Kim Ji Suk Relaxes In L.A. For August 2016 Nylon

Kim Ji Suk has been everywhere these days, we think it’s the massive success of “Another Oh Hae Young” that has propelled the entire cast into stardom. He took off for L.A. shortly after filming wrapped and seemed surprised he gets recognized at airports. We believe it’s well deserved and can’t wait for his next project!

Source  |  Nylon


  • juliesean says:

    He’s so hot yet I don’t understand why he’s not as popular in the past. He hasn’t even reach the leading man status. I hope he’s one in his next project.

  • Ah, I love him ❤︎ Funny how I started watching Oh Hae Young Again because of him and that drama ended up as one of my favorite dramas ever. Loved him in Sassy Gogo so much and I thought he looks (and acts!) like a leading man does. So hopefully he’ll get a lead role soon! Plus I love his personality in all the OHYA interviews!

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