English-Subbed Teasers and Posters for Upcoming JTBC drama “Fantastic”

Here’s the synopsis from AsianWiki:

Story depicts the romance between So-Hye (Kim Hyun-Joo) and Hae-Sung (Joo Sang-Wook). So-Hye is a popular TV drama series writer, but she has only 6 months left to live. Hae-Sung is a popular actor, but he is not good at acting.

A rom-com about terminal illness? Yup, this is described as a rom-com. I suppose it could be like Kim Sun Ah’s Scent of a Woman which had some comedy bits or like Chinese film Go Away, Mr. Tumor which was funny, heartwarming and sad (recommended!).

Anyway, I’ve always liked Kim Hyun Joo but Joo Sang Wook seems to star in a ton of ratings flops. I hope this one will be different (I think his last drama ended decent ratings). Here are the teasers from DramaFever:

As usual, these cute, little skits rarely have anything to do with actual plot so let’s just enjoy the pretty.

Other actors starring in the drama include Park Si Yeon, Kim Tae Hoon and my new boyfriend, Ji Soo.

Fantastic will be inheriting Age of Youth’s Friday-Saturday time slot starting September 2nd.

Credit: JTBC, DramaFever

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  • paloma says:

    Yay I’m so glad you posted about this because I did not know about it!! I’m a fan of Joo Sang Wook but have had a hard time following any of his recent dramas (even the one with my dear Kim Sun Ah *tear*).

    And hehe lovely to see that my new love Jisoo will be in this 😚 So glad he’s branching out and trying different roles.

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