“Age of Youth” Episode 7 Preview + Thoughts on the show so far

Who else is watching this?

I’d heard of this show in passing but I don’t think I ever bothered to watch any of its trailers or previews. I pretty much decided to give it a go out of boredom one Sunday evening and the fact the I like ensemble shows like I Need Romance.

In a nutshell, Age of Youth is the lives and loves of five strangers living in a house. “What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real?” Well, kinda. It starts off with a young freshman, Eun Jae, moving in with four strangers. I doubt it will ever be as dramatic as “The Real World” but it’s fun so far.

So we’ve got Eun Jae, an innocent girl who’s learning to live with these older students. She falls in love easily as exhibited when she fell in love instantly with a cheesy Hee Chul look-a-like then with her classmate/senior the moment she learned he liked her. Let’s see if she falls for another guy by show end. She’s actually quite adorable and they’ve been alluding to a dark/painful past.

Next is Ye Eun who’s in love with a man who only wants her for her body. Her head knows she deserves better but her heart refuses to comply. So in response, she lashes out at her other roommates, particularly Yi Na. I can’t wait till she ditches that no-good POS.

Yi Na is the beautiful roommate who was exposed as a liar. Instead of being the rich student that they all thought she was, she’s an unemployed woman who finances her lifestyle via numerous boyfriends. She might be the “dirtiest” of the bunch but I think she’s also the most mature and real. While many might not approve of her lifestyle, I like that she knows who she is and lives as she pleases. We recently found out that she was in a major accident as a child which connects her to the old ex-con who’s been stalking her.

Ji Won is the mood maker of the group. She’s bubbly and likes to see everyone around her happy. She also desperately wants a boyfriend but can’t seem to get a guy to like her past a first date. They say she talks too much and friendzones herself but I say she just hasn’t found a good match. Could it be that friend of hers?

Last but not least is Ji Myung. She’s the least fun because she’s got the least time for fun. She’s constantly working to put herself through school plus has a difficult home life partly due to her brother’s health. She likes the chef at the restaurant she waitresses at but is unfortunately being sexually harassed by her boss. Methinks that guy thinks she’s easy prey because she’s financially strapped.

There’s also a random plot about the “ghost” Ji Won sees. It’s silly but is probably symbolic of the secrets these characters are keeping.

I wouldn’t call this amazing but it’s captivating enough to keep me interested. I like all five roommates and am enjoying their romances (although I’m not sure Yi Na will find love by the end of the show). There are promises of interesting backstories that I hope get explored in the second half of the drama. I think the pacing is great and having only twelve episodes means that arcs won’t get dragged out.

I don’t actually have an OTP but I think Eun Jae and her sunbae are cute. Actually, if I had to pick one, it might be Ji Myung and the chef although he annoys me a bit. I think he’s too clingy. My NOTP is of course, Ye Eun and that bastard. I can’t believe he really thought he could sob story his way into Yi Na’s pants. I’m also intrigued by Yi Na and the stalker. It appears that he hates her because she survived an accident his daughter didn’t  – wearing her bracelet. Or something like that. I’m assuming he isn’t dangerous, despite his time in the slammer and as long as there is no romance between them (I wouldn’t even mind if she turns out to his daughter), I expect to be satisfied by their story line resolution.

Next week promises tons of Eun Jae and sunbae.  Aww. It looks like Ji Myung finally tells her boss to kick rocks. I would have loved if she didn’t need to call a guy to help her but I’m also glad because it could mean that she’s finally ready to accept love in her life. She’s also entitled to happiness.

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  • Carmi says:

    I also didn’t get too excited with this show at first…but then as I watched the episodes, I too was captivated! Keep publishing your recaps cause Im totally in love!

  • Adal says:

    I’m watching it and loving, loving it!

    Actually, I was a gonna from the very first episode. Super impressed by a show that explores female friendships and relationships in such a subtle laid back, but realistic way.

    Your recaps capture my thoughts exactly Clockwatcher. You’re spot on in all your assessments.

    Looking forward to more episodes of this. Pity it’s 12 episodes. I would’ve loved it to be a bit longer.

  • Myra says:

    I’m more interested in Ji Won and Yi Na. Jin Myung too but only when the guy is out of the picture lol

    Does anybody else here also think that kdramas OST are boring in general ? Same here. But the story is good. I’ll watch it till the end.

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