arguing about it like it was real (although it is real for Yeon Joo) like us fans do. He’s so frustrated that his ship is sinking! LOL Despite promising to wait for her, Chul carries on with his plan and heads over to his creator’s home. He’s devastated to see his life in the planning stages. It really makes it hit home that his existence is someone’s fiction.

Tessieroo: *sigh* Of course Chul didn’t stay put! Soooo, he never mentioned it to Yeon Joo but he knows the name of his “creator”. He sifts through everything on Sung Moo’s desk but only finds more drawings and angrily throws things off the desk. When he looks up, he sees family photos of Yeon Joo with her Dad. Uh, oh. In flashback, he remembers all the times Yeon Joo has saved his life. He also remembers she told him she wanted to see Chul’s life have a happy ending and she was his fan. Awww, he looks so broken.

Clockwatcher: Poor thing. You don’t exist, Boo! But “I think, therefore I am,” right? Which means he exists, right? Gosh, I think I have a headache.

Then the creator finally returns home and checks his missed calls and messages. The second after he calls his daughter, he’s confronted by his character! And he drops his glass like any normal person would. The day has finally arrived!

Tessieroo: Yea, I’d be screaming and running away in terror about now. *hands over the aspirin bottle*

Clockwatcher: Chul is pissed as hell at him. He hates him for putting him through the wringer and making his life difficult. But he also made you an almost billionaire – that has to count for something.

Tessieroo: That’s true, at least he’s not some poor schmuck with 5 part-time jobs.  Yeol Joo’s phone rings, showing it’s her Dad calling but when she answers she hears Chul’s voice. Ahhhh, so she gets to listen to this conversation! Bizarre. Wait, Chul says he and Sung Moo have met before? *blink*

Clockwatcher: How convenient that she gets to listen in. *snicker* We learn that Sung Moo got pulled into the webtoon before Yeon Joo! Chul had dragged him in and begged him to save him but instead, Oh Sung Moo had stabbed him some more!

Tessieroo: Whoa, that’s just cold!

Clockwatcher: Ice cold but kinda funny. Haha. I don’t know if we’re supposed to hate the old man but I’m fully on his side. When your character comes to life, you have every right to kill it because that just doesn’t make any sense. His intention was to kill him via pen so it’s not like stabbing him was a departure from this plan or made him evil.

Tessieroo: LMAO, “death via pen”. I wonder what the sentencing guidelines would be for that.

Clockwatcher: We get some flashbacks to the beginnings of W. Oh Sung Moo was a drunk loser who could barely provide for his family. He and his wife constantly fought so Yeon Joo drew some characters to get her mind off it. This seems to imply she created Kang Chul.

Tessieroo: Hmmm, now that’s an interesting thought! Chul wants Sung Moo to sit down so they can talk but Sung Moo eyes a tool on the desk which he grabs. He takes a swing at Chul, they fight until Chul pulls out his gun and clobbers Sung Moo with the handle, which knocks him down. Chul forces Sung Moo into a chair, telling him he should be grateful to his daughter, she’s the only reason Chul is going easy on him: while Sung Moo was trying to kill him off, Yeol Joo continually saved his life. This argument is fascinating.

Clockwatcher: And insane. Sung Moo made Kang Chul everything he wasn’t. He was strong, resilient, moral and basically the man he wished he could be. Kang Chul taunts him for being a loser but Sung Moo reminds him that he’s nothing without him. I must have an evil side because I’m fully on Sung Moo’s side. I even love how he’s winding him up! haha.

Tessieroo: Of course you have an evil side, I’ve read about it. (LOL) Strange that I’m on Chul’s side in this one.

Clockwatcher: Haha. You’re just like Oh Yeon Joo. Kang Chul learns that his recurring drowning dream is real because it was a scene Sung Moo had written and the original end to his story. No offense but Sung Moo is a bad writer. He just planned to kill him off without solving the murder case?

Tessieroo: No kidding, that’s a horrible ending. No wonder this guy couldn’t get a writing gig for years, he sucks.

