“The Good Wife” Episode 11 Preview

Oops, I inadvertently spoiled the twist with Tae Joon’s lawyer deleting Joong Won’s message last week. Sorry about that.

I think it was a little funny that Hye Kyung seemed mad at him for his first message (“I agree we should be friends”) when he was simply echoing her words. 😀 And of course, he thinks she did as he asked and ignored his second message because she doesn’t want a romance. I wonder what she would have done if she’d heard it. Her husband may be a snake but he’s the father of her children and it’s often easier to go with the flow and try to make things work instead of making things more complicated like taking the bold step to leave him. Plus Tae Joon seems so sincere about keeping his marriage intact.

But that man is one manipulative son of a bitch. No matter how much she begs him to stay out of her career, he still does whatever he wants to ensure the outcome he desires. Like, for instance, getting his lawyer to move to her firm. And now, no matter what anyone says, she can’t be sure that she won the position on her own merit.

The big twist this week was that Kim Dan slept with her husband. Now she knows that her husband was lying about cheating on her only once. How many more women are there?

And Kim Dan befriending her knowing that she biblcally knew her husband. It seems a little foul but I think it was her way of atoning for her sin. Plus I think she genuinely wanted to help her get away from him because she knows he’s no good.

Next week delves more into the new conflict in their relationship. I think it’s asking a lot from  Hye Kyung to get past it but I hope she at least manages to maintain a professional relationship with her because Kim Dan is great at her job.

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  • khamchi says:

    It’s the good wife.. So she will continue with this vicious cycle by staying with the hubby.. After all society judge women for not staying with the shitty husband (as long as he doesn’t do physical harm).

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