W – Two Worlds Episode 6: Raising The Dead

Tessieroo: So we left off with a webtoon drawing shooting his creator. You know, what hasn’t really been explained (at least to me) is why Sung Moo is so afraid of Chul. I mean, beyond the normal fear of a cartoon character coming alive (LOL) why is he so terrified of this guy? Especially since he knows Chul is a kind, warm-hearted hero – he created him to be that way!

Clockwatcher: There could be a twist somewhere but I think he’s really only terrified of him because he came to life. And he no longer has control over his character. It’s the fear of the unknown, I think.

Tessieroo: Ah, it’s all about control. Anyhoo, after shooting Sung Moo, Chul steps outside and tells Soo Bong if he calls an ambulance right away, Sung Moo might live. Yeon Joo arrives at the studio to find Soo Bong sobbing hysterically and Dad on the floor, barely alive from a gunshot wound. He’s taken by ambulance to the hospital Yeon Joo works at and immediately into surgery. Professor Park orders Yeon Joo out of the room.

Clockwatcher: To be quite honest, I keep wondering how a fictional bullet could hurt him. I think he should only be able to hurt him if he uses a real gun.

Tessieroo: Right? Makes no sense. Mom is called too, she shows up at the hospital with Yeon Joo’s aunt to comfort her daughter. I wonder if she still has feelings for her ex-husband? The story so far seems to imply that she does but who knows?

Clockwatcher: Given that this is a kdrama, she probably does but I think that romantic feelings or not, it’s virtually impossible to not care about someone you once shared a life with.

Tessieroo: The news is announced: the famous author of the best-selling “W” series has been shot in his home by an unknown assailant. After his surgery, Sung Moo is taken to the ICU unit. Yeon Joo sits by her Dad’s bedside and holds his hand, she looks (to me) like she’s been hit upside the head by reality as she flashes back to her Dad worrying about her and telling her Chul is a monster.

Clockwatcher: Yeah. It’s all fun and games till your dad almost dies.

Tessieroo: LMAO! Yeon Joo gets a call from the editor of “W” who tells her a new episode was sent in very early in the morning but he’s not clear WHO sent it. It couldn’t have been Sung Moo since he was in surgery at the time, unless he prepared it before? The editor hasn’t uploaded it yet because the story seems strange. Yeon Joo asks him to send a copy of the story to her, she reads the latest installment showing Chul entering her world, kissing her and then shooting her Dad. Welp, I’d say this love affair is over…for now.

Clockwatcher: Well, she already knew he shot him but I hope they give a “plausible” explanation for how these things are happening. Especially as the webtoon also chronicles things that happen to the main character in the real world.

Tessieroo: Chul wanders the streets with the gun still in his hand but finally drops it in a pile of garbage.

Clockwatcher: Parallel to what his family’s killer did?

Tessieroo: He looks shaken and depressed, which is perfect since it begins to rain. He sees an advertisement for “W” implying he’s “this generations defender of justice”. He enters a convenience store for pen/paper and begins to write Yeon Joo a letter. Hey, I thought he spent all his money? *shaking head* Details, details.

Clockwatcher: I still can’t believe that webtoon money is valid in the real world.

Tessieroo: Well, of course it is! *blink* You can tell I’m too heavily invested in this. Yeon Joo gets to the part in the webtoon where Chul has left her a letter, a nurse enters the room to give her this letter. How strange is it to be reading things that will happen in your life, before they happen? BIZARRE!

Clockwatcher: But this is the most “normal” thing about this webtoon romance. haha.

Tessieroo: She reads Chul’s words about how fitting this ending is for him: he was looking for a murderer and became a murderer himself. She quickly scrolls to the next scene in the webtoon, which shows the bridge Chul almost jumped from before. OMO, is he gonna try killing himself again? Yep, the scene changes to show us Chul is indeed standing on that bridge, ready to jump. As Yeon Joo continues to read, she sees the last scene with Chul floating in the water, the words “the end” written at the bottom of the screen. She’s freaked out and goes running to the bridge. Umm, how is it suddenly daytime and she’s wearing different clothes? *shaking head* Details, details.

Clockwatcher: Exactly! I was wondering why she took time to change out of her clothes. lol

Tessieroo: When Dad wakes up, Yeon Joo and Soo Bong inform him what has happened: Chul jumped from the bridge, the webtoon is finished and it’s all over. Yea…I’m gonna guess not so much. Soo Bong thinks they need to match their stories since the police are involved, they decide to release the information that Dad tried to kill himself. I guess that makes sense, either way – if they told the truth that a cartoon character shot him or this lie – it makes Dad sound like a crazy person.