Clockwatcher: Haha. Meanwhile, Yeon Joo is still eavesdropping on their conversation and freaking out. She calls Soo Bung and begs him to run over to her dad’s place.

Kang Chul tells him to end it. He points the gun at him and tells him to catch the murderer. His friends are all frozen in time and he can’t leave them that way. He needs to finish it so it can all be over. But Sung Moo can’t do that because he doesn’t even know who the murderer is. LOL. In seven years, he couldn’t come up with someone?

Tessieroo: Oh, for God’s sake – can’t he just make something up? YEEESH! It would be so easy to give Chul a happy ending! I just can’t with Sung Moo.

Clockwatcher: For real. How hard is it to make up some character with a grudge against him? Hell, he can go the cliche route and make it the prosecutor!

Sung Moo continues to taunt him as he explains his position – putting him through a lot of trauma is simply a trope. You need to give the character motivation to build a hero.  Kang Chul couldn’t give a crap about being a hero because the pain is still fresh and raw. It’s even worse that this guy destroyed his life without much thought. Sung Moo explains that happy heroes aren’t interesting and that he had to keep him from finding the killer to keep the story going.

Tessieroo: That’s BS, he never intended Chul to find out who the killer was since he tried to kill him off right after he killed off Chul’s family. He’s lying.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, Kang Chul isn’t buying it. How can he dismiss it as a story when he stabbed a living, breathing person? He lifts his arm and points the gun at him. He tries his best but he can’t shoot him. Sung Moo scoffs at him. Of course he can’t do it because he made him that way. Soo Bong shows up and Kang Chul drops his arm. He tells him he’s leaving and he should have a solution by the time he returns.

Tessieroo: *blinks* Where the hell is he going now?

Clockwatcher: For another kiss? But Sung Moo can’t help being an egomaniac and taunts him some more, basically saying he’s his bitch and can never shoot him. Chul shows him how wrong he is by doing just that.

Tessieroo: *hehehe* I guess Chul has evolved from the sweet, happy hero Sung Moo made him out to be?

Clockwatcher: I think it’s fair to say the score is 1-0 for Chul. What a riveting episode. I can’t wait for the next one!

Tessieroo: It’s insane how hooked I am. Like I want to head to a bookstore and buy this webtoon so I know what happens.


  • minihaha says:

    Thank you to you both for a fun recap/review of episode 5. I’m sorry but I’m not buying sung Moo crap about creating a monster, that creation happens to be doing everything in his power to help those that are persecuted by stupid ignorant people who don’t look at the bigger picture and just assume guilt. Sung Moo is an idiot who can’t even tell that Kang Chul is an amazing character and once he became alive and aware he still is an amazing character!
    Shame that Sung Moo doesn’t have the same intelligent, kind, empathetic genetic makeup that Yeon Joo has!! pity coz then he’d be able to write something truly amazing and know exactly who the killer was, because all great writers, plan each character and events and every plot has a beginning middle and end to it, everything and body somehow in stories link up !!! you can’t just kill off characters for no apparent reason for the reason of “just because sake”, that’s utter nonsense.

    Anyway my guess is that Yeon Joo is his creator, and what she thinks and feels steers the storyline, Kang Chul can never die, because Yeon joo never wants him to die, she is his biggest fan and most ardently want him to have a happily ever after. Her special bond with him stems from her younger self doodling a specific hero, most young girls draw flowers, princesses cat and dogs, cute bunnies etc no chiild draws a handsome guy holding a gun thats strange in itself.. Anyways loving this drama, have dropped so many others as they become boring, this one is freshm interesting and boy the OTP are simply the best.

  • Teleri says:

    That jerk webtoon writer is a nasty piece of work – bad writer, husband, father, employer!!! Kang Chu is worth 100 of him!

