W – Two Worlds Episode 7: Who Knew Webtoon Kisses Were That Hot

Tessieroo: So we left off with Soo Bong getting ready to tell Yeon Joo something important: her father told him a long time ago that Yeon Joo is the one who created Chul. I knew it! *dances* And wow, her Dad did steal her idea.

Clockwatcher: Yeah. They heavily hinted at this in the episode they showed her drawing a character. And he did steal it because she was unaware that Kang Chul was based on that character. But I suppose he wasn’t keeping it a secret since he told his assistant. Haha. I like Dad so I will keep making excuses for him!

Tessieroo: Yeon Joo remembers back to her early teen years when, after watching Korea lose a shooting match at the Olympics, she drew an 18-year-old male character who was a national shooting champion. She made him a high-school senior who was 185 cm tall, sweet, kind, funny, a genius and good at his studies. (LMAO) So this must have been her “ideal type” as a teenager? Cute.

Clockwatcher: He’s pretty much everybody’s ideal type.

Tessieroo: Back in the present, Yeon Joo tries to draw Chul. When Soo Bong sees it, he laughs that she drew a whole new character! That is not Chul. I love that first she says she’s rusty since she hasn’t drawn for years and then tries to blame the pen. *keke* She wanted to be a cartoonist? I’ll bet Mom is the one who vetoed that idea.

Clockwatcher: Or it could even be her dad given that he was a huge flop for years. While she created the concept of Kang Chul, I’m sure her drawing of him has always been different from her dad’s.

Tessieroo: She makes Soo Bong promise not to tell her Dad what they’re doing and falls asleep trying to draw Chul, telling herself she’s going to save him. Is it strange that I’m just as convinced as she is that Chul is REAL? Do I need medical help or should we just go with the idea that I’m a hopeless romantic?

Clockwatcher: If you were convinced that he were as real as you or I, I’d check you into the pysch ward myself but thinking of him as real as Yeon Joo makes you a hopeless romantic.

Tessieroo: *whew* Okay, I’m good for now. Time suddenly begins again in Chul’s world and he’s rescued from the river by a passing boat…that just happened to have 2 divers on board. *snickersnort* Yeon Joo is found back in prison and I still can’t believe she smiles. I get that she’s happy to be back in Chul’s world but back in prison? Girl is crazy.

Clockwatcher: I suppose it’s easy to be happy to be back in jail when you know you’re in a webtoon. Methinks she’d have a different facial expression if she’d been jailed in the real world.

Tessieroo: Definitely. Chul wakes up in his bed to see and hear So Hee on the phone, telling someone she will contact them once Chul wakes up. She wants to know why he was on that bridge and why he fell into the river, did someone push him? He doesn’t know what happened either. Yah – why is she there? Didn’t he fire her?

Clockwatcher: Haha. Give her a break. Just a second ago, she was the female lead, you know? Those feelings don’t disappear just because Yeon Joo showed up.

Tessieroo: *humppphh* She tells him Yeon Joo escaped from prison and he was missing all day long.

Clockwatcher: How confused he must be.

Tessieroo: Hottie Do Yoon enters the room to tell them Yeon Joo was caught, she was still inside the detention center. So Hee is relieved while Chul grabs a coat, telling them both he needs to see Yeon Joo right now and heads out. Listening to the car radio, he hears the location Yeon Joo is being taken. I loved that he just pulled right in front of the police procession to stop them and then convinces them to let him talk to Yeon Joo.

Clockwatcher: The power of the almighty dollarwon.

Tessieroo: LMAO! Yeon Joo looks happy to see him but the look on Chul’s face (to me) is ambiguous. She explains that her Dad is fine, he went on a trip and 2 months have passed in her world. This tells Chul her Dad is not the one who “saved” him. Yeon Joo admits she saved him, this is the 3rd time she’s saved him. She doesn’t understand how getting revenge can be his only goal in life, he needs to come up with a new plan. But first, he needs to get her out of prison – then she will explain how she saved him. She confirms her Dad is no longer involved in Chul’s life and from now on, she wants them to work together on a sequel. I’m getting the impression Chul is SO not into this.

Clockwatcher: Of course he isn’t. It’s more evidence that he’s not in control of his life.

Tessieroo: Once Chul arrives back home, he glances around his apartment, flashing back on seeing the drawings and blueprints done by Sung Moo. Walking into his bedroom, he finds So Hee sleeping in a chair and flashes back on Sung Moo’s initial drawings of her. When Hottie Do Yoon comes in, Chul also flashes back on seeing drawings of him. Chul orders Do Yoon to contact their legal counsel regarding Yeon Joo.

Clockwatcher: Meanwhile, Yeon Joo is being questioned at the police station.

Tessieroo: Okay, I’m thinking this cop is insane.

Clockwatcher: You can almost see the smoke emanating from his ears. Haha. He’s dying of frustration because she’s revealing nothing.