Clockwatcher: Yes, especially as there was no evidence of the crime. It was the best they could do.

Tessieroo: I love the reactions shown by netizens, people were either furious or depressed that “W” would end with Chul’s suicide. This is totally like us viewers when we don’t like a particular ending to a drama! The reference to “signing a petition” for Dad to change the ending had me cry-laughing. Even Professor Park is upset. LMAO

Clockwatcher: They reacted like me to the end of “49 Days.” But at least in that, all mysteries were resolved. You can’t just kill a character without providing a resolution.

Tessieroo: What, you weren’t happy she ended up as a tree in “49 Days”? *kekeke* The editors meet with Yeon Joo, begging her to convince her Dad to change the ending to something more palatable for readers but she’s firm: her Dad has been through enough. Besides, it’s just a webtoon! People need to get a grip and move on. Hmmm, methinks she doesn’t even believe these words herself.

Clockwatcher: I feel bad for the movie director. The shitty ending almost guarantees a box office failure.  But I think more than anything, she’s trying to convince herself to move on.

Tessieroo: I think so too. You just know that in the back of her mind, she’s wondering if Chul is truly dead.

Clockwatcher: Soo Bong rushes over to Yeon Joo to tell her that a body matching Chul’s has been found in the Han River. I didn’t know they were still looking for the body. Why not expect it to disappear like the gun and bullet?

Tessieroo: They know the bullet disappeared but I didn’t think anyone knew the gun vanished too? Unless it was written in the webtoon…in that case, everyone knows. Even as I write this stuff, I’m confused!

Clockwatcher: Girl, we are all confused. Yeon Joo has dinner with her dad and tells him about the body. Then asks what happens when a webtoon ends. Do the characters cease to exist? She has so not gotten over it.

Tessieroo: That sounds like the kind of stuff I used to ask when I was little: “Is Cinderella still living happily ever after with the prince in his castle? And what happened to the evil stepsisters?” LOL, she’s got it bad – just from a few kisses. Wow, the power of webtoon kisses must be amazing.

Clockwatcher: Getting shot gives one perspective and her dad has had time to rethink the decision to kill Chul. It’s not lost on him that an expert marksman could have fatally shot him but Chul didn’t. So since he gave him a chance to live, he’d like to return the favor but unfortunately, the webtoon powers won’t let him. No matter how much he tries, he can’t erase “the end” from the final scene of the webtoon. See? Appa isn’t so bad.

Tessieroo: *hhmmpfff* He still stabbed poor Chul when he was begging for help. I am REALLY too invested in Chul and might need an intervention here.

Clockwatcher: Yay, more OTP time! Professor Park’s scenes with Yeon Joo are some of my favorites. This time, he bullies her into going on a blind date.

Tessieroo: It cracks me up that she felt she had no choice but to go! It must be part of that seniority thing, if an elder sets you up on a blind date, you have to go. I love that she smiled when the first guy came down the stairs but of course, it’s the guy behind him she’s being set up with.

Clockwatcher: I know! I was mentally giving her a high five till the real guy was revealed. He is so not her type but it’s a wake up call that it’s time for her to put herself out there and find love. And just as she declares that, she finds herself sinking in the Han River. What da heck? She looks down and sees Chul’s body! She reaches out to him but can’t save him.

Tessieroo: Ummm, when was the last time you ended up in a river just by going into a bathroom? WTF? Did she get pulled in again? I’m wondering if she gets pulled in anytime Chul is in danger, no matter what. So strange.

Clockwatcher: Yeah. This time, it was almost like the webtoon has decided that she and Chul belong together and refuses to let her find someone else. She runs out and borrows her date’s phone to check the webtoon. “The end” has been changed to “To be continued.” Then she rushes over to Soo Bong who’s now working with a new artist. Hwang Suk Jung always cracks me up.

Tessieroo: I personally love Soo Bong’s pink outfit, it’s so cute.

Clockwatcher: Yeon Joo drags him out and begs him to continue the webtoon. Her father is on his way to New Zealand and can’t be reached. After much begging, Soo Bong reluctantly grants her wish. Meanwhile, the hooded killer is on a bridge by the Han River. Some cyclists approach and urge him not to jump but it looks like he kills them. I’m guessing that he’s the reason the webtoon is continuing because he must be caught.

Tessieroo: That was very odd, did you see the assailants face? It looked like a computer screen! And did it/he really kill anyone? ARRRGGG, I hate that we don’t know!

Clockwatcher: Yeah. I just hope that unlike Mr. Oh, the writer of this drama knows who he is. Soo Bong writes a rescue scene for Kang Chul and waits. By the way, how hilarious is it that Soo Bong puts his fingers through his lens-less glasses? Haha.