  • ilchul says:

    thank you so much for the recap!! I really enjoyed reading it!!
    Seong Moo is just a bad writer and a maniac to the point I wanted to jump through my laptop creen and kill him myself!! he couldn’t just keep his mouth shut and had to keep provoking Kang Cheol who didn’t harm him dispite all the pain he caused him and the many times he tried to kill him through his pen and his bare hands ( that was evil) and kept telling him that he doesn’t have any controle over himself and he only follows the set-up he made for him!! I’m not sorry for him, he brought it to himself!! Kang Cheol may be his creation but the second he saw him alive beathing he stabbed and tryed to kill a person not only a webtoon character, so he’s nothing different from a killer himself!!
    don’t let me start with his dum writing!! I almost had a breakdown when I he said he doesn’t know who’s the real murderer is and that he never made clues to bebin with!! that’s purely dumb!! what writer on earth would do that? unless he’s as dumb as Seong Moo!! and Kang Cheol realising that family died only because they had to for his story to start and he doesn’t have a culprit to punish for all the pain he went through was devastating!! I was mesmirised by every reaction and emotion portrayed by Lee Jong Seok through this episode and I’m saying this episode because it is an episode where he went through all kind of emotions in one episode but he was GREAT in portraying Kang Cheol’s character from the very start of the drama!!
    this drama will crive me crazy!! that’s how much I love it!! 😀
    I’ll be waiting for episode 6 recap!! thank you again!! 😀

  • bmore says:

    I just finished marathoning episodes 1-5. It’s my New Philosophy for Drama Watching. My brain is fried since I am watching 15-20 dramas at a time, all the time, plus movies, so if I start them with the first 2 episodes, I have NO idea what is going on when eps 3 and 4 come along.

    Anyway. Like everyone else, I’m loving this drama. The writing is fantastically fun. Queen In Hyun is one of the dozen or so dramas that are in my Top 5!! (yes, that does make sense), So I too have been really looking forward to this and, like you, it has exceeded my expectations. I’ll definitely rewatch it..Like I do with Queen. (still hating that those 2 didn’t end up together in real life. He has never stopped looking sad. Loving him in Wanted! And he slayed Awl!!!) I digress.

    As to Writer Dad, I totally understand why he is the writer he is. He had no idea this webtoon was going to take off, probably figured it would die an unknown death on it’s own. He just…wrote….stuff. Cliche stuff that everyone else writes. Downtrodden character, evil oppressor, tragedy, overcoming all odds, fabulously rich and famous, etc etc. So of course he had no plan, no story. Now he is faced with enormous success and popularity and no ability to write at the level his increasingly demanding and knowledgeable audience will expect of him. He is a fake and he knows it. He went in with no plan, is numbed by alcohol and depression, so cannot think outside of the hole he has dug for himself. Now his story and character have taken over, “gained a life of their own”. It’s all out of his control. Why his default is to kill the Monster he created I’m not sure, but it’s definitely typical of the stories we hear writers talk about…when their stories gain their own lives and trajectories and the writers kinda feel like they are just along for the ride. He isn’t equipped mentally to handle the pressure, so killing his creation must make sense to him…so it will just be over, I guess. He’s not able to see past that to what will happen if he does this.

    I love how the writer is writing all this. We can SEE why this all makes some kind of twisted sense. Taking it that extra step and making all come ‘real’ is such a brilliant piece of writing. Any of us who wished we could write are in thrall right now over this whole thing! I am!

    And we can all come up with scenarios to solve the mysteries. Of course, the killer is that dude he beat at the Olympics….driven mad over the years at his life becoming a failure. The Evil Prosecutor saw the case as his jumping off point to fame and fortune. It has now become the failure that haunts him and keeps dragging him backwards, so he is obsessed with proving he was right all along. It will be interesting to see where the writer of this drama goes with this. It seems to me we have gone very far very fast already! So MUCH story is already being told. I never dreamed he would find out this early that he isn’t A Real Boy! (sorry) But, like Pinocchio, I think our boy will become a real boy and will end up in this world with his girl, just like in Queen. Off to watch ep 6!! Now I am going to have to live with the torture of waiting a week between episodes like everyone else!

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