Tessieroo: Insane cop brings Yeon Joo to another room to talk with Chul, everyone leaves the room. Yeon Joo is all upbeat and hyper, did he figure out a way to get her out of jail? He looks at her angrily and asks who she is to make decisions in his life. OMO, he’s really angry. Does she think she had the right to draw him and save him? He reminds her where he’s been and we see a flashback of him standing in front of his family’s graves. He reminds her that she still has both of her parents but he doesn’t. He thought they all died but in reality: they never existed. Yea, okay – that kinda sucks.

Clockwatcher: Yep. And this makes her no better than her dad.

Tessieroo: Exactly, I totally understand why he feels as if he’s a toy. Both Yeon Joo and her Dad have just made random decisions regarding Chul and his whole life so I get it. Her Dad kept trying to kill him, she keeps saving him…they’re probably driving him crazy. But there’s also this little nag in the back of my head that says: Dude, you’re a cartoon character.

Clockwatcher: Which is why he wanted to die. What’s the point in living when you learn you’re a cartoon character? But she robbed him of that choice.

Tessieroo: He’s not grateful Yeon Joo saved him, she did a useless thing. And why is she creating a sequel when no one wants to continue this life? All very interesting, sincere questions.

Clockwatcher: Yup. But she’s upset because he’s interpreting it negatively and explains she made these decisions because she loves him.

Tessieroo: She loves him? THAT’S her answer? Uh, uh – no, little missy – that’s not gonna cut it with me. I’m silly, I was waiting for some incredible, detailed explanation like: she had no friends as a child so she made him up and came to care about him all these years. OR she grew up lonely & miserable, thanks to her alcoholic Dad so she made him up, fell in love and cares about him. *sigh*  Chul seems stunned by her answer and just like that, she vanishes.

Clockwatcher: The flashback showed that she did have friends and creating Chul was her way of writing the “wrong” at the Olympics and wasn’t linked to her loneliness. But if we take the other flashback into account, he may have become a character to rely on. Actually, scratch that. She created Chul in her teens while she was younger in the flashback of her scribbling as her parents fought. Hmm. I don’t know. Anyway, so yeah, she exits the toon. But hold up, is the rest of the real world still reading all this at it unfolds?

Tessieroo: I know, I’d love to know what parts of these scenes go into the webtoon? LOL, she’s back in her room but still in handcuffs. She flashes back on all the other times she blurted out that she loved him and Chul’s reaction each time, she cries. Chul finally gets up to leave when he hears that strange electric noise. He turns his head to see Yeon Joo sitting back in her chair. Whoa, how did that happen? She nags at him for pretending to never be swayed and he shouldn’t be so mean to her. She keeps getting dragged into the webtoon because he keeps thinking about her.

Clockwatcher: I honestly thought she’d drawn herself back into the cartoon.

Tessieroo: Awwww. He admits he was afraid of never seeing her again. He walks towards her and …

Clockwatcher: Kisses her… deeply. Very deeply.

Tessieroo: OMG, what a kiss! YEEESH! *slows breathing*

Clockwatcher: It was a hot kiss. I wonder who he’s been practicing with because I’m sure her father never drew any kissing scenes but from the looks of it, he sure ain’t no novice. The insane cop walks in then walks out. LOL. It totally reminds me of a scene from Coffee House. The dude goes back out and tells Do Yoon and Chul’s lawyer that those two seem to know each other intimately. lol

Tessieroo: Very intimately. *keke*

Clockwatcher: It’s romantic and Yeon Joo loses her head and from the narrative (that’s in the past tense) she talks about not thinking of her loved ones or colleagues waiting for her in the real world.

Tessieroo: Nope, she just sits in prison with that doofus smile on her face.

Clockwatcher: Cray-cray love. The next day, Do Yoon shows up with a message for her. Kang Chul had researched types of romance and he rattles off a list for her to choose from. Another call back to Coffee House as this was Jin Soo’s specialty. It’s cute. He runs the gamut from a sweet, innocent romance to NC-17.

Tessieroo: Welp, I would straight up tell him the adult category but Yeon Joo is more innocent than me and chooses the “sweet romance”. Pfffttttt, she’s an idiot.

Clockwatcher: I know you would. LOL. She totally wanted the adult category but was too self conscious to admit it. Then, it’s the lawyer’s turn to reveal how they’ll spring her out of jail: they’ll fake a marriage and claim that she ran away to hide their secret.

Tessieroo: Fake marriage? I’m gonna guess we’ll get co-habitation hijinks so I’m in.

Clockwatcher: Me too. Kang Chul’s father figure from the network shows up. He’s heard that he’s married! What da what?

Tessieroo: Did this guy find out from a TV announcement or a newspaper? This is why I wish we knew what stuff goes into the webtoon and what doesn’t.