Tessieroo: Soo Bong is my new BFF, I love this guy and want to adopt him so we can go shopping for matching pink outfits.

Clockwatcher: Hours later, nothing happens. The webtoon doesn’t continue on its own. Then Soo Bong remembers something his boss once told him. We have to wait to find out but methinks that Yeon Joo ends up drawing the scene.

Tessieroo: I’m thinking Dad might have told Soo Bong about Yeon Joo’s childhood drawings and that this is where the idea for Chul came from. Wouldn’t that mean Yeon Joo is the “creator”? If so, that would explain her Dad not being able to kill off her creation or end the webtoon: because it’s not truly his creation. And now I’m all indignant that Appa stole his daughters ideas.

Clockwatcher: I’m not mad at Dad yet because we don’t know the full story. Anyway, whatever they did works because Yeon Joo finds herself back in prison. And she’s so happy! Crazy girl. Meanwhile, a confused Kang Chul wakes up in bed. They are back in “W”!

Tessieroo: I gotta admit when I saw her smiling, I thought she must have lost her mind. She’s happy to be back in prison? Those kisses can’t have been that awesome, snap out of it, girl!

Clockwatcher: I know. She’s fallen so deep that I want to shake her till it sinks in that Kang Chul is a fictional character. And that she could be playing with fire and potentially get stuck in the webtoon. But the heart wants what it wants.

Tessieroo: It’s funny that the more crazy stuff happens, the less I seem to care. I mean, it might cross my mind as in “why did that happen?” but in the end, I’m enjoying this show so much that I don’t care about the holes. This happened to me while watching “Queen In Hyun’s Man” too – I didn’t care about the how or why of things! I’m getting that same feeling here.

Clockwatcher: I’m fully on board this ride so I don’t care about the holes… for now. I just need it all to come together beautifully at the end of the show.

One thing I like is that both leads are getting a lot of screen time thus, while Kang Chul owned Episode 5, Yeon Joo got Episode 6. This way, it doesn’t feel like one lead dominates the other.

Next week promises some more insanity with romance, intrigue and a hooded killer.

Till then!


  • Cidorta says:

    Hopefully we can see episode 7 and 8 this week, but there is a good chance we don’t due to the Olympics 😢

    • tessieroo says:

      The latest I heard is MBC will air ep. 7 on Wednesday but ep 8 is postponed. At least we’ll get one episode? *sigh*

  • Lil says:

    Great job ladies!!! Love the conversations between you two!

  • ilchul says:

    thank you for the recap!! I couldn’t stop laughing reading it!! LOL
    actually I think I’m as crazy as Yeon Joon since I was smiling just like her when I saw her her back to W!! that was the happiest moment for me in the episode: circumstances be damned what matters is that Kang Cheol is saved and she’s back to his world!! 😀
    this drama is doing crazy things to me but I love that!! 😀

  • bmore says:

    I think there is ‘more’ to dad writer’s fear than him coming alive or the natural writer’s hatred for a character he no longer had control over…or maybe not? It just seems like his hatred is so ‘personal’!

    I also think that, like when Yeon Joo goes into his world she becomes ‘fake’ (can’t be shot), when he comes in to her world he becomes ‘real’ along with the gun he brought with him. But it seems there is some kind of time limit to the fakeness and the realness. That 30 minute thing. And also a limit on who can ‘participate’ in the story…like the gun disappearing when the cops came along. The rules are confusing, but I love that. Like in Nine Times Travel. Half the fun of that show was trying to decipher the rules. There should be a List of Rules for the audience in these shows!!!! Not all of us have such convoluted brains!

    • pAnda says:

      Your comment about being real, fake and rules make sense. Just like Clock, I wasn’t expecting the dad to be really harmed since the gun was from the webtoon world. But still, i’m still confused. lol This drama don’t fail to amaze me.

      • bmore says:

        I think it works too because there has to be a way for the 2 of them to be together at the end of this. Like Pinocchio, he has to become a Real Boy! If coming into her world causes him to become real, then that takes care of that. He isn’t going to want to do that if it means his friends in the old world are left hanging in stasis though, so time will need to be spent resolving that issue. There must be some kind of rule to cover that. He can’t bring them all into her world. She won’t leave her world for his either because of her family.

        How this isn’t breaking their minds is beyond me. Like all the good sci fi, there is a lot of symbolism and psychological/morality issues being explored in this also. I love that.

  • goodange says:

    LOL. Tess and Clock! You guys are too precious! You created a joint username! Love it!

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