Doctors Episode 17 Preview With English Subs

This week is going to be sad, I’m really worried about Kang Soo. *sniff* It’s also very hard to tell from this preview if Hye Jung is going to get fired at the disciplinary hearing or not, I don’t like the smirky smile on Dr. Jin Jr’s face. Enjoy!

Credit To Uploader
Subtitle Credit: @stroppyse @Soompi 


  • 10l4b says:

    OMG! Our resident puppy is very very sick (:

    Thanks for the preview 🙂

  • Cheri Teleri says:

    That stupidity about the hearing is insane & contrived. Completely illogical. You don’t face punishment for going into surgery!!!!! If she hadn’t arranged for a backup maybe but OMG. In real life that doctor could likely sue !

  • jlynn says:

    Hi does anyone know which song it is playing in the background? Have been searching for it for aaages

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