Clockwatcher: He’s worried because he’s faking a marriage to a girl with an unknown identity and that all screams “SCAM!” He’s putting his life and particularly his financial health in jeopardy but Chul doesn’t care because his net worth is meaningless. How I wish he could transfer the $800 million to me – I’d make it meaningful. He also tells him that he’s done searching for his family’s killer as that too is pointless.

Tessieroo: And then you would transfer $400 million to me, right? *heh* We ARE in this together.

Clockwatcher:  Hmm, “Tessieroo?” Sorry but I don’t know anyone by that name.

The guy keeps trying to dig into what happened that day because he doesn’t even remember what Chul had revealed to him on the phone. What’s going on? And when he guesses that he’d gone to another world, Chul refuses to give him details, saying the truth would be too hard to bear.

Tessieroo: Why do I get the feeling that all the webtoon characters are slowly “waking up” and realizing things are a bit off?

Clockwatcher: That gives me the chills. Imagine if they all crossover into the real world. It’ll be chaos!  Yeon Joo gets released and not only does she get a wedding band, she moves in with Kang Chul and gets waited on hand and foot like the wife of a multimillionaire. So while she didn’t choose Option 1, she still gets the Cinderella treatment.

Tessieroo: There is a bit of the adult comic thrown in there too – when she closely examines his undies. She’s just shameless.

Clockwatcher: Haha. Let’s hope she doesn’t end up disappointed. As for the sweet romance, Chul studies hard and does cheesy things like tie her hair and wrap her in his arms in bed. LOL. I guess he doesn’t realize that these acts are only romantic when done naturally. But on the other hand, trying so hard is cute and kinda romantic.

Tessieroo: Yep, the minute he brought out the book I was like: UGH, NO! *sigh* I guess a crime/thriller webtoon character does need to learn how to be romantic.

Clockwatcher: Their sweet romance is interrupted by Do Yoon’s request that Chul meet him on the roof. He gets in the elevator and his phone rings. He’s a little hesitant to take it because it’s an unknown caller. He answers it and a voice and words suddenly form in front of him. The killer is looking for him!!!

Tessieroo: Wait, WUT? *speechless* Who is this person or who is the person drawing this person?

Clockwatcher: He meets with Do Yoon who hands him So Hee’s resignation letter. Haha but as you said, wasn’t she fired? Chul refuses to accept it. Haha again. Didn’t you fire her, Bro?!! Do Yoon then tells him that So Hee’s hand had disappeared when they were saying goodbye. Poor thing. She’s about to be written off now that there’s a new heroine in town.

Tessieroo: See, I do think all the webtoon characters are slowly becoming aware. I personally would love it if So Hee was written out because I could do without a snarky, jealous 2nd lead. Didn’t need one in Queen InHyun’s Man and don’t need one here.

Clockwatcher: Kang Chul returns to his bedroom to find his wife sleeping. Then his phone rings again. It’s the unknown caller! He grabs his gun and answers it. The voice is mad at him. He wants to know where he is. And how he got there. And is pissed that he tried to kill himself. Like, how dare he? Not when they have unfinished business. He reveals himself as his family’s killer. Yup, he shot them in their heads with precision. Yep, he’s a gifted shooter like him. And yes, Chul needs to find him so that they can end it once and for all. And just so he knows, his new family is next!

Tessieroo: Whoa, this unknown assassin is now directly threatening Yeon Joo? WHO IS THIS? I’mma go crazy until I figure it out.

Clockwatcher: What this means is that it’s time for noble idiocy and him pushing her away to keep her alive. Although in this case, I don’t think I would call him an idiot. The best thing for him to do is keep her alive. It’s one thing for a webtoon character to die and quite another for a real one. Plus he loves her!

Tessieroo: Yea, I’m in agreement that this won’t be the kind of noble idiocy that we all hate. It makes perfect sense for him to keep her out of things until the assassin is discovered but I doubt that will happen anyway. Yeon Joo will probably dig her heels in and do some detective work on her own to figure out who it is.

Clockwatcher: She’d better not have created him too. LOL. Or maybe it’s the first character her dad created before he decided to ditch him for Kang Chul. This show thrives on its unpredictability so I hope this killer isn’t his rival from the Olympics because that’s just too obvious.

Tessieroo: LOL, that never even crossed my mind until you just said it. I was thinking more along the lines of So Hee, Soo Bong or Chul’s friend, Hyun Suk. I go back/forth between someone outside the webtoon or someone from within the webtoon, can’t make up my mind.

Clockwatcher: I can’t decide either. Maybe the killer is from a third world… like the tv cartoon version of the webtoon they haven’t yet told us about. Haha. But what’s with their narration in past tense? I hope it doesn’t foreshadow doom and instead, the show ends like When Harry Met Sally with both sitting next to each other, telling their story.


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    Maybe she created two characters, the one we saw when she was a child and the one when she created when she was a teenager and one of them is trying to kill the other! I know! It’s the silliest theory ever! LOL

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