Doctors Week 8 Thoughts – You Can’t Live Only Doing Things You Like

This week began where we left off, with Hye Jung talking the father of the 2 sick little boys off the ledge – THANK GOD. The whole scene was very moving, this is Park Shin Hye at her absolute best. While it seemed strange to me that Hye Jung suddenly has a different point of view of her own father, I’m happy it happened and hope they can move on from this. It’s still going to be complicated as long as EVIL stepmom is involved but baby steps are good.

It’s about time our OTP talked about their families, openly and honestly. It was awesome and like Hye Jung – I like to see couples getting closer by talking. Not that I don’t love skinship or kisses too but talking is important. *heh* It was also strange to see Seo Woo’s mother suddenly taking her side against all the ambitious plans her father has for her since I was under the impression mom was pushing too. The people in this drama are not consistent but then again, real human beings aren’t either. We can quickly change our minds from moment to moment! It IS nice to know Seo Woo has at least one parent who understands her, I just hope mom stops pushing a relationship with Yoon Do.

Some of my favorite scenes continue to be between Yoon Do and anyone. (LOL) I love that he continues to think he is Hong’s rival, it’s hilarious. I think he truly knows he’s fighting a losing battle because Hong and Hye Jung are very much in love but it keeps the humor going for him to think he might stand a chance. Cute. I absolutely adore the bromance between Yoon Do and Hong, it’s off the charts amazing. How hilarious was Yoon Do wanting to borrow a pair of underwear and Hong saying no? Ahahaha!

I laughed all the way through the board meeting too because Hong handed the Jin family their asses on a platter. (LMAO) He’s not about badgering people to make money for the hospital or making the hospital a “for profit” facility. Nope, he went out and managed to get an investment all on his own. *hee* The shocked looks on the Jin doctors was sooo worth it while Hong & Dr. Kim looked relaxed & confident. I still have a strange feeling that Hong’s father left him a lot of secret information and he’s using it. But instead of using blackmail or other nefarious means to bring the Jin family down, he’s boosting the hospital up around them and not allowing them to destroy it.

For the very first time, I felt sorry for Seo Woo. *shocker* Yep, it was finally proven to me that she deserves my sympathy but it took the incident with her horrible father to pull me over that line. Was he trying to blame HER because Hong screwed him over in the board meeting? Unbelievable! She’s right on the mark – he wouldn’t be anywhere without help from his father and I can’t believe he slapped her for telling the truth. He’s so greedy, he can’t see what he might be losing.

The awesome cameos continued this week with Lee Sang Yeob playing the heartbroken husband whose wife is pregnant and ends up in a coma. *sniff* How horrible that she was wearing her wedding dress! It’s heartbreaking that they’re keeping her alive long enough to deliver the baby and I can’t imagine having to be the person to tell someone there is nothing I can do for their loved one. While it was sad that he never told his wife he loved her, it was kinda awesome that it lit a fire under Hong’s butt. His confession to Hye Jung that he loves her was so off-the-charts heart fluttering, I could hear all the fans squealing. (LOL)

I knew there was something wrong with Kang Soo and it too breaks my heart! I’ve been saying since the beginning that I wished all these people would STOP smacking him on the head but I realize that’s not what caused his tumor. I have zero doubt it will come out and it might even make a difference in Hye Jung’s punishment – although that would surprise me. We’re all going to be in for more heartache if something happens to Kang Soo.

The showdown we’ve all been waiting for is finally about to happen, it’s Dr. Jin Jr. VS Hye Jung. I love that she’s already not only shown she’s a far superior doctor than he is, she’s also shown she’s a better human being. She has no problem accepting responsibility for “making a mistake” with a patient – even though she wasn’t the only one involved. She’s showing him she’s not afraid to step up and take the blame – which is what he should have done all those years ago instead of trying to hide it away or pay her family off. In the end, it was her responsibility to make sure the VIP patient was fully taken care of while she was in surgery. Unfortunately, she trusted the wrong people: Seo Woo, Young Kook, and Kang Soo.

This weeks episodes were better, much more interesting and it didn’t feel like filler. The plot is moving forward, albeit very slowly but I realized I’m much more invested in ALL the characters than I thought I was. I’m not only upset that Hye Jung might get fired, I’m also upset that Kang Soo is sick. I may need someone to hold my hand next week so you guys all be prepared.
Till then!


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  • Comel says:

    Yes i love this week episodes rhythms it’s fast actually with we’re only left another 4 eps I’ll believe we’re going to ride the roller coasters on a fast mode onwards until the end. Phewww I’m going to ready myself and my heart too for upcoming eps. I’ll feel sad and same time feels proud too with what HyeJung do. Taking a responsibility without pinpoint to others eventhou Ks, Sw and Pg also should be blamed on this matters but she doesn’t do that. High 5 to Hj. Psh really nailed it on this drama. Love u psh. I’ll do believe she’s going to using the same point to revealed what had dr jr Jin been doing on this past years esp on her grandmother death cases. Show it Hj show it to the whole world what have been hidden Before. Fighting Hj. And before that I’ll also love how they show it their love deepening even without kissing (but pls make it on another 4 eps left hehehe). >_<

  • haydee says:

    Ilove your insight with regards to this drama. this is one of best kdrama for me. It is a simple heartwarming true to life human story with good acting from the cast. thank you

  • Comel says:

    Are you keeping your thoughts on Doctors episode 17? Just asking coz didn’t see any new thoughts for that episode 🤔

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